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The Fund

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The Fund  Empty The Fund

Post by Willo on 22.07.11 22:57

.......I think the fund that we have all worried about and wasted time with was bollox from the start. The fund was not neededand it was made contentious on purpose. The mortgage was paid and news about it leaked on purpose. Lack of proper tax filing, the charity not a charity question, the changing of directors, etc all done on purpose, all diverting interest towards the fund and away from the real story.

Apart from garnering sympathy from the uninformed it was used also as as a cover to hide the fact of the source of real funds directed towards the cover up. Their supporters, the Mr.Bigs, the Mason's and who knows even Parliment or the 'Crown' could and probably have sent more cash towards the McCanns than the fund could ever generate. In the light of day the 3 million pounds or so the fund has generated is small change. Something far bigger is at stake.

They wasted the fund on seemingly silly decisions but these decisions were really designed to show the blind media driven world there was a chance Madeleine was alive meanwhile the cover up continued in earnest. Face it, the various people the McCanns have employed have been far from competent, some, indeed most have been farcical. A long list of sorry employees all sent on a wild goose chase and all part of the deception. But it showed to the masses that the McCann's were spending the fund money sensibly on a search. Money that truthfully was not needed and expendable on any motley crew that would accept their dirty money and keep their mouth shut.

Again. Why not sue the people that were reported ripping off the fund? Halligan was not even fronted about stealing 300 grand. Why? Because it didn't matter to them. In fact the story added more smoke to be reflected in the mirror to blind the eyes and gather more sympathy.

Fraudulent, immoral, abused, unconstutional or laundering, whatever the Fund is found out to be, it has served it's part well.

It's helped keep a myth alive, sold books, employed criminals, paid a mortgage or two, flown and housed many McCann friends and relations around the world and it has polluted rivers and choked baby Sea Otters with their burst balloons.

But there is a positive side, the Fund has made communities become closer knit. Locals uniting at the many fund raisers and Charity? events. Neighbours meeting for the first time in years, kids organising all manner of plays, walkathons etc. It has made many villages, churches, sports clubs, pubs, other groups and families get more involved in doing projects together. New friends made. Better understanding. Less unknown. More support. Less fears. A good thing

It has also shown how generous the common person can be. The mere act of giving creates a tremendous energy and the sheer amount of money gifted by so many is a good thing. It is a step in the right direction towards the light. Which seems to be rushing towards us with an ever increasing velocity.

Even the fact that they were all duped can never take away the positive energy they have created.

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The Fund  Empty Re: The Fund

Post by espeland on 22.07.11 23:09

Hm, an interesting theory. But if they are literally brought to court, they'll be fried for making grannies and children send in their pennies. And they will be going to court, I believe.



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The Fund  Empty Re: The Fund

Post by littlepixie on 22.07.11 23:53

Anyone can hire a Church Hall and make it look as if the Church is holding a fundraiser for your cause. That is exactly what the McCanns did earlier this year.

Using the Church YET again!

QUOTE// "Just for clarification – the Cathedral are not supporting the
charity in any way – the organisers of the event elected to have the dinner in
the Crypt."

Executive Assistant to the Dean
Cathedral House
Mount Pleasant
L3 5TQ

I put her right about the "Charity" bit. Its all a Farce, a Fraud and a Con - always has been. I must admit though, whoever is behind it is good. Once the people find out they have been conned left right and centre, they won't be happy.

Nothing worse than giving to "Charity" and finding out you've been conned.

I disagree with the fund making communities closer knit. It was NEVER that big or important. It was just an illusion.

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The Fund  Empty Re: The Fund

Post by jd on 23.07.11 0:40

I can't see anyone trying to con the people (if not the world) of their money in a scam like this......the consequences are far too astronomical. But, this is a cover up so it has to be classed as a scam to steal peoples monies. But why do it in the first place....I can only think to make it look more real

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