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Panorama Madeleine McCann-10 Years On
Richard D. Hall talks about Madeleine McCann
Buried by Mainstream Media
When Madeleine Died?
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» The Theory that Smithman = Gerry McCann – CAREFULLY EXPLAINED
by Phoebe Yesterday at 23:31

» WHAT'S NEXT FOR MADDIE HUNT? Donations to Madeleine McCann’s search fund have dried up after 11 years — so what’s next?
by suespeaking Yesterday at 21:32

» Kandohla: Kate McCann closes down online shop raising funds for the search to find Madeleine amid claims donations 'have dwindled to virtually zero'
by sharonl Yesterday at 19:54

by Eleanor Rigby Yesterday at 18:18

» Gonçalo Amaral: “Daily Mail” story is “completely false”
by Philo Beddoe Yesterday at 16:25

» Met Police (Operation Grange) - Bollocks or not bollocks?
by willowthewisp Yesterday at 14:26

» LETTER TO PORTUGAL: The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann: New evidence of what happened to her
by Verdi Yesterday at 12:55

» Natasha Donn: UK media accused of trailing fake McCann stories to “pressure the European Court”
by Verdi 21.09.18 21:55

» Portuguese Attorney-General passes MMRG 'Death on Sunday 29 April 2007' evidence to PJ in Faro for action
by willowthewisp 21.09.18 15:30

» Blacksmith Bureau: Shambles Time (The 'No Extradition' strategy)
by willowthewisp 21.09.18 13:46

» Martin Smith's evidence was considered by the PJ to be 'highly contradictory...this type of witness does not deserve credibility" 24 Horas, 7.7.2008
by Verdi 21.09.18 12:47

» April 29th - why so vague?
by Verdi 21.09.18 0:04

» Scotland Yard has asked the Home Office for another six months of funding to support its joint operation with Portuguese police in the investigation i
by Verdi 20.09.18 17:21

» EXCLUSIVE: Gerry McCann to open up about his mental health struggles in 'honest, personal and sometimes painful' Radio 4 interview
by Verdi 20.09.18 16:52

» YES or NO? Did Dr David Payne visit Dr Kate McCann on the evening Madeleine was reported missing? - 20 CONTRADICTIONS which suggest that this visit never took place
by Sundance 20.09.18 10:24

» Pulse Films will investigate the disappearance of Madeleine McCann for Netflix
by Verdi 19.09.18 21:32

» 'SUMMONS' magazine found in the boot of the McCann's hire car
by kaukbert 19.09.18 6:54

by willowthewisp 18.09.18 14:25

» MADDIE HUNT CRISIS Fund to find Madeline could be wiped out if McCanns lose £750k case against cop who claimed they were responsible for daughter’s de
by dartinghero 18.09.18 13:44

» MADDIE HUNT CRISIS Fund to find Madeline could be wiped out if McCanns lose £750k case against cop who claimed they were responsible for daughter’s de
by Keitei 17.09.18 23:22

» US REPORT: Madeleine McCann mystery solved
by TK Boston 17.09.18 22:47

» The Winnower Blog
by willowthewisp 17.09.18 16:55

» Joana Morais
by Verdi 17.09.18 12:48

by Jill Havern 17.09.18 12:46

» Picture Gallery
by Verdi 17.09.18 12:37

» Did Maddy even go to bed that night?
by Sundance 17.09.18 10:49

» Gemma O'Doherty: 'Maddie: Did the BBC bend the truth?'
by Phoebe 17.09.18 1:21

» SMITHMAN 5: The evidence of the Smith family from Drogheda, Ireland: the TWELVE sets of contradictions
by jazega 15.09.18 22:30

» Gerry McCann's Blog - Highlights
by Verdi 15.09.18 21:53

» Documented Evidence
by Verdi 15.09.18 15:14

» Gonçalo Amaral: Interview Transcripts
by Verdi 15.09.18 0:45

» McCann Case: Analyses of the Phone Calls Reveal an Unexplored Clue
by Cammerigal 14.09.18 6:25

» Hunt for Maddie McCann could be shelved within THREE WEEKS: Missing girl’s parents fear search may end abruptly as funding runs out with no new leads
by Keitei 13.09.18 23:30

» Those incredibly 'unreliable' DOGS............again!
by Jill Havern 13.09.18 12:31

» OPERATION FERNBRIDGE: Timebomb at Elm Guest House: [***NEW***] ..and the Edward Heath > Cyril Smith > Clement Freud > McCanns connections
by willowthewisp 12.09.18 15:58

» Kate McCann's Diary
by Verdi 12.09.18 15:42

» Unorthodox Theorizing
by Verdi 12.09.18 12:19

» Locked Topics
by Verdi 11.09.18 23:50

» Holier Than Thou
by Sundance 11.09.18 13:02

by Sundance 11.09.18 11:00

» Those Eerie Coincidences
by Sundance 11.09.18 10:41

» The Mccanns First Reactions
by Sundance 11.09.18 8:38

» Archaeology Dogs: Cadaver Dogs on a 700 BC site
by Jill Havern 10.09.18 22:23

by sharonl 10.09.18 21:02

» Amaral CAN Speak! The 9 Questions That Carter-Ruck Don't Want Answered
by sandancer 10.09.18 18:06

» JIM GAMBLE SAYS "We'll find out what happened to Madeleine in my lifetime" & There should be a re-run of Brexit Referendum Belfast Telegraph 10/9/18
by sandancer 10.09.18 17:56

» Enfants Kidnappés: Forged pieces of writing and death threats. And a mole in the PJ.
by willowthewisp 10.09.18 16:46

» Madeleine McCann funding milestone looms, 11 years after girl vanishes
by Verdi 10.09.18 16:16

» Madeleine McCann funding milestone looms, 11 years after girl vanishes
by Jill Havern 10.09.18 13:24

» Dr Martin Roberts: A Knight on the Tiles
by Jill Havern 10.09.18 9:34

» PeterMac: “Win the Crowd - and you will win your freedom.”
by Jill Havern 10.09.18 9:30

» PJ detectives prepare for final steps of the investigation
by Verdi 10.09.18 0:06

» Madeleine McCann: The role of Michael Wright
by worriedmum 09.09.18 20:51

» Daily Star short of news today
by worriedmum 09.09.18 20:27

» Dr Julian Boon: A Killer Without a Concience
by Jill Havern 09.09.18 8:31

» Key Players: Profiles
by Jill Havern 09.09.18 7:22

» Even without bulletproof evidence, a case like this should never have been archived and those parents should be tried in court.
by Jill Havern 09.09.18 7:10

» George Laird: The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University
by Verdi 08.09.18 22:03

» Skripal poisoning.
by polyenne 07.09.18 14:55

» Mirror: "JK Rowling helps Maddy's mum Kate write book" - Independent: "JK Rowling denies helping Kate to write book"
by Jill Havern 07.09.18 10:04

» Notes from a Potting Shedder: Jog on...
by Jill Havern 07.09.18 9:45

» Gas is back
by Jill Havern 06.09.18 0:16

» Leicester social workers accuse gran of 'creating child abuse images' after she showed them photo of tot's nappy rash
by Jill Havern 05.09.18 9:02

» Unterdenteppichgekehrt: Sedation
by Jill Havern 05.09.18 8:04

» Hobs: The Mccanns, Social Workers And Coming Of Age
by Jill Havern 05.09.18 8:00

» Peter Hyatt: Embedded Confession continued..
by Verdi 04.09.18 15:55

» The Circumlocution Office: Charles Dickens
by willowthewisp 04.09.18 12:56

» Peter Hyatt: Madeleine McCann Embedded Confession
by Verdi 04.09.18 12:33

» Peter Hyatt: Scheduled for AM Coast to Coast next week to discuss Deception Detection including the disappearance of Madeleine McCann
by Hobs 04.09.18 6:55

» PeterMac's theory of what really happened to Madeleine McCann.
by Verdi 04.09.18 0:24

» Lord John Stevens and Maddie's Case: a show of ignorance or manipulation of information?
by willowthewisp 03.09.18 16:21

» Police sniffer dogs used to find missing people and dead bodies "urgently" need better training and monitoring, according to an official report.
by Jill Havern 03.09.18 10:28

» Team McCann: Retro-fitting
by Jill Havern 03.09.18 9:34

» Unterdenteppichgekehrt: Dear Clarence...
by Jill Havern 03.09.18 9:14

» Paulo Sargento: Maddie: The paradox of the Portuguese press
by Hobs 02.09.18 20:46

» Madeleine McCann: Ward of Court
by willowthewisp 02.09.18 14:48

» Survival expert, 55, hiding out in French mountains is named as prime suspect in 1998 murder of Dutch boy after a major DNA breakthrough in cold case
by willowthewisp 02.09.18 13:45

» McCanns High Court Bid : Inside Report
by Verdi 02.09.18 1:41

» Madeleine McCann: Ward of Court
by Verdi 02.09.18 0:46

» The Priests
by Hobs 01.09.18 20:56

» Photographs Revisited - general
by PLL 01.09.18 14:54

» McCanns’ lawyer opposes the reopening of the process
by Jill Havern 01.09.18 11:04

» Strongest evidence comes from British forensic dogs
by PLL 31.08.18 23:50

» Madeleine McCann:- The Sun, the Moon and the SPUDGUN
by Verdi 31.08.18 12:22

» The 103 questions deleted from the Sunday Express comments section
by Jill Havern 31.08.18 9:38

» Twitter (News and important information only please)
by willowthewisp 29.08.18 16:46

» The McCanns - plenty of theories, little evidence John Redwood's Diary
by willowthewisp 29.08.18 16:25

» Middle Class Hypocrisy
by Verdi 29.08.18 15:57

» Why has Leics police removed all mention of Maddy from their website?
by Verdi 29.08.18 12:53

» IRONSIDE: Jez Wilkins and Bridget O’Donnell: The Hoax
by Jill Havern 29.08.18 7:45

» Another McScam: McCanns wanted students' private and personal details
by PLL 28.08.18 21:41

» A plane landed today in Ireland...
by BlueBag 28.08.18 20:32

» According to Ian Lister from the Home Office the Maddie investigation was already 'ongoing in the UK' before Theresa May set up Operation Grange
by Verdi 28.08.18 12:28

» Helen Bailey murder: Fiance Ian Steward guilty of killing author as police re-examine death of first wife
by Doug D 27.08.18 10:36

» Statement Analysis ® Peter Hyatt
by Verdi 27.08.18 1:30

» Kate and Gerry McCann have never requested the re-opening of the investigation into Maddie's disappearance.
by worriedmum 27.08.18 0:56

» If Eddie and Keela's findings aren't used as evidence, does that mean they aren't correct?
by sharonl 26.08.18 12:09

» Another 81 miles for Madeleine
by Rogue-a-Tory 26.08.18 12:02

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PJ’s Declaration for Reopening Process

PJ's Declaration for Reopening Process:

As is the case with any situation in which a child goes missing, notwithstanding formal dismissal of the inquiry into her disappearance, and just as has always been publicly stated, the Polícia Judiciária never stopped paying close attention to any and all information that might possibly shed light on the whereabouts of the minor Madeleine McCann, the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and the identity of the perpetrator(s).

It was with this goal in mind that in March 2011 the National Director of the Polícia Judiciária entrusted a team of investigators from the North Directorate with the mission of reassessing, as a whole, the vast amount of information gathered during the inquiry, aimed at identifying data for which a more in-depth investigation might be useful and possible.

The reassessment which took place over the last two years and a half suggested new evidence to have surfaced, which, requiring the investigation to proceed, meets the requirements set out by section 279(1) of the Portuguese Code of Criminal Procedure for reopening of the inquiry.

Accordingly, a request for reopening was made to the Public Prosecutor for the jurisdiction of Portimao, and approval granted by the latter.
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