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by Blackpied Today at 18:40

» Timeline of the McCanns staged abduction
by skyrocket Today at 16:08

» Those incredibly 'unreliable' DOGS............again!
by Jill Havern Today at 15:28

» OnlyInAmerica Blog: The McCann Connection: Now I See
by Verdi Today at 11:59

» Tracey Kandohla Master of Fake News at The Sun
by Mark Willis Today at 9:38

» FOI Act 2000 request made 30 Nov 2015 - OPERATION GRANGE - Smithman, Tannerman, Closure of Case, Final Report
by Brandytas Today at 9:15

» Textusa: The Three VERY IMPORTANT photos
by Verdi Yesterday at 23:40

» The Find Madeleine Fund
by sandancer Yesterday at 21:54

» Mrs Fenn's statement
by aquila Yesterday at 16:11

» The letters to the Prime Minister and Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick were posted on Tuesday (12 June) and I am awaiting replies which I shall post here. I have also sent a copy to the Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn.
by Verdi Yesterday at 11:23

» The SIX photos that provide the biggest clue to when Madeleine died
by worriedmum 17.01.19 22:52

» If there is ONE last photo.........................
by Helen_D 17.01.19 21:08

» Stevo: Gerry's Tunnel Vision
by Jill Havern 17.01.19 17:32

» ThePottingShedder Blog: The Dwindling Fund ....
by Verdi 17.01.19 14:40

» ThePottingShedder Blog: The Remit Of Operation Grange
by Verdi 17.01.19 14:34

» Pat Brown: The Scotland Yard Review and Ad Hominem Attacks in the Madeleine McCann Case
by Jill Havern 17.01.19 12:36

» Prosecution Exhibit 1: 'madeleine' - What's in the book?
by PeterMac 17.01.19 11:28

by sandancer 16.01.19 18:28

» Madeleine McCann: Firm searching for missing girl gets £100,000 cash boost
by Blackpied 16.01.19 15:54

» Dad ‘killed baby son, then faked kidnapping to cover-up the killing’
by Ruffian 16.01.19 9:34

by Hobs 16.01.19 2:31

» Jayme Closs: 13-year-old 'only target' of man suspected of kidnapping her and killing her parents
by CaKeLoveR 15.01.19 22:58

» PLANNING THE ABDUCTION HOAX. Was it done over four days, or four hours?
by Verdi 15.01.19 20:20

» Picture Gallery
by Verdi 15.01.19 12:00

» WORLD WITNESSES How many Madeleine McCann ‘sightings’ have there been around the world and where were they?
by Verdi 15.01.19 11:00

» WORLD WITNESSES How many Madeleine McCann ‘sightings’ have there been around the world and where were they?
by Jill Havern 15.01.19 6:52

» The Sun - The Mark of Maddie
by Verdi 15.01.19 0:47

by Verdi 15.01.19 0:09

» Tennis Balls Photo - NEW ANALYSIS by Michelle Monk Photography
by Verdi 14.01.19 23:37

» McCanns and the ECHR
by Verdi 14.01.19 14:36

» Key Witness Statements - For Information Only
by Verdi 14.01.19 14:11

» Freedom of Information Act question: IS Dr JUILIAN TOTMAN, 'TANNERMAN', the man allegedly seen by Jane Tanner, friend of the McCanns?
by PeterMac 13.01.19 16:29

» Serious corruption in Met & Essex Police forces revealed by crime journalist Jon Austin: A former corrupt copper speaks out: Links to Balkwell case
by Tony Bennett 12.01.19 16:32

» Bearing False Witness
by Verdi 12.01.19 15:12

» OnlyInAmerica blog: Jane Tanner Liar, Gerry McCann Liar, They Are All Liars
by Verdi 12.01.19 14:51

» OnlyinAmerica blog: Nice Company Home Secretary
by Verdi 12.01.19 11:42

» Candid Camera: Clarence Mitchell
by Verdi 11.01.19 23:29

» The Mystery of the Make-Up Photo - was it taken on the same day as the Last Photo?
by PeterMac 11.01.19 21:34

» l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun: The Same Kinda Clothes
by willowthewisp 11.01.19 19:02

» Photographs Revisited - general
by Kira7 11.01.19 17:29

» Who killed JonBenet Ramsay?
by BlueBag 11.01.19 11:54

» FOI Act Question on Operation Grange, Oct 2018, Interim Reply
by Doug D 10.01.19 17:20

» Twitter (News and important information only please)
by Verdi 09.01.19 15:24

» Fund accounts 2016 - Late again!!!
by Doug D 09.01.19 10:43

» l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun: Payne Pops In
by Verdi 08.01.19 0:08

» l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun: Smithman
by willowthewisp 07.01.19 18:42

» Another look at the Last photo
by aquila 07.01.19 17:55

by aquila 06.01.19 14:41

» Happy New Year - and may 2019 be the year Madeleine Beth McCann finally gets the justice she deserves
by Joss 06.01.19 13:54

» Colin Sutton's investigation turned into an ITV drama called 'Manhunt', starring Martin Clunes
by Jill Havern 03.01.19 22:37

» Michael Barrymore demands £2.5 million compensation for 'wrongful arrest' re Stuart Lubbock death - but Essex Police only offer £1 (Daily Mail & Daily Mirror, 21 Dec 2016)
by plebgate 03.01.19 14:00

» Cressida Dick: We'll never stop looking for Maddie
by plebgate 03.01.19 13:39

» Kate and Gerry McCann's Christmas Message 2018
by plebgate 03.01.19 13:04

» Clarence Mitchell, told The Sun newspaper that Portuguese Attorney-General's comments were not helpful
by Jill Havern 03.01.19 11:50

» McCann Interview Transcripts
by Jill Havern 03.01.19 11:31

» Roger Knapman MEP: “British police and intelligence services have long had a better grip on the facts than the Portuguese”
by Jill Havern 03.01.19 10:44

» List of murder convictions without a body
by Jill Havern 02.01.19 20:45

» Telephone records
by Jill Havern 02.01.19 18:59

» All I want for Christmas....If you could have ONE question answered by the McCanns,what would it be?
by sandancer 02.01.19 14:33

» Joana Morais: Kate and Gerry McCann "We have clues and we will ask for the reopening of the process"
by aquila 02.01.19 10:59

» The Armchair Detective Videos
by Verdi 01.01.19 21:16

» Another McScam: McCanns wanted students' private and personal details
by Franco99 31.12.18 10:33

» The mysterious death of Chief Constable of Police Mike Todd
by PeterMac 31.12.18 7:04

» Sonia Poulton Documentary
by Jill Havern 30.12.18 21:06

» "We want to know what happened to Suzy Lamplugh and Madeleine McCann because, as humans, we're hard-wired to expect answers."
by willowthewisp 30.12.18 16:13

» Kevin Halligen: blood-soaked body of 'James Bond-style' private eye who conned the fund to find Maddie McCann out of £300,000 is found at his mansion
by Ladyinred 28.12.18 21:12

» The Mark Williams-Thomas thread
by Jill Havern 28.12.18 20:36

» Dr David Payne, Woodland Hospital, Kettering, didn't want to tell the Police what he knew about Madeleine McCann's death and still hasn't to this day
by willowthewisp 26.12.18 15:01

» "Not even Kevin's parents would escape without an offence after losing Kevin again, clocking up eight months’ immediate custody for child neglect."
by Jill Havern 24.12.18 8:58

» Lorraine Kelly's pro-McCann 'Missing People' Christmas message 2018
by Cmaryholmes 23.12.18 14:37

» Notorious mom Casey Anthony plans her own REALITY SHOW 'Casey Moving Forward' about her attempt at new life after shock murder acquittal
by Jill Havern 23.12.18 8:44

» Documented Evidence
by Verdi 23.12.18 0:11

by Verdi 22.12.18 23:47

» Lorraine Kelly's pro-McCann 'Missing People' Christmas message 2018
by Jill Havern 22.12.18 21:58

» The Mystery of Rag Doll, by IRONSIDE
by Verdi 21.12.18 1:06

» New ITV Crime Drama 'Manhunt' stars Martin Clunes as DCI Colin Sutton
by Verdi 20.12.18 21:17

» Cressida Dick: We'll never stop looking for Maddie
by sallypelt 19.12.18 23:13

» The Mccanns First Reactions
by Verdi 18.12.18 23:34

» Joana Morais: The McCann's Pastiche Appeal & the "Fluffy Worthless Words"
by Verdi 18.12.18 11:47

» Cold cases are getting colder: Why we must have an ending to the story
by Verity 17.12.18 15:18

» As expected, IPSO refused to consider my appeal...
by Verdi 17.12.18 11:06

» As expected, IPSO refused to consider my appeal...
by pjcvreis 17.12.18 10:11

» Missing 3yr old William tyrell
by Jill Havern 17.12.18 8:32

by Verdi 16.12.18 20:52

» Leicester woman jailed for 4 years for fundraising fraud
by Jill Havern 16.12.18 10:33

» This has all the ingredients...
by Jill Havern 15.12.18 21:21

» Textusa: The Three VERY IMPORTANT photos
by Jill Havern 15.12.18 17:13

» Private Eye online having a go at the McCanns and Hacked Off
by willowthewisp 14.12.18 14:58

» UNITED IN GRIEF Madeleine McCann’s mum lives in hope that ‘tomorrow we will find her’ as she urges others to ‘never give up hope’
by PeterMac 14.12.18 14:36

» Len Port: “No limits” on review of Madeleine McCann case says Met Police chief
by Rogue-a-Tory 14.12.18 11:09

» Private Eye online having a go at the McCanns and Hacked Off
by Jill Havern 14.12.18 10:48

» FAO Stephen Birch (!) Ground-penetrating radar and psychics used to finally unearth murdered father's remains
by Jill Havern 14.12.18 10:13

» Paulo Reis: Independent Press Standards Organization, a Editor's joke – “The Sun” case
by sar 14.12.18 8:45

» Paulo Reis: Independent Press Standards Organization, a Editor's joke – “The Sun” case
by Jill Havern 14.12.18 4:41

» The McCann - Totman - Weinberger Nexus
by willowthewisp 12.12.18 19:14

» Dr Nicola Goc: "Bad Mummy"- Kate McCann, Medea and the Media
by Jill Havern 11.12.18 22:48

» Operation Grange re-examine theory that Madeleine woke up and wandered
by Pete123 10.12.18 6:53

» Abuse Of Power By Those In Power
by Verdi 09.12.18 23:32

» Fugitive on the run for five months says police have 'more chance of finding Madeleine McCann'
by willowthewisp 09.12.18 18:15

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PJ’s Declaration for Reopening Process

PJ's Declaration for Reopening Process:

As is the case with any situation in which a child goes missing, notwithstanding formal dismissal of the inquiry into her disappearance, and just as has always been publicly stated, the Polícia Judiciária never stopped paying close attention to any and all information that might possibly shed light on the whereabouts of the minor Madeleine McCann, the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and the identity of the perpetrator(s).

It was with this goal in mind that in March 2011 the National Director of the Polícia Judiciária entrusted a team of investigators from the North Directorate with the mission of reassessing, as a whole, the vast amount of information gathered during the inquiry, aimed at identifying data for which a more in-depth investigation might be useful and possible.

The reassessment which took place over the last two years and a half suggested new evidence to have surfaced, which, requiring the investigation to proceed, meets the requirements set out by section 279(1) of the Portuguese Code of Criminal Procedure for reopening of the inquiry.

Accordingly, a request for reopening was made to the Public Prosecutor for the jurisdiction of Portimao, and approval granted by the latter.
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