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» CORONAVIRUS - Was a group of senior Freemasons planning this back in 2005 ?
by BlueBag Today at 22:08

» Richard D. Hall 'Virtual Tour' 2020
by Jill Havern Today at 21:04

» Breakfast at the Millennium - Why the lies?
by crusader Today at 18:50

» Those incredibly 'unreliable' DOGS............again!
by PeterMac Today at 17:45

» Missing People Patron, Cliff Richard in bid to stop 'private' information from emerging in court battle over BBC coverage of police raid
by Liz Eagles Today at 15:24

» What we don't see...
by crusader Today at 14:32

» The Steeple Times: Shame on the MET
by Blackpied Today at 11:52

» MADDIE BOOST Madeleine McCann cops set to be given more cash in £11m hunt after parents hail ‘iron will determination’ to find her
by crusader Today at 10:24

» The Political Spectrum: Have Your Say
by Jill Havern Yesterday at 22:23

» 'PROTECT OUR WEAKER ONES' Madeleine McCann’s mum begs people to stay indoors to beat coronavirus as she shares poignant prayer
by Blackpied Yesterday at 10:27

» Film Daily 'Netflix' critique: ‘The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann’: Saddest true crime ever?
by Jill Havern 26.03.20 11:04

» MADDIE AGONY: Madeleine McCann’s mum’s anguish as Mother’s Day church mass to pray for daughter is scrapped over coronavirus
by CaKeLoveR 25.03.20 20:11

» Climate Change
by Verdi 25.03.20 14:36

» Labour MP Fiona Onasanya is found GUILTY of perverting course of justice by lying to police to avoid speeding fine.
by Doug D 25.03.20 14:27

» Married NHS heart and lung surgeon, 42, is struck off after police found nearly 40,000 child porn images on 33 different electronic devices at his home
by CaKeLoveR 25.03.20 7:21

» Ex-chief inspector Mick Neville, who founded the Met Police’s Central Forensic Image Team in 2012, believes Madeleine could be found by poring through a Facebook database of images
by sharonl 24.03.20 20:28

» The Strange World of Jeffrey Epstein
by PeterMac 24.03.20 13:47

by Jill Havern 22.03.20 14:32

» Picture Gallery
by CaKeLoveR 22.03.20 10:29

» What's happening to England's churches?
by Jill Havern 21.03.20 23:38

» UPDATE: **'INQUEST - 24 January 2018'** The Complete Mystery of the Death of Kevin Halligen: An Update 15 January 2018
by Doug D 21.03.20 21:08

» Netflix probes Madeleine McCann disappearance in new documentary - but parents Kate and Gerry want 'NOTHING to do' with controversial film
by Verdi 20.03.20 21:16

» Historical crimes – like the 2007 disappearance of Maddie McCann - will be put on hold as police prioritise cases where there is a 'critical' need to investigate.
by CaKeLoveR 20.03.20 19:38

» Matthew Freud was Weinstein’s PR man at the time of some of the producer’s worst excesses.
by BlueBag 18.03.20 9:00

» A purported theory
by Marco 16.03.20 22:08

» Ex-Met police boss blasts Novlett Robyn Williams’s prosecution
by CaKeLoveR 16.03.20 13:54

» Met Police (Operation Grange) - Bollocks or not bollocks?
by sandancer 16.03.20 12:46

» Madeleine McCann hunt offered team of police 'super recognisers' to find missing girl
by sandancer 15.03.20 20:37

» Jon Wedger, Police whistleblower talks about human trafficking and child sex abuse
by Verdi 15.03.20 13:27

» William Tyrrell's disappearance 'similar to Madeleine McCann'
by Tony Bennett 14.03.20 18:21

» New MMRG Petition: “Hold an Inquiry into the conduct of the Met’s Madeleine McCann investigation”
by sandancer 12.03.20 18:05

» New MMRG Petition: “Hold an Inquiry into the conduct of the Met’s Madeleine McCann investigation”
by Jill Havern 12.03.20 9:18

by Verdi 12.03.20 0:50

» Documented Evidence
by Verdi 11.03.20 23:52

by Verdi 11.03.20 23:49

» Dr Martin Roberts - 'A Nightwear Job'
by CaKeLoveR 11.03.20 22:40

» A Familial Tale: Did Madeleine McCann die before she was reported missing
by Verdi 11.03.20 15:24

» Carl Beech: Found guilty of paedophilia and perjury
by Jill Havern 10.03.20 17:05

» The Tale of Smithman
by Tony Bennett 10.03.20 6:53

» Just how intelligent 'is' Kate McCann?
by Verdi 10.03.20 1:10

» Blair government ‘shut down police probe into Dubai princess kidnap’
by sharonl 09.03.20 19:21

» CMOMM Forumotion Publications
by Verdi 09.03.20 12:23

» Colin Sutton: Madeleine McCann and Operation Grange
by Verdi 09.03.20 11:41

» Finally, finally, after 18 years & 10 months, Essex Police admit that the 'drowning' of Stuart Lubbock was a HOAX
by Hobs 08.03.20 7:01

» Gerry McCann's Blog - Highlights
by Hobs 08.03.20 6:40

» Steelmagnolia: Gerry McCann and the stolen wallet
by CaKeLoveR 07.03.20 11:18

» The evils of the Muslim Brotherhood
by CaKeLoveR 07.03.20 9:52

» Prosecution Exhibit 1: 'madeleine' - What's in the book?
by CaKeLoveR 06.03.20 23:16

» Paul James: Do curtains 'actually' whoosh in Praia da Luz?
by Jill Havern 05.03.20 19:05

» Transcript : Madeleine McCann - The Last Hope - Monday 21st 2012
by Verdi 05.03.20 15:39

» References to paedophilia in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann
by Verdi 05.03.20 15:00

» Candid Camera: Clarence Mitchell
by Verdi 04.03.20 11:44

» Sir Philip Rutman, the Madeleine McCann case and Operation Grange
by PeterMac 02.03.20 18:18

» Homage to the UK Police Force
by Jill Havern 02.03.20 16:27

» Sir Philip Rutman, the Madeleine McCann case and Operation Grange
by Tony Bennett 01.03.20 9:56

» Could Operation Grange be corrupt? Look at this video of police whistleblower John Wedger as he names Bernard Hogan-Howe & Cressida Dick
by CaKeLoveR 29.02.20 16:34

» Chelsea Hoffman: Will Madeleine McCann ever be found?
by Verdi 29.02.20 15:19

» OPERATION FERBRIDGE: Timebomb at Elms Guest House
by Doug D 28.02.20 17:26

» Greg Jones: Patterns on the wall in Apartment 5a
by CaKeLoveR 28.02.20 16:53

» Ex-cop Jon Wedger talks to Shaun Attwood about the death of Madeleine McCann - Gets 60,000 YouTube views in 5 days
by Verdi 28.02.20 15:42

» MUM'S HELL ‘Russian Madeleine McCann’ mystery ends in horror as eight-year-old’s killer leaves map showing where body is buried
by Verdi 28.02.20 12:27

» Madeleine's favourite group
by Jill Havern 28.02.20 8:55

» 20 million Pakistani locusts on the loose. 100,000 Chinese ducks at the ready
by Tony Bennett 28.02.20 7:27

» Celtic Boys Club: Allegations of Abuse
by brendana 27.02.20 14:18

» Madeleine McCann cops request more cash for £12m hunt as parents hail ‘iron will determination’ to find her
by Verdi 27.02.20 12:14

» Madeleine McCann cops request more cash for £12m hunt as parents hail ‘iron will determination’ to find her
by Jill Havern 26.02.20 19:21

» Kate and Gerry McCann's friend Lord Steel admits he knew Sir Cyril Smith has abused children but it 'never occurred' to him to hold an inquiry
by Verdi 26.02.20 12:14

» 'Hero' London Bridge survivor wrote rape fantasies about Madeleine McCann
by Tony Bennett 26.02.20 10:33

» Madeleine McCann detectives quiz British barmaid over her German ex-boyfriend who lived near Portuguese resort where toddler vanished in 2007
by Verdi 25.02.20 11:40

by Jill Havern 24.02.20 21:02

» The dogs and the "Towel"
by sharonl 23.02.20 22:44

» Greg Jones: Silvia Batista Testimony
by crusader 23.02.20 19:41

» (*** REPLY RECEIVED 5 FEB 2020 ***) New FOI Act request re Operation Grange (also posted in the FOI section of the forum)
by Doug D 23.02.20 10:03

» Madeleine McCann detectives quiz British barmaid over her German ex-boyfriend who lived near Portuguese resort where toddler vanished in 2007
by Verdi 23.02.20 0:42

» Grooming Gangs-update
by PeterMac 22.02.20 9:59

» The Tale of Jane Tanner: Robert Murat the phantom abductor
by Verdi 22.02.20 0:59

» Physical and Mental Abuse: The Full Spectrum
by Verdi 21.02.20 14:41

» Gangs use top schools to traffic Asian girls
by Liz Eagles 21.02.20 13:49

» Salmond / Sturgeon et al
by PeterMac 19.02.20 9:33

by Verdi 18.02.20 11:57

» 12 YEARS - Stuart, Lee, Madeleine: "The power of the first story".
by CaKeLoveR 18.02.20 9:30

» Dr Gerry McCann working at The Spire Private Hospital , Leicestershire
by Tony Bennett 17.02.20 10:21

» Madeleine McCann alive in Germany and now called Melanie, claims police psychic
by sharonl 16.02.20 22:22

» The Bruises on Kate's Arms
by Milo 16.02.20 14:18

» Could Operation Grange be corrupt? Look at this video of police whistleblower John Wedger as he names Bernard Hogan-Howe & Cressida Dick
by Tony Bennett 16.02.20 13:10

» The Daily Star: Madeleine McCann parents taking legal action against Portugal over disappearance
by PeterMac 16.02.20 9:53

» Greg Jones: Who's an insider?
by sharonl 15.02.20 13:10

» What political future for Kate McC's friend Esther McVey?
by PeterMac 14.02.20 14:04

» The Tale of Dr David Payne
by Verdi 14.02.20 12:21

» Philip Schofield: 27 years, and started when the other 'man' was a young boy
by Liz Eagles 13.02.20 16:12

» Twitter (News and important information only please)
by CaKeLoveR 12.02.20 21:37

» EXCLUSIVE (Mirror, 8 Feb 2020) Terry Lubbock demands new Inquest (copy of application added)
by Tony Bennett 09.02.20 9:49

» The Teller's Tale: A Study of retrofitting - Introduction
by CaKeLoveR 08.02.20 9:58

» Podcast: Anthony Bennett discusses police corruption and Operation Tiberius
by Verdi 07.02.20 0:43

» Moving Onwards and Upwards
by Verdi 06.02.20 12:16

» 60 Reasons why the McCanns should never have published THAT photo (the 'MAKE-UP '/ Lolita photo)
by Verdi 05.02.20 11:30

» Chaos on London Bridge
by BlueBag 05.02.20 9:04

» 20-plus Jehovah's Witnesses sue JWs for child sexual abuse by JW elders - McCann connections
by Jill Havern 04.02.20 21:24

» Michael Barrymore demands £2.5 million compensation for 'wrongful arrest' re Stuart Lubbock death - but Essex Police only offer £1 (Daily Mail & Daily Mirror, 21 Dec 2016)
by Doug D 02.02.20 12:19

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Madeleine Beth McCann died on, or about, the 30th April 2007
Her final resting place is not yet known.
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PJ’s Declaration for Reopening Process

PJ's Declaration for Reopening Process:

As is the case with any situation in which a child goes missing, notwithstanding formal dismissal of the inquiry into her disappearance, and just as has always been publicly stated, the Polícia Judiciária never stopped paying close attention to any and all information that might possibly shed light on the whereabouts of the minor Madeleine McCann, the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and the identity of the perpetrator(s).
It was with this goal in mind that in March 2011 the National Director of the Polícia Judiciária entrusted a team of investigators from the North Directorate with the mission of reassessing, as a whole, the vast amount of information gathered during the inquiry, aimed at identifying data for which a more in-depth investigation might be useful and possible.
The reassessment which took place over the last two years and a half suggested new evidence to have surfaced, which, requiring the investigation to proceed, meets the requirements set out by section 279(1) of the Portuguese Code of Criminal Procedure for reopening of the inquiry.
Accordingly, a request for reopening was made to the Public Prosecutor for the jurisdiction of Portimao, and approval granted by the latter.

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