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CMOMM’s agenda
Sharon Lawrence CMOMM Admin There are certain things that Tony Bennett cannot say openly but he can comment on the case. He is 100% Pro-Madeleine and this has only come into question because of a few people who cannot, or will not, see that Smithman was a red herring to keep us focussed on May 3rd when there is little evidence that anything happened to Madeleine, and little evidence to implicate the McCanns or anyone else. Their agenda appears to be to protect the McCanns by keeping the focus on May 3rd and prevent us from looking back at the events of April 29th when we believe, after much research, that Madeleine died. Now if Tony believes that Madeleine died 4 days before her parents reported her missing and has gone out of his way to prove that Smithman was a red herring to stop us looking at this, he is hardly a pro-McCann is he? On the other hand, there are those who are desperately trying to keep the focus on May 3rd and are trying to convince us that on that night Gerry was running around the area carrying Madeleine's corpse just as Kate was sounding the alarm and starting a massive search for her - surely that alone doesn't stack up? But, since Gerry has an alibi & Smith failed to return to Portugal to testify, Gerry was safe. So who is the McCann shill? It isn't Tony who is protecting them from prosecution, it's the little group with the red herrings isn't it? And this little group of McCann friends are desperately trying to discredit the findings of Tony, Richard D. Hall, Lizzy, and CMOMM in general, who have reached the same conclusion. I hope that this answers any questions about Tony or CMOMM's agenda, but if not please read through the 29th April threads on CMOMM or watch Richard Hall's excellent documentary, "When Madeleine died?".
Who exactly are we looking for?

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Searching for Madeleine: 10 years on
Crimewatch UK - October 2013 Madeleine Mccann Special
Dogs ignore rotting meat to find body 10ft underground
McCanns and the conman
Open up the Maddie Files!

PJ’s Declaration for Reopening Process

PJ's Declaration for Reopening Process:

Madeleine McCann

As is the case with any situation in which a child goes missing, notwithstanding formal dismissal of the inquiry into her disappearance, and just as has always been publicly stated, the Polícia Judiciária never stopped paying close attention to any and all information that might possibly shed light on the whereabouts of the minor Madeleine McCann, the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and the identity of the perpetrator(s).

It was with this goal in mind that in March 2011 the National Director of the Polícia Judiciária entrusted a team of investigators from the North Directorate with the mission of reassessing, as a whole, the vast amount of information gathered during the inquiry, aimed at identifying data for which a more in-depth investigation might be useful and possible.

The reassessment which took place over the last two years and a half suggested new evidence to have surfaced, which, requiring the investigation to proceed, meets the requirements set out by section 279(1) of the Portuguese Code of Criminal Procedure for reopening of the inquiry.

Accordingly, a request for reopening was made to the Public Prosecutor for the jurisdiction of Portimao, and approval granted by the latter.