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When Madeleine Died?
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» MADDIE TENNIS TWIST Gerry McCann played tennis with ‘Tannerman’ on the day Madeleine went missing
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» Very strong and prominent supporter of Kate 'n Gerry McCann gets to be new Member of the House of Lords (18 May 2018)
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» Picture Gallery
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» When the Alarm was Raised David, What Did You See?
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by Jill Havern 13.05.18 19:06

» Freedom of Information Act question: IS Dr JUILIAN TOTMAN, 'TANNERMAN', the man allegedly seen by Jane Tanner, friend of the McCanns?
by Tony Bennett 13.05.18 15:52

by willowthewisp 13.05.18 14:46

» Met Police under urgent review over 'forensics mishandling'
by willowthewisp 13.05.18 14:29

» Ex-Met detective Ian Horrocks talking borrocks
by dartinghero 13.05.18 12:59

» Media Justice: Madeleine McCann, Intermediatisation and 'Trial by Media' in the British Press
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» The Mystery of the Make-Up Photo - was it taken on the same day as the Last Photo?
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» Tigger
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» The other Maddies: the missing child cases that changed the world
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» Analysis by Moita Flores: 'English police admits abandoning Madeleine McCann case review'
by Jill Havern 11.05.18 11:02

» Paulo Reis
by Jill Havern 11.05.18 10:18

» LETTER TO PORTUGAL: The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann: New evidence of what happened to her
by Jill Havern 10.05.18 10:09

» Irish journalist Jim Duffy regrets not sticking up for the parents of missing girl Madeleine McCann while getting his hair cut.
by Verdi 09.05.18 15:59

» Madeleine McCann’s Parents And Other Victims Of Press Abuse Urge Theresa May To Complete Leveson Inquiry
by willowthewisp 09.05.18 13:48

by Verdi 08.05.18 21:44

» Jane Tanner - A Lesson on Evolution
by Verdi 08.05.18 0:59

» How Jane Tanner got Lost in a Crowd on an Empty Street
by Verdi 08.05.18 0:23

» Sightings revisited
by Verdi 07.05.18 22:00

» The 'When your child goes missing' family survival guide the McCann's 'followed to the letter'
by Copodenieve 07.05.18 14:29

» Sick trolls target Madeleine's brother and sister with online abuse
by aquila 06.05.18 9:47

» Joana Morais: André Ventura, University Professor 'The Crime of the Century'
by BlueBag 06.05.18 8:26

» Jon Gaunt: Stop Maddie search now
by alan 05.05.18 21:55

» A brief history of the CMOMM Forum: a collection of activists and investigators
by willowthewisp 05.05.18 13:43

» Dr Martin Roberts - A nightwear job
by kittykat 05.05.18 12:48

» Maddie McCann's parents to join prayer service marking anniversary of her disappearance
by sar 05.05.18 11:22

» Sick trolls target Madeleine's brother and sister with online abuse
by Verity 05.05.18 7:40

» The Madeleine McCann Book the Publishers Wouldn't Touch
by Verdi 05.05.18 0:02

» Jon Gaunt: Stop Maddie search now
by Jill Havern 04.05.18 22:18

» Facebook data breach firm Cambridge Analytica 'ceasing all operations'
by sharonl 04.05.18 22:13

» Correio da Manhã
by willowthewisp 04.05.18 16:49

» Madeleine McCann crime expert says funds for 'final line of inquiry' won't be 'Holy Grail'
by willowthewisp 04.05.18 15:30

» Gonçalo Amaral's Truth of the Lie being sold on Amazon - seller reported to Amazon and copyright holders Guerra e Paz
by Jill Havern 04.05.18 15:06

» When was Madeleine gone? - NEW POLL...On 3rd May, or before 3rd May?
by Verdi 04.05.18 13:07

» A U.S. internet journalist evaluates Richard Hall's 5th Maddie film - 'Why The Cover-Up?' - He rates Richard's work highly
by Tony Bennett 03.05.18 21:37

» Madeleine McCann: A Troll's Guide to the Conspiracy (Thomas Baden-Reiss)
by Tony Bennett 03.05.18 21:00

» The Art of Distraction
by sar 03.05.18 17:44

» A brief history of the CMOMM Forum: a collection of activists and investigators
by Jill Havern 03.05.18 13:35

» Maddie McCann's parents to join prayer service marking anniversary of her disappearance
by Verity 03.05.18 2:31

» SMITHMAN 3 - The e-fits - two different people, or the same man?
by willowthewisp 02.05.18 14:52

» A Story By Spudgun
by Verdi 02.05.18 0:14

by Tony Bennett 01.05.18 19:07

» Sonia Poulton: The McCanns and the Police
by Jill Havern 01.05.18 17:22

» Chapter 28: 'The Pool Photo refuses to go away' + Appendix (Chapter 29) Two Photos that tell an important story
by willowthewisp 01.05.18 14:50

» HALF WAY THERE. Yesterday I made my 60th montly payment to Carter-Ruck; there are 60 more to be made
by sar 01.05.18 14:48

» Missing toddler - Germany 1981
by dartinghero 30.04.18 20:49

» OPERATION GRANGE: Met Police UPHOLD my FOI Act complaint - the efits were handed to Operation Grange 'in October 2011'
by plebgate 30.04.18 19:35

» MADDIE CASH Madeleine McCann’s mum Kate made £84k from book to help fund missing daughter probe
by cbeagle 29.04.18 23:59

» Portuguese Attorney-General passes MMRG 'Death on Sunday 29 April 2007' evidence to PJ in Faro for action
by sharonl 29.04.18 11:49

» PeterMac's new e-book chapter: 'The Pool Photo refuses to go away'
by Jill Havern 28.04.18 22:46

» Portuguese Attorney-General passes MMRG 'Death on Sunday 29 April 2007' evidence to PJ in Faro for action
by sharonl 28.04.18 21:57

» Spanish man says he saved his daughter from Madeleine McCann's alleged kidnapper
by Mark Willis 28.04.18 16:56

» ESSEX CC STEPHEN KAVANAGH RESIGNS one day after he had, at last, agreed to meet Les Balkwell in person. A kick in the teeth to Les, and to justice
by Amy Dean 28.04.18 13:05

» 'DON'T TALK' Madeleine McCann parents Kate and Gerry ‘warned by cops not to talk about missing daughter’ on 11th anniversary of disappearance
by Jill Havern 27.04.18 15:02

» PeterMac: FREE e-book 'What really happened to Madeleine McCann?
by Jill Havern 27.04.18 10:38

» HALF WAY THERE. Yesterday I made my 60th montly payment to Carter-Ruck; there are 60 more to be made
by Tony Bennett 26.04.18 7:57

» New HOME OFFICE FOIAct request, 24 Apr 2018: (A) Procedures for approving grants to Operation Grange (B) Costs to Portugal of helping Operation Grange
by Tony Bennett 25.04.18 13:38

» It could have been another Maddie McCann: Woman looked after children while their parents got drunk in Majorca
by Verdi 23.04.18 11:57

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Searching for Madeleine: 10 years on
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PJ’s Declaration for Reopening Process

PJ's Declaration for Reopening Process:

As is the case with any situation in which a child goes missing, notwithstanding formal dismissal of the inquiry into her disappearance, and just as has always been publicly stated, the Polícia Judiciária never stopped paying close attention to any and all information that might possibly shed light on the whereabouts of the minor Madeleine McCann, the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and the identity of the perpetrator(s).

It was with this goal in mind that in March 2011 the National Director of the Polícia Judiciária entrusted a team of investigators from the North Directorate with the mission of reassessing, as a whole, the vast amount of information gathered during the inquiry, aimed at identifying data for which a more in-depth investigation might be useful and possible.

The reassessment which took place over the last two years and a half suggested new evidence to have surfaced, which, requiring the investigation to proceed, meets the requirements set out by section 279(1) of the Portuguese Code of Criminal Procedure for reopening of the inquiry.

Accordingly, a request for reopening was made to the Public Prosecutor for the jurisdiction of Portimao, and approval granted by the latter.
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