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The McCanns exclusive interview with

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The McCanns exclusive interview with

Post by ufercoffy on 04.05.10 11:53

The McCanns exclusive interview with "Las Mañanas de Cuatro"

[size=7]03 May 2010

This interview was recorded at the McCanns family home in Rothley, over the weekend of 23/24 April 2010, and broadcast on Las Mañanas de Cuatro on 03 May 2010.

The videos are dubbed into Spanish language but it is still possible to make out quite a lot of what Kate and Gerry McCann are saying.

Part 1: Summary of the past 3 years

Part 2: The interview - How has the parents life been affected?

Part 3: The interview - The pros and cons of the media

Part 4: The interview - The events of the evening of May 3rd

Part 5: The interview - Explaining Madeleine's disappearance to the twins

Part 6: The interview - Madeleine

If this doesn't copy and paste properly then you can find it on mccannfiles

Hmmm... it didn't. Can a mod sort it out for me please?

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Re: The McCanns exclusive interview with

Post by kangdang on 04.05.10 13:14

Crikey that did my head in trying to decipher their words over the music and dubbing. Think i shall hold out and see if some kind soul provides a translation. Still, thanks for posting the links.

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Re: The McCanns exclusive interview with

Post by justagrannynow 1 on 04.05.10 15:28

ufercoffy wrote:

. Can a mod sort it out for me please?

ufercoffy, what makes you think we mods have any technical skills? This mod is unable to watch any videos because I can't sort out my plug ins !!!!!

Last time I had a go at downloading plugins it cost my husband €63 at the computer shop. lol!
justagrannynow 1

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Re: The McCanns exclusive interview with

Post by Get'emGonçalo on 04.05.10 15:32

I'm not going there either...I always have problems copying and pasting from mccannfiles.

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