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All the discredited sightings Mm11

All the discredited sightings Regist10

All the discredited sightings

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All the discredited sightings Empty All the discredited sightings

Post by justagrannynow 1 on 31.05.10 8:59

There is no evidence that Madeleine McCann was abducted.

To counteract this lack of evidence, for over three years we have been bombarded with a plethora of abductors and worldwide sightings, all of which have led to absolutely nothing. Worse than that, these events are becoming so ridiculous that they have become counter productive and have turned Madeleine into more of a joke than any antis could have managed. For me, they have reached the point where, whenever I hear of another one I am reminded of that ghastly satirical thread on the old 3As. Even the parents must by now realise the damage this is causing, so is it any surprise that now the focus appears to be turning onto the fact that the borders between Portugal and Spain are as leaky as a sieve? Add to that fact the likelihood that gypsies are probably more familiar with all the minor roads crisscrossing the borders, single track roads used mainly by locals travelling from one village to the next. Roads too numerous to be manned and blocked off and there we have it. The fact that it is possible to smuggle a child out of the country. Much harder to argue against than the abductors, and as long as there is a possibility that Madeleine could have been taken over the border, the focus is diverted from the lack of evidence of an abduction. The case remains closed and the mystery continues.

The Fund. 13 pence in every £1 donated will go towards searching for Madeleine.[b]
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