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Madeleine McCanns parents: David Cameron's a let-down

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Madeleine McCanns parents: David Cameron's a let-down

Post by Guest on 07.11.10 13:05

7th November 2010

By Jonathan Corke

Your Shout

KATE and Gerry McCann claim the Government’s lack of action in the hunt for missing Madeleine has left other children at risk.

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The couple are furious that David Cameron’s coalition appear to have given up on finding her.

Kate, 43, blasted: “There’s an abductor out there, a criminal out there who is free to do this over and over again if we let him.


“Other children are at risk and nothing is being done.”

And Gerry, 42, said: “Politicians are there to represent us, we elect them and we feel something should be done. Madeleine is a British citizen, she is innocent, she is vulnerable. They say, ‘It’s a real shame, we hope Madeleine’s found’. But their thoughts and words are not good enough.”

Maddie vanished in May 2007 during a family holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal.
The McCanns of Rothley, Leics, have now launched an online petition to lobby the British and ­Portuguese governments for a formal review of the case.

By last night almost 25,000 people had backed their appeal and Kate said: “I can’t get my head around the authorities giving up on her. The authorities look for terrorists, why can’t they look for a child abductor?”

She also revealed how a meeting earlier this year with Home Secretary Theresa May had been disappointing, with the politician saying she could not make promises.

But she added: “We must keep going. I see Madeleine’s friends and it reminds me of how she would be now, what she would look like, how tall she would be…it is painful.”

Meanwhile the couple face new heartache after Goncalo Amaral, the ex-detective who led the probe into Madeleine’s disappearance, revealed plans to sell his book about the investigation in the UK.

He said: “The British people have the right to read an objective and well reasoned literary work.”

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Re: Madeleine McCanns parents: David Cameron's a let-down

Post by Guest on 07.11.10 13:10

Some comments on above article

Posted: Sun 7 November 2010, 11:25:11 , by bladefem Re: Madeleine **** parents: David Cameron's a let-down
“ I totally agree with boldilox and a lot of post here.Yes i was sad this little gril went missing, but it was their fault for leaving her in the first place.And there can say they was not far away from the apartment has it proves they was or would have seen someone take her.proves the McCanns was just out to enjoy the holiday.Yes i agree if it was some single parent or parents on the dole it would been far worst and branded bad parents and other kids took off them.My friend child Ben Needham does anyone remember him going missing in 1991 and still not a sign.Did kerry have all this publicity and help when Ben went missing for many years after he went missing NO.She did not leave her child alone.He was taken from her parents villa.She was never in the papers asking for all this help after so many years gone by,she does it from her own pocket from the business her and her partner own so why cant the McCanns.Public have give enough money and still nothing.Been million pound reward put up for anyone to bring her back safe and nothing.It is not hard to identify her to with her eye.No im not been cold hearted i do feel more for the little girl with people she never knew.But why should the public or anyone help now.What is it going to do that has not before. ”
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Posted: Sun 7 November 2010, 09:06:57 , by Marianne10 Re: Madeleine **** parents: David Cameron's a let-down
“ McCanns "my way"
And now, the end is near. And so I face the final curtain...

I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway....

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Posted: Sun 7 November 2010, 09:02:16 , by JIMK1701A Re: Madeleine **** parents: David Cameron's a let-down
“ I didn't quit finish there. There are an estimated 100,000 children missing in the UK.

Why isn't there publicity on them that we have seen on Madeleine ?

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Posted: Sun 7 November 2010, 08:52:20 , by JIMK1701A Re: Madeleine **** parents: David Cameron's a let-down
“ Also, where has the estimated £ 3,000,000 gone. Probably on libel cases, and with the overturning of the book ban in Portugal, they have to pay court costs there.

And I don't believe people who donated to their fund expected to pay for libel cases/legal fees.

Also, what about other missing children in the UK. I ”
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Posted: Sun 7 November 2010, 08:18:27 , by boldilox Re: Madeleine **** parents: David Cameron's a let-down
“ Ever since that terrible night when Maddie went missing the ****'s have manipulated the media so as to deflect the attention away from the fact they abandoned that poor little girl to her fate, If that was Mr and Mrs Joe Bloggs from a council estate social services would have been all over them like a rash and the Media would have crucified them. They have spent £2.000.000 donated by the public and now it's gone they want the government to pay, how about selling that big detached house of yours. I hope they do find Maddie and then they will have to answer her questions ie why did you leave me alone mummy !!! ”
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Posted: Sun 7 November 2010, 08:10:15 , by JIMK1701A Re: Madeleine **** parents: David Cameron's a let-down
“ I have just heard this morning, the Portuguese could reopen the case.

I would like to see both parents back there to clear up any ' anomalies ' in there stories ”
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Re: Madeleine McCanns parents: David Cameron's a let-down

Post by Shibboleth on 07.11.10 17:13

Probably not a smart idea to go slagging off the Government at this stage. Who knows what the last Government kept hidden? We wouldn't want the current Government to go digging too deeply, now, would we?

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Re: Madeleine McCanns parents: David Cameron's a let-down

Post by Cherry on 07.11.10 22:51

they are not making many friends in the new Government, slagging of Theresa May then David Cameron, might not be a good move on their part!

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McCanns apt & hire car

Blood and cadaver alerts
dismissed by UK Government

Retired DCI Gonçalo Amaral: "The English can always present the conclusions to which they themselves arrived in 2007. Because they know, they have the evidence of what happened - they don't need to investigate anything. All this is now a mere 'show off'."

Retired murder DCI Colin Sutton: "I would also like to make the point that Operation Grange was so restricted from the start as to be destined to fail."

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley made public on national TV that Operation Grange is a complete fraud.

Ex-DCI Andy Redwood had a "revelation moment" on BBC's Crimewatch on 14th October 2013 when he announced that Operation Grange had eliminated the Tanner sighting - which opened up the 'window of opportunity', in accordance with their remit, to allow the fake abduction to happen.

Despite "irrelevant behaviour" from blood and cadaver dogs in the McCann's apartment, on Kate McCann's clothes, and in the car they hired three weeks after Maddie disappeared, Ex-Chief Inspector, Ian Horrocks, said: "The thought that Kate and Gerry McCann had anything to do with the death of their daughter is frankly preposterous."

Gerry McCann called for example to be made of 'trolls'. SKY News reporter Martin Brunt doorstepped Brenda Leyland on 2 October 2014. She was then found dead in a Leicester hotel room. Brenda paid the price. She paid with her life.

Ex-Deputy Chief Constable, Jim Gamble QPM, congratulated SKY reporter, Martin Brunt, on twitter for doorstepping Brenda Leyland on behalf of Gerry McCann.

Prime Minister Theresa May introduces Prime Suspect Kate McCann to Royalty: The Duchess of Gloucester.

Good Cop Down: The reality of being a police whistleblower