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Let me help you Gerry: DAVID PAYNE may hold the key to the mystery Mm11

Let me help you Gerry: DAVID PAYNE may hold the key to the mystery Regist10

Let me help you Gerry: DAVID PAYNE may hold the key to the mystery

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Let me help you Gerry: DAVID PAYNE may hold the key to the mystery Empty Let me help you Gerry: DAVID PAYNE may hold the key to the mystery

Post by Jill Havern on 26.07.15 20:12

Let me help you Gerry: DAVID PAYNE may hold the key to the mystery DavidPayneTvmais170409Madeleine McCann case - David Payne may hold the key to the mystery TVMais

"The English authorities should explain what the complaint is, that they have against David Payne, and who presented it"

Gonçalo Amaral, author of the documentary TVI broadcast this week, told tvmais that Payne may hold the key to the mystery and the disappearance of Maddie

nâni Carvalho
18 April 2009
Translation by Nigel Moore
"If the Attorney General of the Republic watched the programme with care, he should have no alternative other than to reopen the case!" The emphatic claim comes from the coordinator of the Judiciary in the investigation of the Maddie case, until October 2007, in an exclusive interview with tvmais.

When Gonçalo Amaral was removed from the investigation he wrote the book "Maddie: The Truth of the Lie", a work that inspired the documentary that TVI devoted 50 minutes to on Monday, after the "National Telediary".

"Reopening the process would mean that the prosecutor would be acknowledging a mistake," Gonçalo Amaral told tvmais. "As you can see, we demonstrated in the documentary that, physically, abduction could not have happened. It also became clear that she died that same day, May 3, 2007," the inspector said shortly after the broadcast on TVI. "But above all, the role that David Payne played in the case needs to be understood. Certainly with the girl and with Kate McCann."

We ask the coordinator of the PJ to explain these words. "The British authorities have, since May 16, 2007, a complaint filed by Katherina G., a doctor and former friend of Payne and Gerry McCann. In that complaint, she explains the suspicions that she has had about David Payne since she spent a holiday with Payne and McCann in Mallorca. Gerry McCann is accused of inaction and complacency in the attitude of David Payne. "

Suspected paedophile

The claim of Gonçalo Amaral refers to the British couple, (doctors Katherina and Arul) who denounced David Payne. During that past holiday with the McCann's and Payne's in Mallorca, summer 2005, that British doctor retained an impression and never forgot what she saw one night when Gerry and David were talking about Maddie. David sucked on his finger, pushing it into and out of his mouth, while with the other hand made circles around his nipple. Days later, the doctor said, she returned to see Dave do the same gestures when speaking about his own daughter. Katherina decided to take special care with her own daughter and asked her husband to ensure that her daughter was never left alone with Payne when she was taking a bath. Kaherina said she had associated the gestures with someone who likes to see pornography. "I remember thinking if he would look at girls in a different way," she concluded. Twelve days after Maddie disappeared (16 May), Katherina and Arul went to the police to reveal the two conversations with Dave and Gerry, which first showed suspicious behaviour and suggested sex with minors. Katherina provided an eight-page statement. She described the holiday in Mallorca with McCann and Payne. Katherina's partner confirmed the gestures made by Dave during the conversation with Gerry, but said he did not realise that they were talking about Maddie. He also believed that the behaviour was of extremely bad taste. The statements were provided on May 16, 2007, but had no input into the process until January 2008 (Volume XIII). By then, the rogatory letters had already been sent.

David Payne, the same

Tvmais has already reported that David Payne is the same one that the PJ did not see testify in England. He is the only one whose statements for the famous rogatory letters, that the PJ sent to England, were remade because of a malfunction in the recorder...

David Payne was one of the friends dining with the McCanns on the night of the disappearance of the girl at the Ocean Club. He is the man that tvmais had already confirmed had been in apartment 5A of the resort (home of the McCanns) about 19:00 that afternoon of May 3, 2007, shortly before, therefore, the time that the girl was reported as missing. Up to the closure of this edition, we failed to confirm whether someone from the Attorney General's Office saw the documentary. Although the rest had already been informed by tvmais throughout the almost two years that have elapsed since the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, a British child of 4-years-old, in the Algarve. We even showed the reported information of the declarations about Payne to the British police. It was the phrase Gonçalo Amaral on TVI's documentary: "It can be said with all certainty that Madeleine McCann was not abducted."

McCanns already control the fortune

The fund created just nine days after the disappearance of Maddie (a fund whose only goal was to raise funds to find the girl, accumulating millions of euros) has a new director: Gerald McCann, the very father of Madeleine McCann. Discreetly, they had already entered Peter Hubner, John McCann, Edward Smethurst, Doug Skehan, Jon Corner and other friends of the McCanns. This special status of the fund means that detailed accounts on how the money is spent do not need to be submitted. The McCanns house and other expenses are not reflected as being paid by the fund, although of the accounts presented, what is clear, is that barely 13% of the money was spent on investigations to "find the girl." The rest also went, but where is not known... (With thanks to the McCann files)

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Let me help you Gerry: DAVID PAYNE may hold the key to the mystery Empty Dr Payne... Close chum of Kate & Gerry and a "warm 'n' soapy" handed 'uncle' of toddlers....

Post by Knitted on 26.07.15 21:06 this the same Dr Payne that was one of the last 3 people to claim to have seen Madeleine alive? (Thus statistically potentially involved in any murder/death).

... this the same Dr Payne that was identified in the Gaspar statements as having shown a (possible/likely) sexual interest in Madeleine, (along with her father), the previous year? (Thus statistically potentially involved in any murder/death).

... ... ... is this the same Dr Payne that refused to do a 'recreation of events' in Praia d'Luz to help make sense of the wildly differing statements given to the Portuguese Police?

... ... ... ... is this the same Dr Payne that bathed the toddlers?

... ... ... ... ... Is this the same Dr Payne that was recalled vaguely by the professional Child Protection Officer 'Yvonne Warren Martin' (who was on holiday in Portugal at the time, and who offered her professional assistance following the initial reports of an 'abduction'... and was effectively told to 'f*ck off') as someone she'd come across previously in her professional duties?

Oh well... Just as Savile and Cyril Smith (& Janner and Heath) have shown us...anyone can abuse kids (or more), and then call in favours and merrily get away with it...Just as long as the masses are distracted by the latest celebs/the latest silly pseudo-science/the latest Calais immigration tale and the scapegoat of the latest 'corporate tax evader' (that's agreed to be named in order to call in favours later down the line).

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