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Let's start again - Questions by kittykatkatie

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Let's start again - Questions by kittykatkatie

Post by sar on 24.04.17 9:25

kittykatkatie wrote:I have read Peter Mac's ebook & have followed Richard D Hall's excellent and well researched films into the disappearance of Madeline McCann.

These are the questions that need to be addressed by the McCann's and their spokesman Clarence Mitchell



3.  There is a photograph of Madeline "after raiding the make up box" that appears to have been taken in Portugal (see background) just before she disappeared. The make up appears to be applied perfectly & not the sort of look you would want for your 3/4 year old to have or to photograph.

4. The CEOP produced a "missing poster" of Madeline dated a few days before she disappeared. "A technical glitch" that needs a thorough investigation.

5. Then the evidence of the dogs, the missing tennis bag that Gerry denies owning albeit that it is pictured in the apartment. David Errr Err Payne confirms the existence of the bag, not big enough to put a errr errr (thinking here...) tennis racket in.

6. The last photos, other photos that show no birth eye defect and no mention of this on Madeline's passport. A birthmark on leg is recorded. 

7. The numerous changes in statements.

8. Why no action re "comatose twins" was taken when they though the abductor had sedated them. Wouldn't you want to make sure they weren't given a substance that could cause serious harm or even death?

I would like to think that if the McCanns & Clarence Mitchell could look at the points I have raised "unfettered" they might understand why I for one am not a believer!

Re:Q3.  Recently there has been an image doing the rounds of Mrs in full make up, rather worryingly put me in mind of "after raiding make-up box" pic  Possible the person who put on the make up did so in both photos.


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How is posting a valid question on a subject in the public domain considered to be "libelous"?

Post by kittykatkatie on 24.04.17 11:57




Within your first two questions, you made libelous, completely untrue and the most serious allegations, including false claims that Gerry McCann had been convicted of a serious offence - which have no place on our forum.

Now please don't bother the Moderators any more, and don't post libelous 'facts' unless you have the clearest possible proof of the truth of them - Moderator

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Just trying to get to the truth & see what is fact & what is fiction.

Post by kittykatkatie on 24.04.17 12:56

It would be quite wrong if an alleged entry on the sex offenders register no 19309 had nothing to do with Gerry McCann? I believe this info is in the PJ files supplied by the British police.


Let me make this clear to you and all members and guests that this is most certainly NOT an entry of Gerry McCann on the Sex Offenders register. The register in question is NOT a Sex Offenders register anyway. 

You have been given a second chance. You are now banned - Moderator 

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Re: Let's start again - Questions by kittykatkatie

Post by JulieC on 24.04.17 13:11

Have a read of this thread:

You need to be very careful with the things you write on here!


A MOD WRITES   Yes, thank you @ JulieC and also for your other contributions to the forum. 'kittykatkatie' has now been banned, so s/he won't be making any more contributions here.

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