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MADDIE'S 10TH ANNIVERSARY 29th APRIL 2017. How will it be marked? (Poll)

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How will Madeleine's 10th anniversary be marked?

1. She will be found alive and well
2. We will find out how she died and who did it
3. The mainstream media will cash in with dozens of feature articles and programmes about Madeleine
4. None of these three
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MADDIE'S 10TH ANNIVERSARY 29th APRIL 2017. How will it be marked? (Poll)

Post by Tony Bennett on 17.08.16 17:54

The title of this section is Maddie's 1st > 9th anniversaries, but the 10th one is coming up soon.

It looks like the actual last photo of Madeleine may have been taken on 29th April 2007; she seems rather to have 'disappeared' after that date.

It was several months ago that we learnt from Clarence Mitchell that even before her 9th anniversary, bids were being made for feature films and documentaries covering the 10th anniversary of her disappearance:

There have been the annual media frenzies every 3rd May.

There was the 1,000-day 'bash' at Sir Richard Branson's 'Rooftop' Restaurant in plush Kensington.

All of this reminds us of these famous quotes:

On 3rd June 2007, just one month after Madeleine had ‘disappeared’, Dr Gerry McCann was already planning a ‘big event’ to mark Madeleine’s ‘abduction’. He told the press: “We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing…It wouldn’t be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that.”  

Less than a month later, on 28th June 2007, Dr Gerry McCann said: “I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleine’s disappearance in the long-term”. 
In October 2007, 'The Times' reported on the McCanns’ plans for a film or documentary about Madeleine, as follows: “Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ spokesman, would not speculate on whether Gerry and Kate would play themselves in any movie or whether their roles would be played by celebrity actors. He said: ‘While it may be hugely entertaining and a bit of fun to think of cast lists, we are a million miles away from that sort of thing’. The possibility of a film or television project is expected to be discussed by the Directors of the Madeleine Fund..."
One wonders how the bidding process is going at the moment.

How many countries and media outlets will want a slice of the action?

Will there be a bidding war, a kind of auction for who will pay the most to have the McCanns on their sofa?

What 'new angles' are being planned in advance?

Will Summers & Swan get more inside information from Operation Grange another book? That would certainly help sales!

A Crimewatch update perhaps, with yet another dodgy, wholly inaccurate reconstruction.

All of it with no genuine investigative probing of what really happened to Madeleine McCann. 

Anyway, Clarence Mitchell will no doubt once again be the impresario at the centre of the action, so lest we forget who this man is, here's Richard Hall's unflattering 'take' on Clarence Mitchell's appearance at the Australian CommsCom conference earlier in the year:


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Re: MADDIE'S 10TH ANNIVERSARY 29th APRIL 2017. How will it be marked? (Poll)

Post by Verdi on 17.08.16 20:42

I think this would depend very much on whether or not Operation Grange is on-going.  The only feasible aspect I see in Aquila's argument about closure of Operation Grange, is the possibility that it will continue  in order to prevent the inevitable hysteria that would follow closure - keeping the lid on too much exposure.  You know, that mantra about the legal implications of meddling with a live investigation, jeopardizing the case, unfair trial etc. 

Having said that, I believe there's a lot more money to be made out of a final conviction through a court of law than yet another worn out anniversary campaign.  Solved case I think we would be talking blockbuster movie with Richard Greer and Catherine Zeta-Jones playing the lead - 10th anniversary campaign and I think we're talking June Brown and Martin Clunes.  I can see it now..

'Gerry and Kate - The Untold Story.'

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Re: MADDIE'S 10TH ANNIVERSARY 29th APRIL 2017. How will it be marked? (Poll)

Post by plebgate on 17.08.16 23:54

I think it very much depends on whether Rocky wins this latest ruling or not.   If they lose then I believe things will be very quiet. 

Will we even have a ruling by the 10th anniversary?  Things certainly seem to be taking a long, long time - much too long imo.

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