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A McCann of Worms... Mm11

A McCann of Worms... Regist10

A McCann of Worms...

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A McCann of Worms... Empty A McCann of Worms...

Post by jd on 27.04.12 13:59

Notes from a Potting Shedder

A McCann of Worms...

We all knew it was a huge can of worms. But the news over the last few days is showing what a mixed up state of affairs the missing Madeleine McCann case is proving to be. At the start of the week, I was really hopeful that the case would be reopened in Portugal, now I find myself disheartened and fearful that the real truth may never be known.

It all started with BBC Panorama and its claim that the News International, The Sun newspaper and the McCanns pressured the Prime Minister to instigate the review...

Downing Street sources have revealed to the programme that influence was being exerted on Number 10 by News International and by The Sun newspaper, as well as by the McCanns. Within 24 hours of the front page appeal Mr Cameron announced a review could be paid for out of a contingency fund run by the Home Office, reserved for special cases.


Also from BBC's Panorama, we have DCI Andy Redwood claiming that...

We are working on the basis of two possibilities here. One is that Madeleine is still alive; and the second that she is sadly dead. Our drive on both scenarios is of equal measure.

The British media sensationally interpretted this as...

Police reveal Madeleine may still be alive
The Mirror

Madeleine McCann : She is alive

195 Leads and she is still alive

In a complete turnaround, the Portuguese authorities denied all knowledge of new leads and quickly rebutted Scotland Yard's claims with...

There are no new elements at the moment that would allow for the reopening of the inquiry. We have received no formal request for the reopening of the inquiry.

On the day that the McCanns and Isabel Duarte finally returned 7500 copies of Goncalo Amaral's book 'Truth of the Lie' to their rightful owner, publisher Guerra & Pas as ordered...

Goncalo Amaral appeared on Portuguese television and claimed that...

The British police wanted to impose the theory of abduction and the innocence of the parents.

Even more bizarre is DCI Redwood's apparent sole reason for the belief of abduction hinges on the parents and friends timeline...

Evidence that she is alive stems from the forensic view of the timeline, that there was the opportunity for her to be taken. Investigations show there do appear to be gaps.

Forensic view of the timeline? This timeline?...

A McCann of Worms... Stickerbook+timeline

I'm all for a chink of hope, but it beggars belief that Scotland Yard and the media have appeared to dismiss the findings of the British cadaver dog brought onto the case at the recommendation of our very own British police. A skilled dog who marked the scent of death in apartment 5a and the McCanns' hire car. And on Mrs McCann's clothing, a child's t-shirt and Madeleine's favourite toy, Cuddlecat. How can the scent of death simply be glossed over and ignored when it was found on McCann related items only and nowhere else in Praia de Luz? So what if the forensics were degraded and contaminated, it's the scent of death for goodness sake.

A battle of words, court cases and desire for power and money seems to have dominated this case. Most importantly, at the core of all of this is Madeleine, who seems almost forgotten in the crossfire. She doesn't deserve the fate she has been dealt or all this PR crap being bandied in the media. The truth has to be know


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A McCann of Worms... Empty Re: A McCann of Worms...

Post by Guest on 27.04.12 14:08

Thanks jd, but already posted on the Panorama thread so will lock and delete in a bit.

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