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Maddie perv freed because he's disabled

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Maddie perv freed because he's disabled

Post by Jill Havern on 27.10.11 8:33

A TWISTED paedophile who trawled the web for footage of child rape and "Maddie porn" has avoided jail — because he is disabled.

Vile Duncan McAlister, 24 — who suffers from brittle bone disease — was snared with almost 500 sick images of kids on his computer.
But yesterday Ayr Sheriff Jack McGowan claimed that there was no point in caging wheelchair-bound McAlister because prison chiefs could not cope with his medical needs.
He told the fiend: "I'm conscious of your personal circumstances.
"You are not able to live independently, you can't walk or even go to the toilet on your own.
"It's highly unlikely that the prison authorities would be able to provide for you."
Ayr Sheriff Court heard McAlister admitted spending two years downloading filth from the web from 2007 to 2009. His sick searches also included "pre-teen paedo", "toddler little girl".
But prosecutors were unable to confirm if his search for "Maddie porn" was in relation to missing Madeleine McCann.
McAlister, of Ayr, was given three years' probation with psychiatric treatment, and put on the sex offenders' register for three years.
Sheriff McGowan added: "Only a community-based disposal could deal with your psychiatric problems."
Tory justice spokesman John Lamont said: "It is unacceptable that people avoid prison for any other reason than the seriousness of their crimes."

Read more:
Jill Havern

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Re: Maddie perv freed because he's disabled

Post by Bebootje on 27.10.11 9:02



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Re: Maddie perv freed because he's disabled

Post by MyBrainHurts on 27.10.11 9:07

Quote But prosecutors were unable to confirm if his search for "Maddie porn" was in relation to missing Madeleine McCann.Unquote

But it makes good business sense to use Maddi'e McCanns name anyway because it's a good marketing ploy that sells newspapers.

If Maddie died from neglect from her own parents, or even from accidental death at the hands of one of her parents, then this constant linking of her name to sick pervs does her a great injustice. It is HIGH time the truth was discovered so that Maddie's name is linked wityh the real story and not a made up media circus. Everybody is literally taking the piss out of Maddie's name and it really must STOP. FULL STOP. It is SICK to do this to a dead child. STOP it NOW>

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Re: Maddie perv freed because he's disabled

Post by littlepixie on 27.10.11 23:07

Well said

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Re: Maddie perv freed because he's disabled

Post by Daisy on 28.10.11 21:34

Shoplifting seems to be a more serious crime than paedophilia nowadays. What the hell is wrong with these Judges! and what message are they sending with these pathetic sentences?

Here's another recent case. Jailed for a year, he'll be out in six months and free to carry on again. How dare this evil cretin try and normalise, desensitise paedophila like this.

The Daily Mail in running this headline are (imo) giving a clear message to paedophiles that if you can come up with an excuse, any flimsy excuse will do (Roger Daltry?) the sentence will be minimal or non existent; like the case mentioned in the opening post.

'My 28,000 images of child porn are just like stamp collecting': Married civil servant's excuse for sickening stash'

"A civil servant who downloaded more
than 28,000 indecent images of children from the internet said his
sordid habit was no different to 'stamp collecting'.
Steven Hawkins, of Hilperton, near Trowbridge, Wiltshire,
catalogued and stored the vile pictures and films on CDs and DVDs, many
of which he then protected with ten layers of encryption.

the married 53-year-old told the police he got no sexual gratification
and that he hoarded the vile images in the same way people collect
stamps or coins.
Now MoD civilian worker Hawkins, who the court heard held a 'responsible job with the Navy', has been jailed for a year.

And Judge Euan Ambrose, sitting at Swindon Crown Court, told him: 'It is very far from stamp collecting.

interest in these images and the market that this interest creates is
what drives the production of the images and the production involves the
abuse of children, and very young ones at that.'

Threlfall, prosecuting, told how police raided his home in July 2009
after receiving information that he had been downloading child

And when they took away his computer and storage media they found 28,114 indecent pictures and a further 199 movies of children

Read on:

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