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Cuddlecat: A Game of Cat and Mouse

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Cuddlecat: A Game of Cat and Mouse

Post by Jill Havern on 23.04.17 22:24

Posted on CMOMM facebook:

notme  Lorraine Holden
1 hr

A Game of Cat and Mouse.

Since the case of three-year-old Madeleine McCann was first brought to the public’s attention, there has been a wealth of alleged suspects in regard to her ‘disappearance’. Now, approaching the 10th anniversary, the mainstream media are relentlessly flooding the internet with pro-McCann ‘experts’, all lending credence to the McCann’s abduction story. Due to this, the anti-McCann experts have re-examined the files, and were shocked to discover that there was, in fact, an obvious suspect that had sat hiding in plain sight from the very start.

Marian Greaves who discovered it to be the evasive criminal mastermind Cuddle Cat, explained that he had the means, the motive and opportunity to pull off this crime undetected. Working alongside Marian, Amelia Black – another anti-McCann expert – said:
‘I'm shocked I didn't even consider CC .. You never suspect the quiet ones but he was everywhere wasn't he, listening in, getting the inside crack, never once shed a tear, we know he was the last person to see her yet wasn't even questioned! Poor Kate was dragged thru media hell for stinking of cadaver yet not once did they accuse CC nor tarnish his name ..just who does CC know that's connected enough to protect him??’ (sic).

Marian stated that if we examine this professionally, as an officer of the law would, then we can determine motive of the crime, the opportunity and the means. So firstly, let’s take a look at the Motive. It’s fair to say that Cuddle Cat would, most certainly, have become extremely jaded and sick of being slobbered on. The constant pressure of waking each morning, soaked to the skin with saliva and with nothing more to look forward to than the stains of suntan lotion and sand fusing with its fur, would surely be enough to tip any well-meaning stuffed companion to the brink of murderous intent. But, where was the opportunity?

Well, it’s common knowledge that Cuddle Cat slept with her every night, so, whilst it was quiet and everyone was out dining, he was the only one afforded the window of opportunity.

So that brings us to the means.

After re-watching Toy Story, I found myself inspired, and things I had previously not considered, suddenly became crystal clear and I saw the case with a whole new clarity; when the adults are away, the toys will play.

I too was shocked to not have considered cuddle cat myself I'm usually on the ball and don't miss a trick. Everything fell into place for me then. Martin Grime had explained in his statements to the Portuguese investigation that the cadaver alerts could be contamination and Kate did carry that cat everywhere she went,this would certainly explain her clothing smelling of death and why Gerry's never did.It also explains the cadaver scent in their hire car cuddle cat travelled with Kate in that car.

All children have grazed knees and nose bleeds from time to time and this would certainly explain the blood alerts and dna evidence.
People will obviously be confused to how cuddle cat removed all trace of young Madeleine but anyone who like myself has followed the true story of Woody and Buzz Lightyear would know how their pals all pull together in extreme times. Especially with an unlocked apartment these toys would get in undetected leaving no evidence behind.

I have passed this information on to Operation Grange and hopefully they will question him/her further and finally be able to close this case.

As for the British and Now Australian media if they don't find this hypothesis plausible based on the evidence within the Portuguese police files then they'll know exactly how we feel.

New Efit of prime suspect.

Jill Havern

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