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McCann cop Dave Edgar - can we take him seriously?

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McCann cop Dave Edgar - can we take him seriously?

Post by sharonl on 27.03.17 18:43

I see that Edgar has made it into the Daily Mirror today.  I thought that he was no longer working for the McCanns.

Anyway, here is a little refresher (and a bit of background for those new to the case) of the Antics of Dave Edgar who of course partnered Arthur Cowley in the great Private Investigation Company "Alphaig" Limited, a team of crack detectives, according to Clarence Mitchell.

The McCanns via Brian Kennedy, employed Alphaig (or as the press repeatedly told us, Alpha Group Investigations, early in 2009.  In January 2009, Andrew Dickman (associate of Brian Kennedy) set up a domain name for Alphaig Limited, and in June 2009 the company was formed.

Read more here
Here we have these so called crack detectives, Clowning around in Germany“clown-around”-in-germany/amp/

And here, we have Edgar now claiming that Jane Tanner may have seen a woman, not a man walking away from the McCanns apartment.  Further to that, it is reported that once again they were fooling around and failed to ask any questions whilst chasing a lead in Barcelona

And of course, Edgar knows exactly where Madeleine is

Can we really take this man seriously?

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Re: McCann cop Dave Edgar - can we take him seriously?

Post by jeanmonroe on 27.03.17 20:39

McCann cop Dave Edgar - can we take him seriously?


Erm, ..........NAH!

And of course, Edgar knows exactly where Madeleine 'is'

SO DOES........ PAMELA GURNER! (McCan'ts 'digital co-ordinator' on Madeleine FB 'page')

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McCann cop,Dave Edgar can we take him seriously?

Post by willowthewisp on 27.03.17 20:54

first of all I would like to point out a that Mr Dave Edgar is using a similar method of his deductions in the missing Madeleine McCann-Ben Needham case,of using"Hearsay"as a fact?
Ben Needham-Dying man supposedly releases a secret he has known for years. The UK Police then apologise to the named individuals family for naming him as that person?
Madeleine McCann-former employee from Ocean Club dies in Tractor accident,with supposed links to Paedophiles,Dave Edgar?
cut the Bovine spirit Prime Minister Theresa May,stop funding the flannel of Operation Grange and the concoted Remit being used as a ruse of a "Proper Investigation"?

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Re: McCann cop Dave Edgar - can we take him seriously?

Post by worriedmum on 27.03.17 21:09

Do you mean Dave 'The most important thing is what you actually saw Jane, not where Gerry and Jez were stood' Edgar ? With such an attuned mind ,the short answer,for me, is 'NO'.

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