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National Crime Agency (incorporating JG's 'treasured fiefdom', CEOP) Mm11

National Crime Agency (incorporating JG's 'treasured fiefdom', CEOP) Regist10

National Crime Agency (incorporating JG's 'treasured fiefdom', CEOP)

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National Crime Agency (incorporating JG's 'treasured fiefdom', CEOP) Empty National Crime Agency (incorporating JG's 'treasured fiefdom', CEOP)

Post by jeanmonroe on 27.11.15 13:30

That's the way to do it!.....................NOT!

Revealed: National Crime Agency In Crisis Over Unlawful Searches

Trials are collapsing amid warnings that historical convictions are unsafe because of “glaring” systemic failures at UK’s serious crime body.

Britain’s ELITE crime-fighting agency has admitted it may have been searching properties and seizing evidence UNLAWFULLY for almost a decade because of glaring “systemic” failings in the way it applies for legal permission to conduct its operations.

EVERY SINGLE ONE of the National Crime Agency’s (NCA’s) 'LIVE' INVESTIGATIONS AND PROSECUTIONS ARE IN JEOPARDY after it launched a sweeping internal inquiry into all its warrants and production orders over fears they may have been OBTAINED UNLAWFULLY.

BuzzFeed News can reveal that the NCA has ADMITTED to judges it used evidence that may have been gathered unlawfully in four major cases – three of which have COLLAPSED AT A COST OF MILLIONS OF POUNDS TO THE UK TAXPAYER. One of those judges has confirmed that the agency’s use of potentially unlawful warrants – obtained without disclosing all the relevant information to the courts – is “systemic” and will inevitably rebound on other major cases.

The agency said the systemic failings were  “inherited” from its predecessor, the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), which was founded in 2006 – raising fears the unlawful raids may date back almost 10 years. Lawyers have warned that past convictions may be unsafe and some of Britain’s most dangerous criminals – including murderers, CHILD ABUSERS, organised-crime kingpins, and major drug dealers – may have to be set free.


jta: God 'knows' how 'bent' SOCA 'was'!

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