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Dr Christian Ludke

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Dr Christian Ludke

Post by Non believer on 29.03.15 15:36

Hi all just joined after a long time lurking and reading. Many thanks for all the hard work putting all this info out their. It's realy changed my mind past few years how the system works. Anyhow hope this hasn't been posted before. This guy is a Criminal and Forensic Psychologist. It's interesting reading. By a pure coincidence he was also the psychologist for the pilot who crashed the German plane this week.

"Dr Gerald McCann started keeping a “blog” as a daily diary of events while he and his wife stayed in Portugal after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The blogs were bizarre and sometimes banal. Most people felt they were an inappropriate thing to be writing when supposedly grieving over a missing daughter. Read this interview with leading criminal psychologist Dr Christian Ludke where he refers to Gerry’s blogs."

Link to full article :-

EDIT= Apologies if this has already been posted. First time i've come across it and that's the reason i registered.

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