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Uncannily similar?

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Those descriptions of Wojcek Krokowski and the mystery abductor...

1. Yes, it's suspicious, these descriptions ARE uncannily similar - why?
2. No, there are significant differences, they are describing different people, after all
3. It's all such a puzzle, I honestly can't work out what it all means
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Uncannily similar?

Post by Tony Bennett on 16.03.15 22:00

Wojcek Krokowski according to Burgau bar employee – statement to PJ

“To the restaurateur, the couple seemed quite atypical of holiday-makers to that place. They paid in cash, the lady was often irritated and they dressed more formally than you would expect for a summer holiday at a beach”.

Wojcek Krokowski according to Nuno Lourenco de Jesus

“He wore cloth trousers and a coat/jacket of the same material which was cream coloured”.

Jane Tanner (4 May Statement)

“He was wearing linen type cloth trousers, beige to golden in colour, a ‘duffy’ type jacket (but not that thick). His shoes were dark in colour, classic typeBy the way he was dressed, he gave her the impression that he was not a tourist, because he was very warmly dressed

Jane Tanner (10 May Statement)

It was strange…the way the man was dressed, the trousers were slightly wide their entire length, being straight. They (trousers) were as to colour, identical to ‘corticine’ (a type of floor covering), ‘chino’ [Chinese] style. As for the coat it was dark coloured, she was not able to specify what, seeming to be the same material as the trousers”

Goncalo Amaral on Krokowski and Jane Tanner

“From information from Sagres, we learn that an individual has been surprised on Mareta beach taking photos of several children and in particular of a little girl aged 4, blonde with blue eyes, who looks like Madeleine. The stranger did not look like a touristwearing cream-coloured trousers and jacket and shoes of a classic style. This report reminds us of the individual encountered by Jane Tanner in the streets of Vila da Luz on the evening of Madeleine's disappearance”.

Smithman – As per the audio on the McCanns’ website in an Irish accent (Martin Smith sighting)

The man didn’t look like a tourist - I can’t explain why - it was probably from his clothes”.

Crecheman - Det Chief Insp Andy Redwood:

“This is the actual photograph taken by Metropolitan Police Officers of the man dressed in the kind of clothes he wore on holiday. This image was compared to the artist’s impression [of the man seen by Jane Tanner]…It is uncannily similar…”


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