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Madeleine as a little pumpkin

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Re: Madeleine as a little pumpkin

Post by aquila on 23.11.14 0:45

@j.rob wrote:
@aquila wrote:I'm sorry j.rob but that's just a step too far for me. I don't think anything remotely related to satanic rituals happened to Madeleine.

That's a step into the twilight zone for me.

I was very interested in comperedna's posts earlier. She is much more on the ball

I never suggested it did. I merely mentioned 'a coincidence'.

What do you think happened to Madeleine?
I don't know what happened to Madeleine.

I know that there are nothing but lies from everyone around her.

I know that dogs don't lie.

I know that the political interference/Clarence Mitchell's arrival/Alex Woolfall/Jim (my mate) Gamble et al is not and will never be right.

What I think is PDL isn't the lovely little village it's painted as. I think it is a place that has a seedy undercurrent of lawlessness.

I know about as much as you.

What I don't think is helpful is to paint satanic worship into the picture.

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Post by missbeetle on 23.11.14 1:04

(clipped from the Dutch television programme further upthread)

The costume's arrangement of the black triangles to signify the Jack O'Lantern's eyes and nose...

...look like the radiation hazard sign to me.

'Tis strange, but true; for truth is always strange...
(from Lord Byron's 'Don Juan', 1823)

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Re: Madeleine as a little pumpkin

Post by Tony Bennett on 23.11.14 8:07

@j.rob wrote:And it is impossible to ignore the importance that both Kate and Gerry gave to (as Kate writes in her book) "every psychic, medium, dowser, diviner, visionary and dreamer, you name it..."  
This part of your post is confirmed by the McCann Team's employment of self-proclaimed Spritrualist and medium, Marcos Aragao Correia.

By way of a reminder, Marcos Correia, a lawyer based in his home island of Madeira...

* was employed by the McCann Team via Brian Kennedy and Metodo 3, probably from November 2007

* met with two Metodo 3 'detectives', Francisco Marco and Antonio Giminez Raso, at the Arade Dam, Portugal, to plan the searches for Madeleine's bones at the dam, conducted in January 2008 and, again, six weeks' later in March 2008   

* lied comprehensively, twice, about how he became involved in the search for Madeleine

* lied about being paid by the McCann Team, via Metodo 3, for his work

* on 8 April 2008, took over the case of Leonor Cipriano from her previous solicitor. Leonor Cipriano had murdered her own daughter, Joana, aged 8, and tried to pass her disappearance off as an abduction. She was serving a 16-year jail sentence. She was suing Goncalo Amaral in the Portuguese criminal courts for torture and writing false reports about her torture

* exclaimed 'The target was hit' when Goncalo Amaral was convicted of filing a false report and handed an 18-month jail sentence, suspended.

In an interview with a journalist in 2009, he said of himself (extracted from my article on him, 2010):

He said: “Método 3 submitted me to a test in order to prove beyond all doubt whether or not my mediumistic abilities and my accounts were credible. They were fed up with following false leads. The fact is that the test gave totally positive results, according to what was confirmed to me personally by the Director of Método 3 in Barcelona himself. Following my mediumistic abilties passing Método 3’s stringent tests, Método 3 offered full support to my research. But given the fact that Maddie’s parents preferred to spend the decreasing money from the  Find Madeleine Fund mainly following leads based on the belief that their daughter was still alive, they dismissed the possibility of paying professional divers to search the dam. So I offered myself to pay for the first phase of the searches in the dam, having later received much support, including financial support, from mediums and spiritualists who believed in and corroborated my theory”.

Well, what can we make of that account? We are left guessing at the possible nature of the ‘stringent test’ that Método 3 could have devised to ‘prove’ Mr Aragão Correia’s mediumistic abilities. And now we have yet another story on who paid for those expensive dam searches. First, Aragão Correia told us he had generously funded the searches himself, out of the goodness of of his heart, then we were told that Método 3 had ‘helped him with expenses’.

Now we get a third version, namely: “I was given money by a group of mediums and spritualists who corroborated my theory”.

If anyone still thinks that Aragão Corrreia just might be telling the truth, here surely is another mass of contradictions about who exactly funded his dam searches.

The man is a stranger to the truth, if not an out-and-out con-man and a fraud.


The amazing symbiosis between bees and flowers:  

Tony Bennett

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Re: Madeleine as a little pumpkin

Post by Guest on 23.11.14 22:38

@aquila wrote:

What I think is PDL isn't the lovely little village it's painted as. I think it is a place that has a seedy undercurrent of lawlessness.

I think PdL is Rothley's twin town. I suspect the entry criteria are somewhat similar.

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