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Comments on Yahoo News

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Comments on Yahoo News

Post by maebee on 08.07.13 9:19

Madeleine Foundation

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Re: Comments on Yahoo News

Post by Guest on 08.07.13 9:36

I've just posted a mention of the new e-book ( wonder how long that will last before being whooshed.

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Re: Comments on Yahoo News

Post by stillsloppingout on 08.07.13 10:40

Post this link to Scotland yard and all National press.

   Looking at the letters Most people are not stupid .

Whilst you are at it don't forget to remind NSY that there Swiss Nonce is in the clear [ 37 ] and it would be nice if a new post could be set up for the benefit  of forum members , crossing off the  ' alleged ' persons of interest [ BULLSHIT LIST ] one by one . I  am sure if i were a person on the list of 38. i would ,when cleared would be going to the press to express my displeasure .

   Let's see if we can engage any of these [ persons of interest to post Anon or openly, either in the UK or abroad ]

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Re: Comments on Yahoo News

Post by sheila.edwards on 08.07.13 10:51

lol4 :fingerscrossed 
have you noticed now Comments Allowed papers etc ! bet this will not last long


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