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Liverpool Echo article, 12 March - Extraordinary comments saying the McCanns killed Madelene being allowed - comments saved in OP  Mm11

Liverpool Echo article, 12 March - Extraordinary comments saying the McCanns killed Madelene being allowed - comments saved in OP  Regist10

Liverpool Echo article, 12 March - Extraordinary comments saying the McCanns killed Madelene being allowed - comments saved in OP

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Liverpool Echo article, 12 March - Extraordinary comments saying the McCanns killed Madelene being allowed - comments saved in OP  Empty Liverpool Echo article, 12 March - Extraordinary comments saying the McCanns killed Madelene being allowed - comments saved in OP

Post by gillyoz on 12.03.16 22:15

Today in the Liverpool Echo online is an article about Kate McCann urging people to join the missing child alert service. 
The article is pretty standard fare but the comments definitely are not. There are 20 comments in total and the majority are negative. What is particularly pleasing is that many seem to be fairly well read on the case.
Here is a link to the article and comments. I hope it works as I've never posted before -


the original portugueese police man knew that the mccanns were involved he wrote a book and they had the cheek to take him to court so the book is now bannned and people cant read the truth

WOW....I support the project but using that vile piece of scum as the face for it??? Everyone with more than half a brain cell knows she had a hand in the death/disappearance of maddie! How she hasnt been sentenced yet baffles me.........guess if you know the right people, you can literally get away with murder!

What an innapropriate person to head up a missing child campaign. No matter what you believe happened to that little girl this woman is at the very least guilty of neglect. 

Refreshing to be able to comment freely on this case, makes a change in the British media! and if not leaving 3 toddlers alone night after night in a strange country makes me perfect, then I guess I'm an absolute Saint! 

Sign up and shut up

Some of the comments on this article make me mad it must be great to be so perfect,we stayed in a well known hotel where the sitter sat at the end of the corridor and only walked along every so often they did not see us go in the room we could have been anyone, so don't condemn the parents they are going through hell already,

Are they going through hell? Did A group of Medics actually leave their Babies (one who was poorly) every night even although Madeleine asked them where they were when she and her Brother were crying. Did the same Medics play musical chairs, 4 different Families checking their own Babies every night every half an hour apart from the night Madeleine went missing even although the official Police statements say one Adult was missing from their night time antics most nights. Some relaxing evening meal they must have been. up to 3 people missing at a time. Down the corridor is a bit different to being over a football pitch distance away with an unlocked door, stairs, a balcony, bushes and swimming pool between them.

The Mcann's constantly spout, that there "is no evidence Madeleine has been harmed"

So, they do not consider that a stranger 'abducting' their daughter, and taking her away from her family for almost 9 years is harmful then??

In any case, the truth is that there is NO EVIDENCE of an abduction.

The Mcann's say that the abductor escaped through the bedroom window, and yet there is no evidence to prove this (lichen undisturbed by window and no fingerprints at all on the window, except KATE'S)

The Mcann's initially stated the shutters had been 'jemmied', when this was completely untrue, and they then changed their story to say the patio doors were unlocked.

If that's not enough to convince you. What kind of parent washes her missing child's favourite toy??

The more and more and more I see if the McCanns the more I get angry and frustrated I am not going to go into the whole story we all know that if they would of been acting like responsible parents that poor child would still be in their care and as doctors they know better than anyone that it only takes seconds for a child to choke injur themselves in a fall etc etc and yet they were minutes away, since this happened they have thrived on the publicity they get and not once aknowledging they were in the wrong, you wonder if it this was a working class family that acted like they did whether they would have lost custody of their twins??

What was missing people thinking in using such a bad example for the alert system? I think these parents are hiding something. There are millions of comments from people worldwide who have read the police files and say she actually killed her daughter by accident, then they hid the body to hide either bruising or sedation. There is even a doctor friend Of McCanns who accused them of sexually deviant behavior towards Madeleine.I read it in police files a statement by Dr Katerina Gaspar given to Leicester police

Yes the first few hours are important, that important that She left 2 babies alone to rise the alarm, failed to search (don't bother telling me she will have been advised not to, nothing would have stopped me looking for my Child especially if they had problems sleeping, my first thought would have been that she got out of the unlocked room) and then later on failed to answer Police questions, complained at the Police car speed that was taking her to a possible sighting, forgave the Peado who took her Daughter yet sued the Man who worked to find her Daughter. Oh and not forgetting that The fund set up to Search for Madeleine which has been used for other things.

Yes, I've read it. They even turned away a social worker Yvonne Martin who later told police she suspected pedophile friend Dr. David Payne on holiday with McCanns. It's in police files. Google Yvonne Martin statement 

And The Gasper Statements, the withholding of the E-fit which fits Gerry to a tee. The marketing of Madeleine eye even though they were told it could harm Her and who compares the loss of a Daughter to a Student overdraft.

Every time I see Madeleines picture, it makes me feel physically sick.

When our first child was born, it instilled in us: A duty to nurture and protect!

I, like thousands of other parents, battled with this heartbreaking abduction. 

I take no pleasure in concluding that Madeleine and her siblings were neglected that evening.

We can never fully guard from the deprived and twisted mind of the paedophile, but we all have a duty as responsible adults, to be aware of our childrens imediate environment and the dangers within.

Madeleines parents have done themselves no favours, in courting the friendship and attentions of celebrity/celebrities since failing her.

Having said this, I have no doubt that you (as Madeleines parents) have been punished with guilt every day since.

I only hope that Kate will one day have closure on her daughters whereabouts and her mind be freed from the stress and turmoil of not knowing.

My advice, Kate, would be not to leave children and babies on their own whilst you and hubby go out dining with friends. To be completely honest though I don't think you are telling the truth.  Leave it at that.

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