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Re: SY ANNOUNCEMENT 2pm 4/7/13

Post by Guest on 13.07.13 23:00

@PeterMac wrote: [...]Now imagine a success in this case.
It can be either - MADELEINE FOUND ALIVE -  here she is posing with Teresa May who granted the funding in the face of opposition because as a married woman blah blah blah
Parents to be prosecuted,   No nonsense Home Secretary has been working behind the scenes to ensure that . . .   The so called extra funding" for this operation is in fact no different from the normal pay the officers would have received anyway.  No extra expense has been incurred, other than a few plane tickets and at last justice has been seen to be done, and the fact the the Opposition politicians had the wool pulled over their eyes for so long it just another demonstration of . . . .
You made my day again, Peter :-)

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Re: SY ANNOUNCEMENT 2pm 4/7/13

Post by cockerspaniel on 01.08.13 1:00

@cockerspaniel wrote:
@Me wrote:
@cockerspaniel wrote:personally I think thats it, why bother chasing 38 unknown suspects if you know who did it and where they are?? will the last person leaving this website remember to close the doors and turn of the lights, bon voyage !!!flag

To rule out all other persons of interest that they have found to prevent accusations of "shambolic" "witchhunts" when the parents and the Tapas mob get called in.


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