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Tanner's statement from the 4th of May

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Tanner's statement from the 4th of May

Post by Guest on 19.12.10 13:30

Here is the original document the PJ presented to Tanner for her to sign off. For any individuals who have never been presented with a legal document before, it is common practice for all parties to sign off the original document to ensure it's authenticity. If you take a close look at the top right-hand corner of this document you will notice something quite strange. Page 42 and 43 are different to pages 44 to 48. So out of 7 pages, 2 are different, 5 are the same.

I have seen many legal documents where all parties have either initialled or signed them in this way. They all usually put their mark in exactly the same spot on every page. But here we have either 2 or 5 pages that appear to be different.

Do you think this could be one of those early statements that someone wanted to change ?

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