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A double act Mm11

A double act Regist10

A double act

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A double act Empty A double act

Post by Irish Eyes on 11.10.10 10:16

I like Porkie's posts, he reminds me of Dr Martin Roberts yes

A Double Act
Porky Yesterday at 21:11

.The maxim for any well respected Public Relations organisation is ~ "Tell it in the right way and the public will believe anything". Not very complimentary to the average intellect but I regret to say it is nonetheless true. In this seemingly never ending charade we have two major players ~ Gerry and Kate Mccann ~ a veritable double act, supported by a host of high maintenance hangers-on.

Gerry and Kate have had a very important leading role to play which has required impeccable acting prowess which they have perfected, excepting the odd faux-pas here and there which hasn't detracted from their overall performance. More importantly was the need for a experienced, well versed PR consultant which they found in the form of Clarence Mitchell. What matter to him who he works for ~ a job is a job after all, does it really matter who you lie for!

Now we have all come to recognize the need for the Mccanns to be popular, credible, notorious and wealthy so it is easy to understand the necessity for positive PR coverage from all angles but particularly where it concerns their popularity. This brings me to identify certain periods of their reign where the accuracy of PR coverage requires closer scrutiny. I use the following examples off the top of my head although there are no doubt many more.

1. Geralds attendance at the Secret Policemans Ball, where he was said to have been honoured with a standing ovation for some unknown reason. This event was mentioned in Geralds blog but to my knowledge has not been verified by any other believable source.

2. Geralds attendance at the CEOP conference where he was said to have been guest speaker. Said attendance and/or confirmation of proceedings has never to my knowledge been verified by any official source.

3. The Celebrity Charity Ball, said to have been held at Richard Bransons exclusive Kensington Gardens. This never appeared to have taken place. Imagine, with the Mccanns notoriety the place would have been seething with press. What did we have, a couple of unimpressive snap-shots of the double act standing on a few very shabby looking steps with a couple of charity workers.

4. Kates attendance at Westminster Abbey to commemorate victims of London street crime (nothing incidentally to do with abducted children) in the presence of HRH Prince Charles. Again, if there be any truth in the implication that she had a bit of parley with HRH the whole affair would have been front page news for a week.

See? All we have is the word of a spin doctor, the Mccanns and their extended family to convince us. Sorry but I am not convinced! This all reverts back to the pact of silence and the Mccanns long term defence strategy which when scrutinized in detail amounts to absolutely nothing substantial.
Irish Eyes
Irish Eyes

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A double act Empty Re: A double act

Post by littlepixie on 11.10.10 11:00

The spin doctor has done well both online and in the press. Gerry and Kate McCann have been exalted into people that in my opinion bear no resemeblance to what they really are. They are nothings - nobodies - the same as the rest of us. But we are not allowed to think that. We must think they are better than us, posher than us, brainier than us, wealthier than us.

You cannot really hide what you are - you cannot hide your roots. You let little things slip. You lose your temper in front of reporters, you appear "under the influence" on video for all the world to see. You may try to copy a posh accent and use big words but it doesn't fool anyone really.

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