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Secret tunnels in and around Praia de Luz Mm11

Secret tunnels in and around Praia de Luz Regist10

Secret tunnels in and around Praia de Luz

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Secret tunnels in and around Praia de Luz Empty Secret tunnels in and around Praia de Luz

Post by tinkier on 19.05.16 20:32

Saw a tweet yesterday which led me to the original source, a story printed by the Express in 2009. This may have been discussed here already, but I thought it very interesting, never seen it before.

Secret tunnels beneath the Portuguese seaside town where Madeleine McCann vanished two years ago today may hold the key to her disappearance. The tunnels, dating back to Roman times, have never been thoroughly searched, despite repeated requests. Documents in Portuguese police files, published today for the first time, suggest a vital line of inquiry was ignored and have led to fresh calls for a proper investigation into the tunnels. A British woman wrote to UK detectives saying: “There are six to eight tunnels under Praia da Luz that the PJ [Portuguese police] have not searched.There is a tunnel under the church, there are tunnels under Estrela da Luz apartments. These have not been searched. “The archaeologist involved with these tunnels was arrested as an abuser in the Casa Pia case but later released [this was a notorious child abuse scandal centring on orphanages in Lisbon]. “Does this not send alarm bells ringing? Something not right in Portugal. Why are the PJ not searching these tunnels and the church?” Asked to send more details to Detective Constable John Hughes of Leicestershire Police, she told him the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, where the McCanns stayed, was built around Roman ruins that were part of a small fishing settlement in the third to fifth centuries. There is also a Roman burial site and ruins include an aqueduct, wells, fish salting tanks, the remains of a Roman bathhouse and at least eight tunnels.
The woman, who declined to be named, told the Sunday Express last night:‘‘I raised these issues a while ago because I thought they were relevant and I know the British detectives passed the information on to the Portuguese detectives but I never discovered what happened.As a matter of urgency there must be a proper and thorough examination of all these tunnels .

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Secret tunnels in and around Praia de Luz Empty Re: Secret tunnels in and around Praia de Luz

Post by kaz on 19.05.16 21:20

Remains of a Roman villa lie under Murat's house also.

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