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Jim Gamble in Cambodia Mm11

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Jim Gamble in Cambodia

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Jim Gamble in Cambodia Empty Jim Gamble in Cambodia

Post by AndyB on 04.11.14 9:12

I suspect that most of what's in the article below is known to
people here but, as I found it interesting I thought I'd post a link.

Incidentally, the site that hosts it is was once as hidden by google as this one currently is

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Jim Gamble in Cambodia Empty Therefore Here is

Post by Snifferdog on 04.11.14 9:39

This episode brings to mind how paedophiles are often to be found hidden in supposedly "good" organizations, such as in the teaching profession, scouts, child protection, gov. and welfare. Preferably in the very places professed to be protecting children, and or fighting the problem.

Imo similar to the AIDS virus.

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