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Ding Dong Bell, has OG searched the well?

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Ding Dong Bell, has OG searched the well?

Post by aquila on 15.08.14 10:06

Since the flurry of activity in Portugal showing OG officers, helicopters, GPR equipment and dogs searching areas around apartment 5a it's all been extremely quiet about the interest in the well.

It's quite interesting the tact used 'if you report anything horrid the PJ will kick us out' sort of thing.

The OG team did courteously swoop in and out just prior to the McCann's arrival in PDL for the damages trial leaving a note of interest in a well.

So where's the fanfare of searching the well?

Obviously it wouldn't do to coincide such a search while Cameron had his boat shoes shuffling along the sands of the Algarve so will OG be searching the well in a couple of weeks to get in and out of Portugal before the damages trial resumes?

Interesting times.

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