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Three Ways To Spot A Lie Mm11

Three Ways To Spot A Lie Regist10

Three Ways To Spot A Lie

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Three Ways To Spot A Lie Empty Three Ways To Spot A Lie

Post by juliet on 13.02.12 13:31

Small piece in Mail on Sunday Live Magazine Feb 12, by Richard Newman, director of UK Bodytalk:

How to spot a lie:

1) Hand to face touching. The higher the hand goes to the face, the higher the level of anxiety.

2) Stillness. We hear of people being shifty, this is the opposite: unusual stillness or tension. They stop gesturing and attempt to maintain strong eye contact.

3) Blink rate. Rapid blinking equals rapid thinking. The average for most people is about once every ten seconds, but when someone is lying it can increase to once a second. It may also be preceded by a very long blink.


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Three Ways To Spot A Lie Empty Re: Three Ways To Spot A Lie

Post by jd on 13.02.12 13:47

The mccanns certainly qualify for all 3 of them. When gerry has to lie answering a question the blinking goes into super fast mode that makes me start blinking

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