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Post by Tony Bennett on 03.01.12 22:21

I think this subject merits a separate thread, but this post accompanies and supplements my companion post about Marcos Correia's rant earlier this evening (sorry that one's a bit long by the way).

I explained that Marcos Correia is now being (justly) prosecuted in respect of a document he circulated to the Portuguese Ministry of Justice on 8 April 2008 - the same day that murderess Leonor Cipriano asked him to represent her in her torture claim against Goncalo Amaral, and Marcos Correia had a cosy chat with the Director of Odemira Women's Prison, where Ms Cipriano will be (justly) incarcerated until 2023.

Goncalo Amaral was entitled to issue a supplementary list of indictments against Marcos Correia.

He did that in June 2009, as we explained in a lengthy article about Correia that we wrote in April 2010, and which we have now had to withdraw from our website under pressure from Carter-Ruck.

There's nothing libellous about the McCanns in Goncalo Amaral's remarkable list of accusations, so for all those who didn't read our original article (don't all shout at once), here's that list:


In June 2009, Dr Amaral filed the following extraordinary supplementary memorandum in support of his earlier claim against Marcos Correia:


Process 87/08.8JAFAR - 1ST SECTION

Mr Prosecutor,

Gonçalo Amaral, the offended party and applicant with the capacity to constitute himself as an ‘Assistant’, and who is better identified in the files, comes forward to APPEND the following material to the criminal complaint that was presented against arguido Marcos Aragão Corriea, exercising his rights of petition and of probative intervention:

A. The arguido [Marcos Aragão Corriea] has publicly displayed what seems to be a manifest lack of balance of pathological origin, including episodes of social irresponsibility, which militates in favour of his eventual unfitness to plead and impedes him, if that scenario is confirmed, from being the defendant in any accusation against him.

B. Taking into account that, under the provision of law, ‘public and notorious facts’ in the public domain may also constitute valid evidence, it is possible to collect from the press, in a brief search through the internet, the following probative material, which is now presented as part of the present addendum:

1. DIÁRIO DE NOTÍCIAS, 22 Jun 2007: Madeira. Fifty children will launch yellow balloons with a photo of little Madeleine, who disappeared fifty days ago today. Marcos Aragão Correia, one of the organisers, explains why he considers it to be important for Madeira to join this homage. (Cfr. Document No. 1)

2. SOL, 13 Nov 2007: A lawyer from Madeira, Marcos Aragão Correia, has judicially prosecuted the Portuguese postal service for failing to personally deliver a registered letter that was addressed to the McCann couple, in which he indicated leads that he considers could assist the investigation, and which he had already revealed to the Polícia Judiciária in Funchal. “As I didn’t get any feedback from the PJ”, he explains, “I decided to communicate them directly to the child’s parents, in a letter.” (Cfr. document No. 2)

3. SOL, 13 Nov 2007: Lawsuit against the Portuguese postal service. The judge has ruled that the litigation that had been filed by the lawyer [Marcos Aragão Correia] seeking the prosecution of the Portuguese postal service is unfounded, and condemns him to pay a judicial fee of approximately 100 euros, and has postponed the trial sine die. (Cfr. document No. 3)

4. BARLAVENTO, 7 Feb 2008: Lawyer from Madeira claims to know everything. A lawyer from Madeira is the most recent star in the search for Madeleine. Marcos Aragão Correia, who went as far as filing a lawsuit against the Portuguese postal service, has headed a search operation with divers at the reservoir, on Saturday [2 February 2008]. He only found a shutter strap. (Cfr. document No. 4)

5. IOL.DIÁRIO, 12 Mar 2008: Lawyer from Madeira reinforces searches at the Arade Dam. Marcos Aragão Correia is a lawyer, and for the second time within only a few months, he is heading searches at the Arade Dam, in Silves. The searches have started again this Monday and strange objects have been found already: several ropes, a sheet of plastic and a child’s sock. (Cfr. document No. 5)

6. DIÁRIO DE NOTÍCIAS, 15 Mar 2008: Upon conclusion of the searches, Marcos Aragão Correia said his conscience was at peace. “I don’t leave disillusioned, because I’ve done what I could on the basis of information that I consider to be credible.” (Cfr. document No. 6)

7. PORTUGAL DIÁRIO, 12 Mar 2008: And what moves Aragão Correia? The lawyer says that he has received ‘credible leads’ concerning what happened to Maddie. “For the time being, we can’t publicly reveal the leads and who offered them, due to security concerns.” (Cfr. document No. 7)

8. DIÁRIO DE NOTÍCIAS, 13 Mar 2008: Lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia is more and more convinced than ever of the relationship between the possible death of Maddie with that of Mari Luz, from Huelva, whose body was found. “There are no doubts left - he says - that the criminal abducted Madeleine and fled to Spain, where he abducted another girl, Mari Luz.” (Cfr. document No. 9)

9. BARLAVENTO, 17 Oct 2008: Marcos Aragão Correia, lawyer to Leonor Cipriano, is going to request police protection. “We’ve been targeted by threats”, he said, mentioning that one of the arguidos in the process compared him to his dog, saying that when one is playing at an inappropriate time, one should receive a correctional slap on one’s back.” (Cfr. document No. 11)

10. CAMARADECOMUNS.BLOGS.SAPO.PT, 4 Dec 2008: Today, 4 December, I read what I never thought would be possible to read about the Maddie and Joana cases. The illustrious lawyer Dr Marcos Aragão Correia believes that there is an intervention by British secret services and secret societies, namely the ‘Skull and Bones Society’, to which he states that president George Bush belongs, whose purpose it is to create a climate of insecurity to promote the implementation of chips in children. (Cfr. Document No. 10)

11. SOL, 15 Dec 2008: Marcos Aragão Correia states that he is a medium and has had ‘visions’ of Maddie and Joana, asserting that he saw the body of the little English girl at the Arade Dam. Searches were carried out in the area, but revealed to be fruitless. “In that case I committed a serious mistake. I revealed my plans with anticipation and the person responsible for Maddie’s death had time to go there and remove the body.” (Cfr. document No. 8)

12. SOL, 22 Jan 2009: Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer is thrown out of court. Before the trial session started, he was notified of the court’s decision. He was suspended from practising by the Lawyers’ Order. But 15 minutes later, he returned to the court room saying that ‘the situation was already solved’. The judge, however, threw him out of the room: “Get yourself out of here”, he ordered. (Cfr. document No. 12)

13. IOL.DIÁRIO, 22 Jan 2009: Marcos Aragão Correia announced that he is going to request the annulment of today’s audience. “I’m filing a complaint with the Magistrates’ Superior Counsel, against the president of the judge’s panel.” (Cfr. document No. 13)

14. DIÁRIO DIGITAL, 22 Jan 2009: Marcos Aragão Correia claims that judge Henrique Pavão is biased. Backing up his claim, the lawyer said that the magistrate had refused no fewer than 40 separate requests from the ‘Assistant’. (Cfr. document No. 14)

15. BARLAVENTO, 20 Feb 2009: Today, presiding judge Henrique Pavão held that the request made by Aragão Correia the previous month should not have been presented at the court of Faro, but, instead, at the Supreme Court of superior hierarchy. But for reasons of efficient administration, the judge had decided on his own authority to send Aragão’s request to the Appeals Court of Évora.” (Cfr. document No. 15)

16. BARLAVENTO, 21 Mar 2009: Appeals Court of Évora denies Marcos Aragão Correia’s motion to removal the presiding judge in the case. (Cfr. document No. 16)

17. DIÁRIO DE NOTÍCIAS, 23 Apr 2009: Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia, accuses the judge of ‘censorship’. Today he presented yet another complaint about the judge to the Magistrates’ Superior Counsel. He claimed that the judge, Henrique Pavão, had - without any legally acceptable justification - abruptly, and on six occasions, interrupted his allegations, causing him ‘manifest disturbance’. (Cfr. document No. 17)

18. SOL, 28 Jan 2009: Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia asked the GNR police today to search at ‘an abandoned house up in the hills of Figueira’, where Joana’s mother confessed that her brother João Cipriano had buried the little girl’s body. (Cfr. document No. 18)

19. DIÁRIO DE NOTÍCIAS, 08 Jun 2009: Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia, says that she must be acquitted. She was condemned to 16 years in prison over the joint murder of Joana. The lawyer claimed that he ‘bluffed’ with João Cipriano in order to convince him to sign a confession in which he stated that he tried to sell the little girl. Aragão Correia told Leonor’s sister that he had heard that a convict who had been condemned to over 20 years in prison for homicide, was about to be transferred to Carregueira prison with the purpose of murdering João Cipriano him. (Cfr. document N. 19).

C. If he weren’t the victim of a serious pathology, Marcos Aragão Correia would certainly be determined to be guilty of breaching the public peace and the mental health of the people with his erratic claims of ‘psychic visions’ of missing children, extraterrestrial informants, searches in reservoirs, warnings about the mass implementation of chips in children and teenagers, not forgetting his deliberately comparing himself with a dog in a court of law and thus publicly bringing disgrace on the legal profession. He has also made an endless succession of requests that are rejected by judges due to their absurdity, he has been called to order many times by the judge, he has interrupted the judge on frequent occasions and has had on one occasion to be expelled from the precincts of the court.

D. Two questions arise in view of the foregoing evidence, which suggest, to those who are affected by his conduct, that there has been a history of insanity over a short period of time:

1st - The question of the lack of capability of Marcos Aragão Correia, or rather the question of the increasing probability that the subject suffered, during the practice of the facts under investigation, from a psychiatric illness (permanent or temporary) that may have rendered him incapable of evaluating the unlawfulness of his behaviour and of determining whether he is capable of practising law himself. If confirmed, this would prevent the Public Ministry from accepting any accusation against him, given the fact that the probative indications will then not result in a reasonable probability of him being convicted in any trial.

2nd - The question of whether Marcos Aragão Correia constitutes a danger to the population at large and to the efficient administration of justice. If that is confirmed, the court may insist that he attend for regular psychiatric treatment or, in the last resort, commit him for a period to an institution such as a psychiatric hospital.

E. Apart from what is established in our Mental Health Law, the Penal Code itself clearly determines that anyone who practises a typical kind of illicit action and is considered not to be imputable, shall be committed for cure, treatment or to a place of safety, whenever there is a sustained reason to believe that he may commit further acts of the same kind. And Marcos Aragão Correia does, indeed, seem to constitute a permanent danger to himself and to others.

F. The following actions are considered to be relevant and pertinent to the court being able to make a correct decision in this cause, as well as being apparently necessary for the treatment of arguido Marcos Aragão Correia. These are simple procedures which can be taken without prejudicing the outcome of the trial:

a) The referral by the court of Marcos Aragão Correia for a psychiatric examination, which will evaluate the state of his psychiatric health including any pathological causes that may raise the issue of his lack of capability and the consequent impossibility of convicting him if any offence, and

b) The referral by the court of Marcos Aragão Correia for an examination of the arguido’s personality, which may evaluate his psychological characteristics independently of any pathological causes, in order to determine his personality and level of danger he poses to others. This possible danger may be alleviated through regular psychiatric treatment or, as a last resort, committing him for a period to an institution such as a psychiatric hospital.

Thus Your Excellency is requested to integrate the present ADDENDUM and the appended documents with the original file in this case, as well as to put mechanisms into action, in the sense of ensuring that competent examinations by psychiatric experts as outlined above are carried out.

APPENDED: Addendum and 19 accompanying documents.

Filed by the offended, with the ability to constitute himself in the capacity of an ‘Assistant’:


Tony Bennett

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Post by PeterMac on 04.01.12 9:33

"Unfit to plead" would not be a good result.



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Post by happychick on 04.01.12 9:48

The McCann's don't have much luck with the people they associate with do they?

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Post by pennylane on 04.01.12 10:52

@happychick wrote:The McCann's don't have much luck with the people they associate with do they?

A miserably unlucky pair.

Heck even when they cited a US case to discredit the blood and cadaver dogs, the murderer suddenly ups and confesses to killing his wife, and it turns out the dogs were spot on all along. How unlucky is that?

It's no wonder Kate and Gerry are always uptight, they must constantly be fretting about further damaging revelations looming on the horizon re themselves or their associates!



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Post by pennylane on 04.01.12 11:10

Thank you Tony!

The evidence appears to be overwhelmingly in Goncalo Amaral's favour, and I feel certain there is NO WAY he will lose his case against Marcos Aragao Corriea.

At last I feel we will begin to see real results in 2012, as the truth begins to surface on several fronts regarding the McCanns and their dodgy associates.


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