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T:  The BOGOF bedroom bonanza Mm11

T:  The BOGOF bedroom bonanza Regist10

T: The BOGOF bedroom bonanza

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T:  The BOGOF bedroom bonanza Empty T: The BOGOF bedroom bonanza

Post by Guest on 21.05.11 15:45

Which, for those who are not familiar with the saying, it is buy one, get one free. T:  The BOGOF bedroom bonanza 110921

On the MW booking list, it clearly states that Tanner & O'Brien booked a 1 bedroom apartment.

On the OC daily lists, it clearly shows that their apartment was a T1, a 1 bedroom apartment.

Yet, Jane Tanner in her statement, claims that she had the same sort of apartment as the McCann's, which we have seen to be is clearly a 2 bedroom.

4078 "Was your apartment the same layout as the McCann's or was it slightly
Reply "Err I think it was the same more or less.”
4078 "Okay. Can you just have a quick look at that and just in your own mind if you’re
happy that it’s similar.”
Reply "Yeah that’s almost exact, almost exactly the same.”
4078 "So you, when you went back to check for them you’ve gone through…”
Reply "This one here.”
4078 "That door there?”
Reply "Yeah.”
4078 "And then sort of first right into the children’s bedroom?”
Reply "Yeah they were in the same room.”

Fiona Payne in her statement, claims that they were the only ones who booked a 2 bedroom one and that Russell and Jane got an upgrade.

"This sounds ridiculous, but I can't even remember the number of the apartment I was in. I can't remember. But we were on the second floor, so we were one up, everybody else was on the ground floor. And we were the only ones that had, had booked to have a two bedroom apartment. I think Matt and, Russ and Jane had only booked a one bedroom one but they actually did get a two bedroom one. So whether that was because of, and that made us one floor up, I don't know. So we had a balcony and we had a slightly bigger apartment".

If this is true and they did receive a room upgrade to a 2 bedroom, why does the paperwork not support these claims?

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