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l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Empty l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun

Post by Verdi 18.06.21 2:21

Oh how I rue the day l-azzeri-lies-in-the -sun did the great disappearing act. l-azzeri could always be relied upon to balance the theatrics of comedy v drama with a inimitable contrast between the fact the fiction and the absurd.

Bless you l-azzeri - your legacy will live on with your blog as will CMOMM's legacy live on with it's presence as the best and most comprehensive Madeleine McCann related platform.

Imposters come and they go but the true spirit lives on.

I would love to have seen l-azzeri's take on the latest Germanman - I couldn't even come close to the wit and wisdom of l-azzeri.

The secret is always to maintain audience interest with a mixture of fact, fiction and humour. without that forget it! Without further ado..

Paedophile Abductors in PDL ?

DCI Redwood, the Met, it is reported are preparing to hear interviewed, new suspects and witnesses in the case of missing Madeleine.

So many people in this case have been named as suspects. Yet never has there been any evidence found to prove that they were in fact involved in any way in disappearance of this child.

It is inexcusable that innocent persons have been paraded on the front pages of the press as Madeleine suspects.

A wicked, wicked way to have treated these people.

The evidence (that is the evidence in the public domain in the form of the police witness statements available online, the interviews given by the MCanns themselves, Kate McCanns book Madeleine, and her diary also) clearly points in the direction of the parents and their buddies being involved at some level. It clearly gives cause for their police witness statements to be considered not credible. Leaves serious doubts and suspicions as to the truthfulness of said statements, and the lack of co-operation they afforded the police in Portugal only further increases suspicions.

Both the Portuguese Police and the Leicestershire Police in the UK agreed on this!

I'm sure like most though this constant string of suspects in this case is somewhat intriguing - that there could be so many suspects, and all in a little village such as Praia da Luz. It is an extraordinary situation I would say.

This latest by the Met caused me to recall a blog I did a while back and to consider how relevant it is to the now, up- and-coming interviews of several persons who are now being held up as 'suspects.'

'A Bolt Out of the Blue' (blog above)

In this blog Gerry McCann speaks of how rare it would be for a British child to be abducted in Portugal. In fact of how rare it would be for a British child to be abducted on the Iberian Peninsula! How rare it would be for a British child to be taken from their bed!

Did any of you ever imagine that you would agree with McCann on any subject at all in relation to his missing daughter?

I think you will find on this count you will be in total agreement - it is indeed rare, in fact NEVER before has it happened, that a British child on holiday in Portugal being abducted. So what were the chances of Madeleine being taken?

Somehow I think McCann might be sitting somewhere regretting his words!
14th November 2014

Thank you l-azzeri salute

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx
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l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Empty Re: l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun

Post by Guest 18.06.21 10:03

I also miss l-azzeri, and those excellent blogs.

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l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Empty Re: l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun

Post by Verdi 14.02.22 13:54

A spot of nostalgia, Oh how I miss the wit and wisdom of Lazzeri - if you read this you are sadly missed..

McCanns – Derailed

Kate I used to wish I was dead

The Sun

April 2010

She hit out at the fact that Portuguese cops are no longer looking for Maddie and that any new leads are ignored by them.

Kate said:

"If this was a murder inquiry there'd be an active investigation because they'd want to find the perpetrator, but as it stands we have a perpetrator who's still at large and therefore puts, potentially puts, other children at risk, and we have a missing child. So why is there no active investigation?

"I think it's a farce."

Husband Gerry is equally as angry that the search for Maddie has ended, saying:

"Officially for eighteen months and longer, law enforcement are not pro-actively doing anything to find Madeleine, and who took her, and I just think that is fundamentally unacceptable.”

"Now we've been assured that if new information comes in it will be followed up.”

"In fact the information that's come to light during the recent court cases have shown that almost every single piece of information that's gone to Portimao, the police station in the Algarve where the investigation is based, has been treated in exactly the same manner, which is being declared as not relevant."

In the past Kate and Gerry, from Rothley, Leicestershire, have avoided criticising the Portuguese police investigation into Maddie's disappearance.

But as the agonising third anniversary of her abduction looms the McCanns have made it clear how hopeless they think the efforts of some of the Portuguese cops have been.

Heart specialist Gerry, 41, said:

"There have been very poor elements of the Portuguese investigation, and at the same time it's probably been one of the biggest investigations ever in Portugal.

"So we aren't tarring everyone, there have been individuals who, for whatever reason, have seemingly not wanted to find Madeleine. That's how it appears to us.

"So there are people who are clearly making it more difficult and there are others that in this country, for whatever motives, want to make it more difficult. There are many people who've tried to derail what we're doing along the way."

Kate says she fears that there may be other motives which have hindered the search for her daughter.

She admitted:

"I also think there'll be some people who would be greatly embarrassed if Madeleine was found and that scares me. That scares me. That might affect their want, or not, for Madeleine to be found.">>

So the Portuguese investigation was according to Kate McCann a farce.

According to Kate and Gerry McCann many people, both in Portugal and the UK for whatever motive were making things difficult for them, people were attempting to derail what they themselves were trying to do?

But what exactly were or are the McCanns trying to do?

And who exactly are included, are they referring to in their accusations of ‘many people have tried to derail them?’

What motive could anyone have for not wanting to find a missing child, I wonder?

Kate McCann states that there may be ‘other motives’ which hindered the search for her daughter?

Would that be like – the McCanns deliberately withholding from police authorities, vital information, hiding it for FIVE years, before its discovery, and the McCanns being instructed/forced to hand this crucial material over to police authorities when legal application was made to recover it from them?

Their private investigators, forced by them to remain silent with regards this information which may have discovered Madeleine’s whereabouts, and may also have helped the many children they continually tell us are at risk of the same fate as Madeleine if the alleged perpetrators of the crimes against her are not caught.

So withholding this information, not only harmed Madeleine, the search for her but all other children at risk also?

What would have been the McCann motive for hindering, derailing the search for their daughter, and also, putting other children at risk, as they themselves say, if this alleged abductor is left on the loose?

Kate McCann further states that she feels there are some who would be embarrassed if Madeleine was found (presumably, she means found alive) but why would anyone, anyone at all be embarrassed at a missing child being found?

I myself do not believe that Madeleine will be found alive. The child I believe died before she was reported as missing.

The McCanns and their companions have not been truthful in their accounts of the events of that night and anyone can see this simply by reading the police files.

That in itself must sure have alarm bells ringing!

But if this very moment, it was reported that Madeleine has been found alive and well, I would, like any other decent person rejoice!

To hear that a child has died, no matter the circumstances is never news to be welcomed, and never is it a welcome discovery by officers of the law who have given all in their search for a missing child, as the Portuguese Police did, as the people of Portugal did when it was first known that Madeleine had vanished. Absolutely not!

A reminder at this point - that Kate and Gerry McCann did not physically search for their daughter. Whilst hundreds of people living in Praia da Luz searched - they stayed at "home."

Kate McCanns implications are quite sick in my estimation, that anyone would prefer a child not to be found alive, to save whatever embarrassment she seems to perceive would follow, is quite frankly the words of a woman disturbed or one with ulterior motives.

Three years on from the above statements, it seems to me with the recent "developments" by Andy Redwood, the Metropolitan Police, the misinformation in the Crime Watch productions, and the even more fantastic and far fetched tales in the UK press, which Clarence Mitchell will have had a hand in in some regard, and in light of an on-going libel trial, set to resume in Lisbon on 5th November 2013 that this couple, are still trying desperately to bury the truth of what actually happened on the night this child was reported as missing!

Their motives?
2nd November 2013

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx
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l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Empty Re: l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun

Post by Verdi 14.02.22 13:58

Still there is always hope on the horizon - they have three quarters of a million quid squirreled away for a rainy day.

See if they can do a better job than the PJ when they 'resume' their own investigation.

They'll need to improve on past endeavours by way of private dicks.

On that note .... I wonder what the Dame is doing today.

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx
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l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Empty Re: l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun

Post by onehand 14.02.22 15:30

that would not cost that much, just a stamp on a nice letter before the 4 th of may 2022, and the portuguese would not mind paying the bill. 

half the words of a confession are already out there. 

we over here have a nice verb for that; what fills the heart, will flow over from the mouth.

murder case, not want to find her, i think it's a farce. 

There are many people who've tried to derail what we're doing along the way."

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l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Empty Re: l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun

Post by Verdi 16.03.22 16:47

Another airing for the unforgettable Lazzeri  singlerose 

How Come Gerry McCann's ...

Story which he  told Portuguese Police in relation to the check of his children on the 3rd May 2007, the night Madeleine was reported as missing required to be changed SEVEN days AFTER giving police his first witness statement?

***His FIRST statement -

'He accessed the apartment  by way of the front locked door using his key, as was usual.'

***Seven days later his SECOND statement:

'He accessed the apartment through an unlocked patio door.'

Now I think we can safely say that this man could NOT have forgotten which door he used to access that apartment on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.   He'd left his three kids alone inside the apartment, according to him, this was the nightly practice.  He and Kate McCann would go out to wine and dine with their buddines, and would return periodically to check on the kids.  This was 5th night Madeleine Sean and Amelie had been left alone - McCann did NOT forget which door he used - IMPOSSIBLE for him to have forgotten.

So WHY did he have to change his story?

His FIRST version was that he entered by the front locked door. He then noticed the door to the children's bedroom was more widely open than he had left it before heading out to the bar that night.

He claims this more widely open bedroom door prompted him to take the unusual step of looking inside the bedroom, normally he didn't bother to do a visual check of his children.  He looked inside the bedroom, saw Madeleine lying EXACTLY as he had left her on top of the bedclothes, the twin babies asleep in their cots.  Madeleine had NOT been out of bed he said.

He claims he had a proud father moment, thought how beautiful Madeleine was, how lucky he was.

(It has to be noted that this story, the proud father moment, thinking how lucky he was, developed over time, in time it came to included the twin children)

How did the bedroom door come to be open more widely than he had left it? An apartment secured, doors all locked up, windows, shutters closed, kids hadn't been out of bed?

Well that's just one of the missing pieces of McCanns story - He never did explain how the bedroom door came to be wide open/more widely open/ so wide open that it caused him, a guy who had never once in the ENTIRE week of checking his children he said - bothered to do a visual check.

So that bedroom door being open and the reason for it being open sparked something in McCann.

If his three children, the twins in cots, Madeleine in a bed, not having moved an inch since he left her had not opened the bedroom door WHO DID?

Whoever it was Gerry McCann WAS NOT interested to find out.   Didn't care that someone had been in the holiday apartment with his children.

How extraordinary is that?

He begins by telling us that the wide open door alerted him to something not being as it should be, yet after establishing Madeleine hadn't moved a muscle since he had left her earlier - he doesn't follow through on that open bedroom door.

This proud father, looking down on his three beautiful children, thinking how lucky he was - but he DID NOT seek to discover WHO had been in that apartment with his children, he did NOT seek to discover WHO had opened that bedroom door, if not his children.

He just headed back to the bar, back to his boozing buddies!

Not so lucky children!


The fact that the OPEN bedroom door was the reason he gave for looking inside the bedroom, something he claims he had never done on ANY other check that entire week, yet he leaves the apartment without checking it out to see if WHOEVER had been in there the person who had OPENED the bedroom door, was STILL there, and he didn't check out how that person had gained access to this apartment?


In this his FIRST VERSION that apartment was secured NO unlocked patio door.

No parent discovering a bedroom door wide open in such circumstances would walk out leaving their kids alone again.   They would be terrified to leave their kids knowing someone had been in the apartment as evidenced by the open bedroom door.

So why did McCann tell us this story of the door being open, yet didn't check why or how this came to be?

Quite possibly to allow for him to say that he had SEEN Madeleine alive at that time?

The evidence in this case points to Madeleine having died in the apartment, not removed from the apartment alive.  

None of the investigating police authorities, the Metropolitan Police included believe that to be the case - that Madeleine left that apartment alive.  

I don't believe the child was murdered, not by the McCanns their buddies, or by a stranger.  And if I am wrong in my thinking, and the child was in fact murdered, a 'burglar' doesn't even make the list of suspects.  Burglars don't  break into apartments kill a little kid and then carry off her dead body, and certainly not to dump it on the doorstep almost - Metropolitan Police recent digs in Praia da Luz!

Most probably this child had an accident when alone unattended, or perhaps another type of "accident" when a parent was in attendance?

So yes, quite possibly Gerry McCann, his proud father moment, his looking inside the children's bedroom - due to the wide open bedroom door catching his attention - was a tale invented as a reason for him to be able to say he saw Madeleine alive at 9:05 pm.

The story the McCanns have told is that they ONLY did 'listening checks' listening for crying - they claim to have been copying a listening service they had heard was in place in a resort in another country - ONLY theirs was BETTER they claimed!   How they reckon that when a child is missing?   McCann needed a reason for why he would on this occasion do a visual check of the children - voila - an open bedroom door!

This wide open bedroom door story left him with a problem though (more than one)

HOW HAD the person who supposedly opened it gained access to the apartment?

McCann conveniently never went down that road never did tell us why the bedroom door was wide open OR WHY he didn't bother trying to find out!   


Gerry McCann changes his story.  

He now tells police he did NOT enter the apartment by the front locked door using his key to open it.  That he remembered the patio door was unlocked, the sliding patio door and he had gained access to the apartment by this route.

The tales people tell.

This NEW VERSION allowed for not only someone to have gone in through the sliding patio door, (a reason why the children's bedroom door was more open) but perhaps more importantly, this change of story (that neither Kate or Gerry McCann used front locked door) gave Kate McCann what she needed also...

The McCanns entered that apartment they said originally through front locked door using their key to open it.   If this was so, it would have been impossible for Kate McCann not to have seen this open bedroom shutter and window BEFORE entering the apartment.  She claims that not until inside the apartment did she discover it to be open.    She would have had to pass this ground floor window, and close up as it was located at the front door entrance, no way possible she could have missed it if open.

For Kate McCann to tell her whooshing curtain windy night story, the surprise of it all finding that shutter and window open - she couldn't enter the apartment by the front locked door.   It had to be the patio door she came in through for this whooshing curtain story to even have lift off!

Whatever happened to Madeleine I don't believe was intended not some big plan to be rid of a troublesome child as some suggest.

I do believe however that the stories they have all told, the McCanns and their buddies, the lies and such obvious and proven lies, indicate that whatever became of the child, the cover up was a hurried affair.  

They did not have adequate time to come up with a plausible story, hence so many changes to the stories, hence they have been caught out so many times ( it beggar's belief quite frankly that they have never been charged with any offence, any crime in connection with involvement in the disappearance of this child) hence the reason the Portuguese Police from early in the inquiry suspected them.  The Leicestershire Police in UK too suspicious of their stories.

But back to good old Gerry.

In his FIRST VERION OF EVENTS, his movements on that night, he didn't bother his ass trying to discover WHO had been in the holiday apartment with his children and didn't BOTHER to discover HOW this person had gained access.  How had this person gotten in?  The apartment was all locked up after all.  That is why he, Gerry McCann had had to enter through the locked front door using his key.   The patio side was locked!  He couldn't gain access from that side of the apartment.    And on his way to the front door he could see that the shutter and window of the children's bedroom was down closed tight.

McCann tells us after exiting the apartment he just went about his business as usual headed straight back to the bar.  Now that takes a bit of believing that he would do that.  Go back to his buddies, his wife and not say a thing to her.  Not say - 'hey when I was in apartment doing my check, the bedroom door was wide open, kids were all asleep, hadn't moved since we left them, but I thought it okay just to leave them on their own again, patio door unlocked, whoever got in is probably gone now'

Now that is nonsense.

If McCann found that bedroom door wide open, this lucky proud daddy, would surely have wanted to protect his children - and would not have left them alone once more?


In this account he enters the apartment through the unlocked sliding patio door.   Sees the bedroom door wide open decides to look in the bedroom has his proud father moment.

Now if anything, in this SECOND VERSION, knowing THE PATIO DOOR was lying unlocked, in a position whereby ANYONE, anyone at all could have gained access to the apartment one would think that the first thing McCann would think when he checked and saw the kids were all still asleep as he had left them earlier, lying in same position - was that someone had come in that unlocked patio door and could possibly still be in the apartment.  How could he not?   McCann this proud and lucky daddy would have been terrified, horrified at the thought, that someone had been in there alone with his kids as how else would the bedroom door have come to be open wide, someone had to have opened it?

This bedroom door not on any previous night, not on any of the several checks we are led to believe which were carried out on any previous evening was ever found to be more widely open than the position McCann normally left it, and he knew to the exact degree according to him how wide that gap was, and YET when he discovers it wide open, knowing too the patio door he had left unlocked easy for anyone to simply slide open from outside HE DOES NOTHING!

  • Doesn't check out the apartment for intruders 

  • Doesn't stay with his kids scared that whoever opened that door might come back and harm them, in fact he didn't check to see that they were unharmed, he stood in the doorway feeling and proud and lucky!

  • He didn't check to see if whoever had been in the apartment had drugged his children or harmed them in any other way. 

  • Doesn't alert Ocean Club Management

  • Doesn't alert police 

  • AND HE DOESN'T tell his wife Kate McCann when he returns to the restaurant that - 'Hey, that bedroom door was wide open, kids haven't been out of bed, someone had to have been in the apartment'   


How do we know he didn't feel there was any need any urgency to tell Kate McCann about this open bedroom door about someone having been in the apartment ?  (apart from it never having happened)


He never said to Jez Wilkins -

'Sorry I can't stop mate, I have to rush and tell Kate someone's been in the apartment the door to the children's bedroom was lying open not how I'd left it earlier, the kids are all sleeping haven't been out of bed, something is
far wrong mate.'

He never shouted to Jez -

'Hey would you do me favour, go to tapas bar tell Kate she has to come back immediately, something has happened in the apartment I don't want to leave the kids on their own (
in case this intruder comes back and opens that bedroom door again)

No McCann didn't do any of that.  The proud and lucky daddy stood chatting in the street with this guy Wilkins.

And how do we know that he made no mention of this to Kate McCann when he went back to the dinner table, that he never told Kate of this open bedroom door?

Quite simply ANY mother hearing this would be frantic - would have rushed straight back to that apartment - SHE would not have remained at that table, and she for SURE WOULD NOT only minutes after having been told such a frightening tale have allowed MATT OLDFIELD to go check on her children, a man who didn't know these kids, had only seen Madeleine as a baby and had never until this holiday set eyes on the two younger McCann children, and he did NOT know Kate McCann at all well had seen her at a wedding years before when Madeleine was a baby and that was about the extent of it.

NO ONE had checked on the McCann children the entire week.  Not a single member of their group had gone into that apartment and checked on the McCann children.

Not a single group member had checked on each other's children!

Gerry McCann finds that someone MUST have been in his apartment, he walks out and leaves the patio door unlocked again, never mentions it to Kate McCann when he returns to the dinner table, and he allows Matt Oldfield to go check on his children.  

Why would that be?

to this the fact that Madeleine had been tired, pale, not so well, that evening (the reason Kate McCann gave for the child not being taken as was usual to play for a short while with the other kids at the tennis courts - and all the more REASON a mother and father should not have left her on her own in the apartment.) And the little matter of Madeleine (according to mommy dearest) having told her parents that the previous night she and her baby brother had been crying when alone in the apartment!

All of this , yet we are asked to believe that Gerry McCann found someone to have been in that apartment, someone who had opened that bedroom door, and he JUST WALKED OUT BACK TO THE BAR LEAVING THE PATIO DOOR UNLOCKED.

Asked to believe, that he did NOT mention this at all to his wife on his return, that their kids were in danger, or if he did, asked to believe that she then didn't bother either and the two of them just let this guy Oldfield go and check on the kids, kids he didn't know, and kids who didn't know him.


Did Gerry McCann not think to say to Oldfield -  'HEY THERE MIGHT BE SOME GUY IN THERE WHEN YOU GO IN, he's already left that bedroom door open once, if he's done it again, would you mind closing it over I like it to be closed to such and such a degree.....5 degrees I think is what McCann said is his preferred gap (Oprah Interview)

No he didn't.  No she, Kate McCann didn't either!

And no Matt Oldfield didn't check on those kids.

If Oldfield was in that apartment that night, it was for some quite different reason.

I don't believe for a moment that the 37 + Metropolitan Police Officers, which include murder squad detectives, believe for a split second the tale told by Kate and Gerry McCann regarding the checking of their children on the night of the 3rd May 2007.

Can you honestly believe that any police officer anywhere in the world hearing Gerry McCanns 'proud and lucky father story' was taken in by it?  That they believed his patio door story?  That they believed he forgot which door he had entered that apartment that SEVEN days later it ALL CAME BACK TO HIM, so he changed his police witness statement?


All of this and we haven't even started on Kate's fantastic fairy story - "I just knew she'd been taken"

Kate McCann before alerting anyone to Madeleine's disappearance NEW INSTANTLY she said that the child had been abducted.  Not a shred of doubt in her mind.

Perhaps that is why on discovering her not to be in bed, that Kate McCann did not rush outside, scream her child's name, run round the streets looking for her - because she knew she was long gone?

Why did Kate McCann not rush outside scream her child's name, scream - where are you Madeleine - so loudly that she could be heard at the tapas bar by her buddies?   Most parents would have screamed so loudly it would have alerted the whole village.

But she didn't she didn't call out to her child, she just took it she had been abducted was gone!

Gerry McCann has described for us how rare it is for a child to be abducted while on holiday in Portugal:

"Well in terms of the abduction of a foreign child in another country, it's really very rare...!"

"when we were speaking to people in Portugal and Spain they are not aware of any other EU nationals having children abducted on the Iberian Penisula"

(more from McCann -  'Bolt Out of the Blue' blog above)

1. Really very rare - Foreign child in another country.
2. Incredibly rare - British child in another country.
3. Pretty rare - to be taken from a bedroom

And again, Gerry McCann  on abduction


"The chances of this happening are in the order of one hundred million to one...!

Says it all really!
21st August 2014

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx
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l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Empty Re: l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun

Post by PeterMac 17.03.22 9:51

Applying Occam's razor one would conclude 
 It didn't happen

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l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Empty Re: l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun

Post by Verdi 18.03.22 17:16

Yet another journalistic angle - poetic licence is one thing, even in the world of media but down right deception bignono ..

Sun Goes Down on McCanns

l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Sun_Antonella_Lazzeri_meet_Gerry_McCann
Best friends?    Antonella Lazzeri (The Sun) with Gerry McCann

I started this blog a while back now.  On my first page, the Home Page, I wrote about lying in the sun, the dangers of doing so.

Looks like Antonella Lazzeri didn't take on board just how dangerous the sun can be - she's looking a bit pink here!  (remind you of anyone folks, someone else who is also partial to a bit of pin...err Piss taking that is, and like Antonella gets his fingers burnt by his lying - in the sun of course}

Well it is one thing when Antonella lets her imagination run riot to produce much of the nonsense she has over the years in respect of the McCann case, but what she did yesterday, probably shocked herself at just how low she could stoop.  

When you see from Antonella Lazzeri the use of the word 'monster' and at the anniversary of the date the McCanns reported their daughter Madeleine, as missing, then you can consider her piece read!   You just know the 'monster' is not going to be the alleged abductor (no siree, Kate McCann has forgiven that guy she said) the monster will be the 'someone' who is to be blamed for the McCanns neglect of their three kids.  And that person is generally Dr Amaral, the guy who has done more for Madeleine than her own parents.

But hell why report the truth!

I said in a blog a few days ago that the reporting, of the past few days, all the hard work Team McCann have gone to, to spread more lies about Dr Amaral, and assisted by Sky/Murdoch, Mitchell, Brunt, Summers and Swan (all those really who have made an absolute fortune out of this missing child, including the McCanns themselves) had backfired.  And it has big time!

No one is believing the ridiculous stories now.  And when they are clearly manufactured, planned well in advance by the McCanns and their team, produced always at an anniversary of the day they reported Madeleine as missing (which is pretty sick ) it adds to the disgust people feel towards these parents for the heinous act of abandoning three little kids on FIVE consecutive nights in that dark scary holiday apartment, and for their 8 year campaign, where they have spent the monies (donated by the public for the purpose of a search for the child) on paid liars like Clarence Mitchell in an attempt to dupe the public as to the truth of this case, and used also to fight legal actions of which there have been many.  

It also adds to the disgust felt towards them when this campaign is deliberately put together (as it has been this past week) not to help Madeleine in any way, but to cause harm to another.

The McCanns could not stoop lower.

Dr Amaral, still stands proud.  Still stands with a dignity that they will never know.  Still fights for Madeleine in a way that they do not have the capacity or compassion to understand.

McCanns have for all of these years, used the press in the UK to attempt to blacken the name of this most decent man, to destroy him his life, his family.

Never has he resorted to speaking of the McCanns in such a vile way as they have of him.

That is not the man that he is.  He has a class, a dignity, a decency that does not allow him to stoop to their levels.

He is an educated man, a highly intelligent man.  He is not the person that the McCanns and their Team have spent so much of Madeleine's money, trying to convince the world that he is.

How many of us, would have been able to do what Dr Amaral under such duress, still fight for Madeleine, for truth and justice for this child?  Not many!

Look at Gerry McCann and Kate McCann, both of them go into almighty strops, and temper tantrums every time someone tells them they cannot have any more of someone else's money, that they cannot force people to believe their incredulous story!  They behave like spoilt brats.   This the couple who could not afford their mortgage at the time they reported Madeleine missing and used the money donated for her to do so.  Their Fund conditions had to be tightened up so that this could no longer be the case.  Eventually they repaid the monies they had taken for personal use, to the Fund.

When they publish their annual accounts, they publish the minimum necessary by law.  So much for the transparency they promised.

How many of us in the position in which Dr Amaral is - the McCanns having his assets frozen for over 5 years now, would have been able to stay strong, to still fight for justice for a child who is not their own?

Only a man who has truth on his side could have survived, and through the most horrendous times, with the McCanns attack on him lasting years, with their mass produced lies in the UK press lasting for years.

How many of us could have stayed strong to fight their evil.  And make no mistake what they do is evil.

It is evil to have made his family, his children suffer, for doing what was his job.  For reporting in his book, which the Judge in the trial agrees absolutely, was the same findings of the police investigation.

They claim to be devout Roman Catholics, good christian people.

Their actions are not those of devout Roman Catholics.  Their actions, religion aside are inhumane, the actions of people who are so filled with hate, a hate that most of us cannot understand.

Rather than admit that they did WRONG in leaving their children alone, admit that they are responsible for their daughter's disappearance they continue to blame others.

Antonella Lazzeri, her piece, did Dr Amaral more good than harm.  It backfired for the McCanns, so filled with the hate both she and they have for Dr Amaral a hate they cannot control or conceal.

Antonella Lazzeri has shown them all in their true colours!

This 8th Anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance is the day the McCanns buddy, Antonella Lazzeri brought the Sun down on the McCanns!
3rd May 2015

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx
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l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Empty Re: l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun

Post by Verdi 29.03.22 18:11

To compliment, in every sense of the word, Spudgun's indefatigable work in the name of justice for little Madeleine McCann, Lazzeri put considerable time and effort into the case, complete with wit and wisdom I might say.

l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Scre2255

Phew .... !!!


The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx
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l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Empty Re: l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun

Post by Verdi 29.03.22 18:16

And here's a corker, quite appropriate under present circumstances..

Maddie's Mum - Mothers Day -2016

[size=18]The Mums who failed Madeleine

l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR0-9OvXXJpsb4eD-8shYbPOjvKhn5PW1eEKr0YvmhiveHIo8Ty
Kate McCann

l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Zzfionapdl-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Zzjanedl-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun ZzRachelOldfieldd

Fiona Payne    Jane Tanner   Rachael Oldfield

Another Mother's Day where Kate McCann is without her daughter.

Another year and Madeleine Beth McCann is still missing.

Another year gone by, where Madeleine if alive, has waited for her mommy, and her buddies to help her.

More than odd/suspicious, that FOUR MOTHERS would not!

For certain, if these four mums came clean, UNTURNED the stones, the pieces of the puzzle which they hold, then this case would be blown wide open.

Again I say, and in agreement with, retired British detective John Stalker who was spot on when he announced in the press that these mums, and their partners, four male doctors ARE hiding something!

Sadly for Madeleine, the likelihood of any of these mums helping her in this way is scant to zero!

Unless one of these mums develop a conscience, can find it in their hearts to do what is right, to do what any mother would for their child - lay down her life - then for Madeleine, all hope is as lost, as she is!

l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR0-9OvXXJpsb4eD-8shYbPOjvKhn5PW1eEKr0YvmhiveHIo8Ty

Kate McCann, Maddie's mum.  

  • Kate McCann refused to answer, when interviewed by police, more than 40 questions put to her - it was her legal right to do so, but Madeleine had the right to the best chance of being found, and her mother assisting police, answering those questions would unquestionably have aided the investigation to find this missing child. Sadly for the child, her mother had quite different ideas!

Kate McCann and lowlife spokesman Clarence Mitchell, in interview, have always stated that she was advised by her lawyer not to answer.

So much for the missing child, the child they thought was being held by paedophiles, COMING FIRST!    

This mother put herself BEFORE HER CHILD!

  • Kate McCann (Gerry McCann/their team) kept hidden, from the public, for YEARS and YEARS, the E.Fit images which they themselves had drawn up, of a man, witnesses claim to have seen, carrying off a child of Madeleine's description on the night she vanished.

To date, Kate McCann has given NO EXPLANATION as the mother of the missing child as to WHY she would do this, harm her missing child in this way. No explanation whatsoever from this mother as to why she would seriously hinder, AGAIN, what could be considered the child's chances of being found, and returned home to her family.

It was reported in press that a member of their team said they did not have the money to release it.

What a load of utter crap.  There was plenty of money in Madeleine's Fund!


But according to the report in press - NO MONEY FOR MADELEINE!


Why is it that there is NEVER any or enough money for Madeleine, while ever other bastard is being paid?

In the five year period from when the E. Fits were created, until the time they appeared in the public domain (courtesy of the Metropolitan Police)- this mom and her other half, Gerry McCann appeared in many TV interviews.  Even IF we go along with the line that they had no money, how easy it would have been for them to have HELD UP THE IMAGE, for the cameras for the viewing audience, the image of the suspect, during one of these interviews.  

They DID NOT DO THAT.   And they DID NOT make any mention of the existence of the images.

How easy it would have been to post the image on their website.

This mother, Kate McCann posts messages, appeals on her site, YET FOR A PERIOD OF FIVE YEARS - SHE FAILED TO POST OR MENTION THE E.FITS.   

Madeleine once more failed by her MOTHER!





And that is EXACTLY how Gerry McCann describes these E.Fits on the Crimewatch programme of October 2013 - as MADELEINE'S BEST CHANCE OF BEING FOUND.

They appeared on Crimewatch, October 2013, and never made any mention whatsoever, gave no explanation about these E.Fits, yet had the gall to state FIVE YEARS AFTER THEY WERE DRAWN UP, that they were MADELEINE'S BEST CHANCE OF BEING FOUND!

This mum, and dad, had more photo opportunities than one can shake a stick at where to have held those E.Fits up for the world to see was so easy, and it would not have cost them a thing!

  • How many TV interviews did Kate McCann take part, in those five years when she kept the E.Fits hidden from public view, where she could have mentioned and held up the image FOR FREE?

  • How many times during those FIVE YEARS, did she pose for the press when taking part in a road race, a race where her vest displayed a picture of Madeleine, a vest which could easily have displayed the E.FIT IMAGE - FOR FREE?

  • How many times, during those FIVE YEARS, did she and Gerry McCann stand on the steps of the Court in Lisbon and spout their nonsense, yet DID NOT hold up the E.Fit images?  They could have done, AND FOR FREE!

McCanns were being interviewed around the world - YET NOTHING!

NEVER did they speak of the E. Fits they knew they had in their possession, and NEVER did they, FOR MADELEINE, MAKE THEM KNOWN TO THE WORLD?

McCanns when interviewed by Sandra Felguiras, held up images of a man they were NOT LOOKING FOR?


The image they displayed alongside the E.Fit of the man THEY SAID THEY BELIEVED ABDUCTED MADELEINE, the image of the man Jane Tanner said she had seen.



It will come as no surprise if today in the press we have a POOR ME STORY, a story of Kate McCanns agony, a follow up to the recent nonsense in this same vein.  

WHERE will Madeleine be in the Kate saga, a never ending series of what Kate does, how Kate feels, What Kate will do next?


The E. Fits are now considered by the Met Police in UK as the main suspect in their still ongoing investigation.  Mother Met, sadly for Madeleine, held on to these images too, for a period of around 13 months before releasing them. 

So no rush by any of them to help the child.

l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun ZzRachelOldfieldd

Rachael 'resuscitation'  Oldfield, McCann holiday buddy.

Rachael Oldfield.  Her child was ill, when on this vacation.  She abandoned her child too, night after night, a child who was also under the age of 3 years, in an apartment while she joined the McCanns and others each night to wine, and dine.  

Rachael Oldfield did NOT go check on her child, it was too dark and scary the route from the bar to the apartment she said.

How the hell did she think he kid felt being left alone?

Rachael dismissed the idea that Madeleine may have had an accident when alone in the apartment and died from her injuries by stating that had Madeleine required resuscitation that there were plenty of doctors in the group who could have performed this.

But what if the doctors arrived too late to resuscitate, and failed to save the child?

It is one thing to state that doctors were plentiful, but clearly they would be of no fucking use to man nor beast if they were not around when the kid perhaps had an accident, didn't arrive back in time to resuscitate her!

l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Zzfionapd
Fiona Payne - Kate McCanns best buddy.

Payne didn't check on her kids.   She left her two kids alone in an apartment too.  A baby of around one year, and another under 3 year old.   She had a baby monitor, so relied on that.  No need to check on her kids physically.

She is the one who gave the following statement to the Leicestershire Police in the UK a RATHER DAMNING statement against her best buddy, Kate McCann.

KATE McCann has always claimed that Madeleine would never have been able to slide open the unlocked patio door.

FIONA PAYNE told police otherwise of Kate McCann she said:

"She did, she brought it up, and that she, I mean this is awful in retrospect as well, she asked what my opinion was, erm, tut, on whether they were okay leaving the, the doors, unlocked, because she was saying - ' Is it better that if Madeleine wakes up she can get out and find us or erm, locking it, and you know, finding that we're not there and the door's locked if she woke up.'


l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Zzjaned

Jane Tanner
Now what about Jane, where does one begin?   The mum who claimed to have seen a man carrying off a child who she believed was Madeleine.  The man who she and the McCanns said had busted open the shutter on the window, the window, climbed in, and then removed Madeleine.

Yet strangely, AFTER this guy is supposed to have done this, after Jane Tanner saw him walk off, she FAILED to notice when continuing on her way to the apartments, that the shutter was busted and raised all the way up.  Failed to notice the open window, the window which was open as far as it was possible to open it.  And didn't notice, on what Kate McCann described as a windy night the curtains of that room billowing.   And I would say that they must have been - a windy night window wide open, shutter fully up, those curtains would have been blowing in and out of that window?

But not to worry, retired Met detective Andy Redwood had a revelation moment, one which saved Tanner's skin.  He decided - for no apparent reason, with NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT- to change the timeline of the movements of this group as per their police witness statements, said that the alleged abductor didn't strike until much later, so presumably he didn't open that shutter and window until later, and in so doing Redwood gave Tanner a get out of jail card, as she would not have seen an open window when on her way to the apartment at that time.





Unfortunately, Tanner had told many more tales than the one about the man she had seen, none of which adds up!

And unfortunately too for Madeleine 'Mother Met' like the other mothers in this case, had failed to explain at what time the window and shutter were opened. Failed to explain how the alleged intruder got in and out of that apartment.

AND FAILED to explain how that bedroom door came to be more widely open at the time of Gerry McCanns check and that the claimed check of the McCann children by Matthew Oldfield.

If Mother Met is saying the alleged intruder did not arrive until just before 10 PM then that blows Gerry McCanns story and that of Matthew Oldfield right out of the water!

Shame on all of the mothers and fathers in the McCann group, who ALL, according to their police witness statements, abandoned and neglected EIGHT little kids in the various apartments, all kids under the age of 4 years of age, and some of whom were unwell.

Shame on mum Kate McCann in all of those TV interviews to say that she felt safe, so safe that she did not even have to give it a thought, that there was no decision to be made (see McCann spinning blogs above) when in fact in yet another interview she told an entirely different tale.  When her best buddy, Fiona Payne gave the police in Leicester UK a quite different tale to that of Kate McCann.

So which mum of the the two best buddies was being truthful if any?

l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR0-9OvXXJpsb4eD-8shYbPOjvKhn5PW1eEKr0YvmhiveHIo8Ty
Kate McCann who claims Madeleine would not have been able to slide open the unlocked patio door and get out to go look for her and Gerry McCann, who claimed it felt safe to leave the children in an unlocked apartment, who claimed in numerous interviews that she did not even have to make a decision about leaving her kids it felt so safe, yet does contradict this also in others.


l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun Zzfionapd
Best buddy Fiona Payne gave a statement to police where she claimed Kate McCann did show concern at having left that patio door unlocked, telling police:

"She did, she brought it up, and that she, I mean this is awful in retrospect as well, she asked what my opinion was, erm, tut, on whether they were okay leaving the, the doors, unlocked, because she was saying - ' Is it better that if Madeleine wakes up she can get out and find us or erm, locking it, and you know, finding that we're not there and the door's locked if she woke up.'

Perhaps the columnist Katie Hopkins, who has recently been allowed to ask some question re the case of missing Madeleine, might too be allowed to ask who is telling the truth:

Mum Kate McCann or her best buddy, mum Fiona Payne -  because at least one of them ain't be honest!

And it makes a huge difference to the case of missing Madeleine, when those who claim to have been caring for her, are not being truthful!

Apart from that, are we to believe that Kate McCann is happy with this statement by Fiona Payne, as without question, Payne, if not outright calling Kate McCann a liar, is raising awareness of the DIFFERENCE IN THEIR STORIES, and a very serious issue it is too - THAT UNLOCKED PATIO DOOR!

Perhaps this Mother's Day, these four mums will reflect on their statements, and their refusals to help this missing little girl
6th March 2016

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx
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