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Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article Mm11

Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article Regist10
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Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article Mm11

Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article Regist10

Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article

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Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article Empty Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article

Post by Tony Bennett 31.01.15 20:55


"I'm not running off to a lonely hotel room"

31st January 2015

In my last blog 'No Better Than Brunt' I highlighted the attack by Sonia Poulton at the McCann home.

The home of the McCann children. Minor children.

All were disgusted when we heard of a similar type attack by Martin Brunt on Brenda Leyland which resulted in the saddest, and most tragic of endings.

Poulton crossed a line. Never is there any justification to do what she did, act in the way she did, at the home of minor children. It's appalling conduct.

Today we now hear of shall we say
'her partner in crime' a female by the name of Hutton, having given the Sun a story about how she too attacked the McCanns
describing how she did so, she, and her band of evil friends, though she claims not to have been one of the 'evil ones?


" We had this hardcore group, all women much like myself - similar age, backgrounds. We formed a friendship. I wasn't one of the evil ones - and there were a few of those around."

"I was attacking the McCanns..."

Today she is now screaming -

The Sun misquoted me!


Well fix it dear Hutton, dear Hutton, well fix it dear Hutton, dear Hutton fix it!

But we all know that is not true. That she has not been misquoted. All who know anything about this lady know that she thrives on ME, ME, ME. She loves to play the victim. One look at her blogs...

It is obvious to even those who are as thick as a box rocks, that Ms Hutton is as barmy, mad as a sack of frogs. As dishonest as the day is long.

But despite this, astonishingly today we still have those who:

Are massaging the madness that is Hutton, telling her to get the Sun to put the record straight

And those who it suits to 'believe' her as they dislike Hutton's nemesis, pretending they are outraged on her behalf.

I hate to tell you, all that comes out of this female's mouth is not the truth, and much as those in the above category will have great trouble in accepting the truth of matters, Hutton has taken you all for a ride.

The story she gave the Sun, IS the correct story. It is the very same story she has been feeding you all for a very long time now on her blogs. The Poor Me Story.

There are three types of persons in the case of missing Madeleine McCann.

The Maddie People - Who seek nothing more than justice for this little girl, those who are selfless in their pursuit of the truth, a truth that hopefully one day will lead to the justice the child so deserves.

The Money People - Those who seek to make a fast buck out of the kid. And there are many of those snakes in the grass slithering about this case.

The Me People - Those, like her parents, who have done all in their power to see to it that Madeleine has no voice. Those who claim to be the victims.

The Money People and the Me People feed off each other. As we have seen in the Sun article.


Today, the
Money People
are rubbing their hands, thanks to Hutton, not only did Ms Hutton provide the means for them to make that fast buck, she provided also, all the material necessary to ensure that the reading public got the clear and distinct message that she is not only an abuser of the McCanns (she said so in her own words we cannot argue with that, said also she is happy to not challenge the Sun?) but she rubber stamped the suspicions of most that she is an out and out crackpot, a lady of little truth. A very bitter and twisted individual. Of that there is no question.

Of course there will be those who will tentatively broach the subject, pander to her and say - 'Oh Cristobell, if they have misquoted you, see that it is put right.'

Yah think? Get a grip people - you are dealing with a self serving mad woman!

Be honest with yourselves, see it like it is.

She wanted publicity. She wanted today's story to be about her. She does not care what form that publicity comes, what price, what is the story. Like the McCanns, as long as she can play the victim she's happy.

So not only did she provide the
Sun with her personal ME, ME ME, tale she has now added to her victim status declaring, the Sun
stitched her UP!

Funny that because she also said:

SHE KNEW, they, the
would not quote her correctly! But she is fine with that!


She is taking you all for bigger mugs than first thought then!

Hutton/Cristobell,/Crazy Lady - she is one of life's
ME PEOPLE! She lives in Cloud Cuckooland! Cristobell world. Never will she be able to fight for any cause in a selfless manner, always it will involve 'her story.' Always it will take from the true victims. Always she will slither along with the snakes in the grass if it allows her her fix!

Do any of you truly believe she gives a flying fuck that the story is a load of crap, that it helps Madeleine not a jot? As long as it stars Cristobell this female is happy?

Come on folks - a story about Trolls!

Again I say, what bigger load of bullshit can we get than stories about trolls?

Time to get real.

This is a case of a missing child. A little girl who has been let down by so many.

Today is no different. She is still being let down by those who should have cared most for her.

And no, not the Cristobell's of this world, they are in this for themselves, no other reason. Madeleine McCann means nothing to them.

(Madeleine has been let down by her parents, her family, their friends, the lawyers, the press agencies her parents employ, UK Government, the UK Police and Clarence Mitchell!)

If anyone is in any doubt of that Maddie meant nothing to Hutton - Look no further than
The Sun
article and the self absorbed, silly article that is Hutton herself.

And if I hear another person say that Cristobell has let down the supporters of Madeleine (the antis as Hutton refers to you all) She has not!

She doesn't speak for you surely?

I wouldn't even go as far as saying she let herself down. She did EXACTLY what one would expect of her.

She sought attention, played the victim,
used the case of little Madeleine for her own purposes. And that is shameful.

Stories of her drug taking, her messed up life.
What in hell has that got to do with this little one?

Who actually gives a flying fuck about the mess she has made of her life?

Time everyone stopped this ridiculous nonsense about trolls. Warring trolls. Never have I heard such absolute guff in all my living days.

I hope the
MADDIE PEOPLE, those who truly care about the disappearance of this little girl, see beyond the grasping, greedy ME PEOPLE, THE MONEY PEOPLE,
one lot who seek attention nothing more, and the other financial gain, nothing more.

Hutton posted a long winded comment on one of the forum's. I will post it in its entirely in my next blog, and there all I have to say about this mess she has created will end.

What horrified me about her comment, and confirmed, as if any confirmation was needed, that she seeks nothing but attention, is the following, sickening comment by her:


"In fairness, it is THE SUN! I expected the article to portray me in a bad light. I have no problem with that, I know the truth and am ready, willing and able to shout it from the rooftops. I'm not running off to a lonely hotel room, whatever McCann and Bennet trolls bat at me, will be coming right back at 'em, and then some."

Hutton's remark in reference to Brenda Leyland is offensive, repugnant - 'I'm not running off to a lonely hotel room...'

As for her speaking on behalf of those of you who seek justice for Madeleine - She has no problem with being portrayed in a bad light?

As I said, self serving, mad as a sack of frogs, again the victim -
'Whatever the McCann and Bennet trolls bat at her?'

Today's mess is of her own doing. It has not a jot to do with the McCann/Bennet Trolls. As ever trying to veer from the point. But like the McCanns, this individual will never accept responsibility for her actions, always someone else is to blame.

From her stories, we can see that her whole life, she has never accepted blame, always someone else was responsible for the way she has led that life.

Just like now!

She will milk her latest
poor me drama,
like no other before.

Madeleine it would appear these last years has been her platform to promote her Me, Me, Me Stories!

Don't let that happen folks. Don't feed her! Don't let her use Madeleine in this way.

This is not the first time I have drawn to attention the antics of Hutton, but as I said previously you can only lead a horse to water...

Oh, and before y'all get carried away again. I am not a member of a forum, not a buddy of anyone on a forum, I am not 4 persons in 1 as suggested by some.

Shame some have to build a story to make themselves feel better, but in process make themselves look dumb as hell!

I am one person with my head screwed on the right way, who observes all around me, and tells it straight!

One of the Maddie People!

My advice to you all, to put the Cristobell crap of today behind you (and if not close the thread down, censor her comments on that thread, they do the forum as a whole no favours comments like those in reference to Brenda Leyland -
she's not running off to a lonely hotel room - not nice
) and move on pronto with what matters - The truth of what became of little Madeleine McCann!

Hutton also said she would like to:

"pick up where Brenda Leyland left off"

For crying out loud, how insulting to mention Brenda Leyland in this way. This Hutton appears not to have a decent bone in her body, no sense of decency! No sense of reality!

I would say also to stop the silly bickering on Twitter.

Do those who take part in this know just how bad it comes across to those on the outside looking in?

Of course discuss the case - but the vile bickering pah!

And never forget, no one

played you all for fools. She played in the Sun, she lied in the Sun, she KNEW she said that the Sun
would not portray her in a good light. Then why do it?

Only one answer to that ATTENTION!

And in fairness to the
how could they be expected to make the ridiculous story told by Hutton, look good?

She's having a laugh - at your expense!

She got what she wanted out of this, and more!

Hutton has claimed she has the proof that the
stitched her up. She therefore owes the forum where she is a member, those members who have supported her, that proof!

Do we really think she will come up with it?

Of course she won't she will talk circles round you all, and NEVER produce the goods.

She will blame the usual persons she does.

But maybe, just maybe, now at least some of those amongst you, who have been blinkered regarding this lady will open their eyes WIDE.

SHE KNEW she would be stitched up by the


An afterthought - Why would Hutton not have passed a copy of the 'script' to be published in the Sun, to the Admin at the forum which she is a part, as whatever she had signed up to with the Sun was clearly going to have a huge affect on them, their reputation?
31st January 2015


Dr Martin Roberts: "The evidence is that these are the pjyamas Madeleine wore on holiday in Praia da Luz. They were photographed and the photo handed to a press agency, who released it on 8 May, as the search for Madeleine continued. The McCanns held up these same pyjamas at two press conferences on 5 & 7June 2007. How could Madeleine have been abducted?"

Amelie McCann (aged 2): "Maddie's jammies!".  

Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett

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Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article Empty Re: Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article

Post by Liz Eagles 31.01.15 20:58

Lazz hits the nail on the head again.

Great blog.
Liz Eagles
Liz Eagles

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Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article Empty Re: Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article

Post by plebgate 31.01.15 22:54

Snipped from Lazzeri's blog:

Hutton has claimed she has the proof that the
stitched her up. She therefore owes the forum where she is a member, those members who have supported her, that proof! "

Exactly and with that, I have no more comment, because as Lazz has posted, she is getting the attention she wants.

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Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article Empty Re: Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article

Post by Joss 01.02.15 2:25

aquila wrote:Lazz hits the nail on the head again.

Great blog.
I agree.

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Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article Empty Re: Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article

Post by lj 09.02.15 5:31

What a great story again, not a word over the top. I hope Ros aka christobell reads it too.

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article Empty Re: Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article

Post by Tony Bennett 09.02.15 9:33

lj wrote:What a great story again, not a word over the top. I hope Ros aka cristobell reads it too.
Yes, lj.

And we might as well have the whole brilliant demolition job on Rosalinda Hutton and her supporters on the candyfloss forum up here on the thread, so that all can read and understand the two key themes of Lazzeri's latest article:

1. Hutton's outpourings of rage and hate against CMOMM and myself are motivated by sheer malice and,

2. Those who run the candyfloss forum, and especially candyfloss and fellow admin Jean/NFWTD here, 'Freedom' on there, have actively supported and encouraged that malice continuously for six months.

I wanted to say this myself, but held back, and never did. Now someone else has said it for me.

And the attacks from Hutton continue.

For 6 months, she has proclaimed that I have done a dirty deal with the McCanns, and am actively working for them. This is based substantially on the fact that she believes that 'Smithman' is Gerry McCann whereas I query whether the Smiths ever saw anyone.

Let it be noted briefly once again that the McCanns have activley supported the Smith sighting for over 6 years, since early 2009, and that the McCanns have been united with Operation Grange in promoting the Smithman sighting since early 2013, when the McCann Team and Operation Grange began their collaboration on  the BBC Crimewatch McCann Show on 14 October 2013.

Hutton's latest statement is that it is practically certain that I am a paid agent of the McCanns and a 'shill:

"Has he been working for the McCanns as a high profile shill since they took him back to Court for breaking the injunctions? I'm not quite at the 'beyond reasonable stage', but I'm not far off it".

In another place, an observer of the Poulton/Hutton debacle has said of the above comment:

"Bonkers. Incidentally, it's very common for people losing an argument to accuse their opponents of being 'shills'. On sites about international events, perfectly ordinary people are forever being called 'shills' working for MI5/Moscow/Tel Aviv/Washington/Beijing, etc.

It's not a sign that the accuser is clever, and hip to all the Evil Ways of their opponents. No, it's actually a sign that they are so pathetic and deluded, they can't imagine why anyone would disagree with them unless they were being paid".

And yet, still, today, candyfloss's forum promotes the malicious impostor, Hutton:


One Good Thing - The Nice Man

"I apologise for behaving like a drama queen yesterday..."

"As a writer I strictly adhere to the principles of HONESTY AND INTEGRITY, it is the foundation and basis for everything I write.

Rosalinda Hutton/Cristobell

Hutton first came to my attention in the last year or so, hadn’t read anything she had written, and did not make the connection that Rosalind/Linda Hutton and Cristobell were one and the same person until that time, and why would I, hadn’t read ‘Cristobell.’ As an independent blogger, not part of any forum, not a Twitter user either why would I?

Not until a message was left on the l-azzeri guestbook, did I take a look.

Very soon it became clear that Hutton was a fantasist, an attention seeker. And all of that is fine if that is what and who she is, if that is where her stories end, if they are harming no one other than herself. If she wants to make herself look foolish, fire away. But what struck me immediately was the harm she was doing others as her antics went far beyond simply attention seeking.

She was a liar. Not silly little white lies, or exaggerations to make a story she was relating more interesting. There was malice behind all that she wrote, deliberate malice, intended to inflict the utmost harm, suffering, on others those who did not agree with her, those who had sussed her or those she wanted to exact revenge upon for whatever reason.

I find folk, both interesting, and fascinating, different behaviours. Interesting how they interact with others. How gracious some are, courteous, while discussing, getting their points across, allowing others the freedom to voice theirs, listening and considering the alternate viewpoint, sometimes discussions getting a little heated of course, but being able to politely agree to disagree when necessary!

Then there are those who want it all their own way, the attention seekers.

Not all attention seekers are bad persons. Those of us who abhor such behaviour, those of us who prefer to quietly make a point not amidst a drama, tend to give the attention seeker a wide berth, ignore their absolute need to be seen, heard, their absolute need to be at the centre of all. We walk away when we spot them heading in our direction, save us having to watch whatever next embarrassing and cringe-worthy exhibition they are about to make of themselves, and inflict on others.

Unfortunately there are those attention seekers who are prepared to go to extreme lengths, who will stoop lower than a snakes belly to get what they want, such is their all-consuming need to be centre stage at all times.

No one will stand in their way. They will never allow that to happen. They care not a jot the harm they cause others in the madness that is their pursuit of being noticed.

Enter Hutton.

In this age of social media so easy for anyone, anyone at all to spread lies about another to spread the shit knowing that some will stick. And that is exactly what Hutton set out to do. That is what Hutton does. Rarely is anything she posts factual, and what she doesn’t know as fact Hutton makes it up as she goes along!

I noticed that anyone who dared question her on any topic, dared challenge a statement she had made even during seemingly simple and general forum topics was met with abuse, serious abuse. Abuse of the type she claimed in the recent Sun article she enjoyed dishing out! The type she was addicted to taking part in.

Being addicted to harming others? Wow!

Being addicted to harming others while playing the victim? Wow, Wow, and Wow again.

A seriously disturbed individual!

Hutton ducked and dived I observed. Never would she answer a direct question put to her by a forum member. Rather than answer she would abuse them. Was the reason being she did not know the answer to the question, did not want to be seen as less than knowledgeable about the case, than others? It appeared to the reader she was winging it. The downfall of which, when asked to further explain any point, she was unable to. Easier for her to then mock abuse the person posing her the 'difficult' question? She would twist it all around change the subject, then as always, play the victim card, everyone was being nasty to her.

But Hutton did not stop at that.

Hutton lied over and over even in situations where she was not 'cornered' where one might say she had no need to duck, dive and lie. The malice behind her lies evident and cruel. Her intention to cause others the utmost distress.

In this now age of social media where at the touch of a button an untruth can be spread far and wide, Hutton used this to her advantage.

The forum where she had been a part had suspended her due to her appalling conduct (her abuse of other members aside) her refusal to carry out a request made by the management there to take her ‘problem’ to another thread.

Immediately she took to Twitter, and her blog and began spreading her lies.

* She had been banned she cried. Her first lie!

* She had been banned because she disagreed with the opinions of others regarding, she said the Smith sighting, banned because she had disagreed she said with one person in particular, a guy named Bennett.

Her second and third lie!

In the days that followed, her lies and abuse continued. The lie grew, feet, legs and arms.

As the days passed the reasons for the NON EXISTENT BAN became wilder, the lies grew bigger.

Those who do not like this guy Bennett jumped on the band wagon. What did the truth matter, they did not like the guy so were happy to encourage Cristobell. It suited them to.

I am in the fortunate position of not knowing either of these people. Not part of their forums.

I am fortunate also in that it is my make-up, no matter whether l may dislike someone, dislike their views, what they stand for or disagree with them on certain or all subjects at all levels, absolutely I cannot - when it comes to my attention - sit back, and not speak up for such persons when someone is spreading malicious lies about them simply because they can, simply because it suits their agenda to do so. My like or dislike of any person who is being abused by another does not enter into it, only fairness and honesty.

And that is what Hutton did, she lied to cause that forum harm, she lied to cause individuals real harm, and did not bat an eyelid doing so. Filled with hatred and revenge for being suspended she embarked on a very nasty campaign against another. She stepped with the usual frightening ease into the role of victim which she has been playing her entire life - when it suits her!

She executed her malice, her lies in the same cold and cruel way as Kate McCann did with Dr Goncalo Amaral, and for whatever reason, many stood by and did nothing, those who knew that this is what she was doing, those who knew absolutely that she was lying, did nothing, said nothing?

I can only ponder as to why -

* They were being left alone by Hutton, she wasn’t picking on them so why get involved?

* They didn’t like Bennett, so why get involved?

He had not a jot to do with Hutton’s suspension (not her 'banning' as she likes to describe it which we all know was a blatant lie by Hutton) but what the hell, if Hutton wants to spread malicious lies about the man on social media so be it.

He’s not liked in some quarters that much I could see, so Hutton lying about the man somehow was deemed as acceptable?

Interestingly the managers of that forum are now the managers of the new forum, so they too know that the suspension dished out to Hutton, not a ban but a suspension, was not a jot to do with Bennett , yet back then THEY said nothing to correct this, the lies being told by Hutton, and they STILL stay schtum now?

And it is that attitude that makes those who turned a blind eye, no better than Hutton.

When she is exaggerating a story, a story about the ‘the one that got away’ a story that in no way harms anyone - fine to ignore it to walk away!

It is quite a different matter when she fucks with someone’s life, no matter who that someone is, just because she can. How anyone can just ignore this, is beyond my understanding.

It would do those good, those who do not speak up, to remember the events of the last week where Hutton turned on them, where most of those who had popped their head above the parapet then very cowardly backed down when Hutton played them like fools, telling them she had been threatened feared leaving her home, raising also her mental health issue. Or, did they fear that she would turn to Twitter or her blog and do a nasty piece on them too?

We speak of, and condemn those who ignore the facts in the Madeleine McCann case.

Those who ignore this poor kid’s plight, the cruelty she and her siblings clearly suffered at the hands of their parents.

We speak of, and condemn the McCanns/Mitchell and all involved in this case who have let down this child so very badly by their lies by covering the truth of what became of the child.

Yet some stand by, knowing Hutton is no better than Kate or Gerry McCann, no better than Clarence Mitchell, knowing she lies with the very same ease as they do, and causes others by her very actions, the same type of harm that they do.

Yes, people are fascinating, interesting, and sometimes sadly they behave in the same scum like fashion as those they claim to abhor, they sit back and allow others to be destroyed by such lying bastards as Hutton.

Most sit back do not speak out when Hutton plays the victim.

Of course she should not be encouraged, in many ways the best way to deal with her and her sort is to ignore and not encourage what she is, what she does, BUT NOT BEFORE speaking up, not before speaking out against what you know are the lies the harm she has caused others, thus far. Not before it is on record that you know too what she did, and continues to do is so very wrong.

Then and only then should those who wish to ignore her do so, when she knows that she is no longer fooling you or anyone else, when she knows that she can no longer can hurt others by her lies!

The irreparable damage, devastation that Hutton can cause by her lies is frightening. Frightening that someone is so hate filled, just like Kate McCann that she spends her time hounding this man Bennett because she can.

Hutton is a dangerous female of that there is no question. Twisted and bitter so much so that she cannot stop herself.

She is not simply a drama queen. She is cunning, manipulative, operates at all times with malice on her mind. From reading her writings, observing her antics, of this there is absolutely no questions or doubt in my mind.

This past week we have seen her tell lie after lie, story after story, twist and turn, wriggle and squirm, accuse others, blame others, been appallingly abusive towards others. In other words, doing what she has always done, doing what some have chosen for a very long time to ignore for whatever reason.

Hutton by her own actions has proven this past week, and irrefutably so, to the rest of the world that is the Twitter world the forum world which she inhabits, what I saw, discovered the moment I began reading her writings, (after receiving that first message on my guestbook) that she is a vile character, is without integrity, honesty or decency one who demonstrates complete and total disregard for others, who cares not the harm her actions cause others, who has no respect for her fellow man.

As Hutton said she likes to squish people.

“You do get a buzz when you squish somebody. I felt high. The more outrageous you, are, the bigger the reaction”

Hutton is the person, no decent human being would ever wish to be.

The history of Hutton is that she destroys everything in her path, anything and anyone who she deems stands in her way, the way of her mad attention seeking.

“It is a form of attention-seeking really. It’s a real buzz that keeps drawing you back. Perhaps I should be ashamed of that but it is so easy to become hooked.”

The online forum which she is currently in the process of destroying, where she is currently abusing her fellow members, and where quite astonishingly the managers there continued for most of the past week, to encourage the Hutton madness and abuse, their members started to kick back.

I was reading there couple days ago.

That same polite guy who spoke up against Hutton, and was then abused by her, spoke up again.

His comments were deleted by the managers.

I continued to view as they posted a message to him informing him of this, that they felt he had crossed a line and had deleted his comment/s.

This time, all the abusive posts by Hutton remained on the site. Most though were on the thread which the managers had hurriedly closed, stating they had done so to give everyone a breather – things had hotted up there, their members no longer prepared to put up with Hutton, and said as much, so they closed it down.

The message to the young man they sent to him via another thread. (I copied them)

The young man replied, on this thread. So be it, he said, if that was their decision to remove his comments, so be it, but he made it clear that he stood firmly by his opinion, that Hutton was a long way from being an honest individual who had integrity.

He was then told that he was not allowed to voice such opinion on that forum, he was to take it elsewhere. They suggested Facebook.

Meanwhile the many abusive and vile comments by Hutton remained.

Another member came to the defence of the young man. A young woman, she pointed out to the managers that they had allowed the posts by Hutton to stand, one in particular on display on the very thread they were currently posting on. This young woman pointed out also the unfairness of it all, that Hutton was allowed to post whatever she wanted, no matter that it was abusive to fellow members. She stated also that she too would have replied to Hutton in the way the young man had, as would others, if Hutton had spoken to them in the appalling way she had him.

The manager put firmly on the spot by the young female member was left with no choice but to remove the offending comment by Hutton.

The other thread had remained closed.

Hutton saw that the tide was changing somewhat.

She had been vile to one and all, that is, her fellow forum members, not McCann supporters, (they the McCann abduction theory supporters, it seems, and according to Hutton felt sorry for her at the way she was being treated by the anti’s as she refers to her fellow forum members, who she also deemed as trolls – anti trolls! How nice of her!

She could see that this was heading in the same direction that all her past vile conduct had on other forum, this just another forum where she had wreaked havoc by lying and cheating. She may have no choice but to either leave or be kicked out.

As is the way of this horrid female, she took to Twitter her blog, just as she always does. Played the victim, accused all and sundry of everything her sick mind could dream up.

Bennett she said wanted her dead, he had incited hatred against her.

She was frightened to leave her home not for fear of those persons who believe the McCann abduction story, but she claimed she was afraid of her fellow members on the forums on twitter, the antis (the bad antis?) They had turned on her she said. She could see another death happening. (unashamedly, and sickeningly comparing herself to B. Leyland)

Fools (and I say fools, as anyone who cannot see through this excuse for a human being, is a fool) asked her what was wrong with her, asked, WHO had threatened her. ‘Had someone come to her home, her door?’ one such fool asked!

Of course no one had come to her door. Of course she had not received death threats from anyone, and most certainly not this guy Bennett.

But Hutton doesn’t do truth. She was she said
too afraid to leave her home. What a shed load of shit - Bennett wanted her killed?

Others those not daft enough to be taken in by Hutton’s malicious twit messages, told her that Bennett had said no such thing he simply disagrees with her. The way he did so perhaps not a wise or clever move, playing into the hands of the hateful Hutton (he had made an appeal to the forum where she is a member to NOT allow her to comment there, but bear in mind MEMBERS OF THAT FORUM it must be said appealed for this also), but he certainly did not want her dead or threaten to kill her. So far from the truth it allows us to see the madness and malice that is Hutton. This man Bennett has made mistakes for sure, but who hasn't, probably done himself more harm than good, but that does not make it okay for Hutton to spread malicious lies to continue to try and squish him.

From Twitter

Cristobell Author
@RosalindaHu Feb 5

"I fear physical attack from anonymous anti's worrying about their reputations, even the pro's feel sorry for me."

(So Hutton expects all to believe that anti’s who are worrying about their reputations will attack her? That Pro’s feel sorry for her? Madame no one feels sorry for an habitual and malicious liar)

Twitter again:

MrsWaspie@MrsWaspie Feb 5

Ros (Hutton) I supported your motives for the Sun interview and defended it in part, but this tweet is shocking

(Indeed Waspie her twit message is shocking, glad you noticed)


Cristobell Author
@RosalindaHu Feb 5

So is the behaviour of some of the anti's, I am shocked to the core


@MrsWaspie Feb 5

On tag?


Cristobell Author @RosalindaHu Feb 5

"Everywhere. Bennett has put out a call for unified hate and attack, I am to be executed, literally I think."

(Everywhere? Oh lordy lordy, everywhere? Unified hate and attack, and an execution has to take place also, LITERALLY…she thinks! And she contacted the police? Nah, didn’t think so. She is more likely to call the nice man at the Sun!) 

The Hare@TheyFearTheHare

thats a slight exaggeration, he's simply disagreeing with your approach, there's no incitement of hate

(At last a sane and sensible Twit person! I would however have not used the word 'slight' it was not a slight exagerration to say what she did, it was a downright lie. Of course Bennett had not called for her to be harmed in any way whatsoever. Despicable of Hutton to accuse this man in this way.)

Her stories continued with the nonsense:


Cristobell Author@RosalindaHu Feb 5

(Bennett) wants me tarred, feathered and caste out of society! He's gathering rocks for a stoning

Hutton is someone who clearly crawled out from under a rock somewhere, and should crawl straight back.

Hutton took to her blog also, and launched another piece about how she is a victim - launched - ‘I apologise’

After having read it, it is difficult to see where is the apology?

She did not apologise to those members of the forum for lying, for being abusive towards them. She did not make a public apology to Bennett for the blatant and appalling lies she has told about this man on Twitter over the last few days (and months) Whether one loves or loathes this man, Hutton has lied over and over again about him, has spent the past 6 months writing the utter shit about him that she has. And she wonders why her writing career failed?

What publisher would take on someone this nasty? What publisher would want their name associated with a person who spends their days abusing an elderly man, abusing others too on social media, who gets a buzz out of doing so. Less dangerous people are locked up! No publisher would want the name Hutton, associated with their company

Her reason for being abusive over last week she stated, was her just being a drama queen – So that is okay then?

An ageing female who felt like being a drama queen abused others and that is okay?

When a toddler misbehaves has a drama a tantrum, there are consequences to their actions.

Hutton – expects none.

She behaves appallingly to one and all, and then writes her piece – ‘I Apologise’ A self -serving piece like all pieces she has written.

After all the abuse which she served up this week, she says she was simply being a drama queen!

At least we know from this statement that she was not suffering from any mental health issue, not having an episode, she was just being a nasty old drama queen!

Good we got that established, that she was doing, what Hutton is known for, what Hutton admitted to in the Sun article – attacking others online. The hobby that she admitted to being addicted to - violence against others. Squishing people for fun. The fact that it is verbal, makes no difference.

She does it for a laugh, harms others because she wants attention she likes being a drama queen.

Despicable, nasty, nasty person.

She then continued in ‘I Apologise’ s by saying Bennett had called a jihad against her!

"First we have the call for 'Jihad' by Tony Bennett against me. He demands that the anti's unite to cast out the evil that is Cristobell. In another life he would probably have been an Ayatollah, perhaps he doesn't hate Islam, so much as envy it"

Anyone at this point, thinking the men in the little white coats should be called for Hutton?

Well one might think so, but NO she made it perfectly clear she has this past week harmed so many people because she was playing at being a drama queen! Been one since she was a kid she said, does it when she is seeking attention she said.

And of course the rest of ‘ I Apologise’ was about her, how everyone else had made her feel bad, how she shouldn’t have read the thousands of messages of hate she had received. (Only in her mixed up and malicious mind did she receive thousands of unkind messages!)

Bottom line - she made no apology - YOU caused her to act as she did, and YOU made her act like a drama queen, because YOU, thousands of YOU sent her nasty messages!

But never fear, the one thing she is not blaming you good folks for, is for her having read the messages, for that she blames herself.

Shucks that’s good to know. Y’all will be feeling so much better for that!

But how could she not read them said she, she just had to! Despite them taking her back to her childhood a time when she felt hated too (can hear the violins from here) back to her confused and mixed up life, hmm - it made her cry – (crocodile tears, crying with laughter at every word of shit she typed, in this apology, an apology to take the piss out of you all)

But who exactly was Hutton's shit apology aimed at? Well it was for those who saw that she was in trouble and came to her aid.

Roughly translated the persons who are still so stupid, who are as thick as a box of rocks, those who refuse to see through her.

Laughed my ass off at that one!

Taking the piss big time!

Hutton of course went on to try and convince her readers of her honesty and integrity.

Yeah like that was gonna be successful after putting all the shit that she had in print on twitter.


"For what it is worth, I did the Sun interview because I know that I a not a troll. My twitter timeline, my blog and everything I have ever written online stands up to scrutiny. And there is a very good reason for this. As a writer I strictly adhere to the principles of HONESTY AND INTEGRITY, it is the foundation and basis for everything I write.

Neither the Mainstream Media nor any of my enemies have been able to find evidence that I am a malicious troll, and they never will because such evidence does not exist. I wonder if all those protesting so vocally can say the same?"

Was it honest to say Bennett had taken called for a jihad against her, that he had incited hatred against her? Yes we could all laugh at the ridiculousness of her statements, but there is another side to this - the harm she wishes to cause.

Was she acting with honesty and integrity when she posted the many vile, abusive and untrue comments about others on her blog, the forum where she is a member, on twitter, and has been doing so for a very long time, and continues to do so now?

She is playing you all for mugs.

As always Hutton tells us of how she is a drama queen, always has been, since a child she said, always will be and won’t change for anyone she said.

So we have it straight from the horses' mouth her intention is to post more lies, cause more harm to others. You can expect it!

I guess some will be wondering why she wrote
‘I Apologise’ if she was intending to carry on with her vile behaviour?

Easy –
‘I Apologise’ just another attention seeking piece. The title drew folk in, folk expecting to read a genuine heartfelt apology, but instead it was another piece about Hutton, how the world owes her!

And in her sick mind that gives her the right to abuse others.

As ever she included the same old worn out story of how she is a strong woman, not a Stepford wife, the usual crap, of how no one will tell her what to do.

How may times can Hutton spin the same shit, of how her whole life she has been a victim, but a victim she also claimed abused persons in the places where she has worked, and been dismissed for doing so. She speaks of how she abused them, wears the tag like a badge of honour.

But of course this is all okay in Hutton world. Okay for HER to abuse.

We are expected to believe that the gang of females, of which she was a part, were all evil with the exception of her. That is her statement. They were all evil but not her.

Did she dish out her abuse in a way less evil than her buddies?

This she follows with playing the victim. Followed next by her role as Ms Angry - 'no one will tell me what to do' The finale, is always a return to her childhood, how she was a drama queen, how she is still a drama queen, blah blah blah

How many times must this same old guff be put in print, be used as an excuse for what is no more than a nasty person being nasty, behaving appallngly?

Time to change the record Hutton!

What Hutton is, is a nasty individual who when in good health or bad, enjoys and takes great pleasure from causing others harm. If it serves her purpose to harm her fellow man, she has no qualms in doing exactly that.

Her way out when she is challenged is to play the victim as she has in the past week, as she has in life, as she has in ‘I apologise,’

And it won’t end with the
‘I Apologise’ blog, a string of such like blogs will follow for sure. More lies, more drama queen, more playing the victim, more not accepting responsibility for her actions, for the horrible lies she tells.

‘I Apologise’ as is the case in all Hutton’s writings was about Hutton, not about her victims, not about any apology she owes them.

Hutton does not do truth. Hutton does not do 'sorry.'

Hutton and Kate McCann cut from the same cloth!

I could print reams of the comments and malice she has written about others, this female who claims that there is NO evidence to be found of her malice, her lies – A lie in itself! And such a stupid lie as the evidence is there for all to see on her blogs, Twitter, in the comments she has lodged on forums!

She openly admitted in the Sun article that she enjoyed attacking others online that she was addicted to it, that she loved what she described as wars. She openly stated she was a bitch. A bitch who had attacked the McCanns also.

There are probably more lies and inconsistencies in a Hutton story than a McCann story!

How then can there be no evidence when it is splattered everywhere, in the press also? How can she say she acts with integrity?

To lie, cheat, attack others, she considers to be acting with integrity, with honesty, with kindness, not causing harm to others?

She has lost the plot completely!

When her comments, malicious comments have been reproduced by others, when her lies have been reproduced by others presented to her in black and white, that she is still able to post on Twitter, on her blog and on the forum where she is a member that she acts with honesty and integrity, is truly disturbing behaviour..

As a writer she said, she follows the principle of honesty and integrity.

What a crock load of crap. Makes one wonder who in hell she thinks she is speaking to, who she thinks she is fooling? Would have to be a bunch of dumb bastards to be taken in by what she puts in print, and by that outrageous statement.

The lies, malice and hypocrisy are there in black and white for all to see.

If there is anyone who claims not to see it then they are lying to themselves.

And by doing so what chance does the case of little Madeleine McCann have the fight for justice for her when there are people like Hutton who lie just because they can, who hurt and cause harm to others just because they can, and when people support the lies and malice Hutton spreads that is what they do, harm Madeleine.

Hutton is like a disease, a flesh eating disease that spreads through the forums destroying everything in her path. Causing harm to others.

I looked in again on the latest forum currently being destroyed by her, again a member was appealing for the managers to stop supporting at least for the time being, the madness that is Hutton, her malicious Twit comments and blogs they asked not to be reproduced on the forum. Another said that the kindest thing would be for someone to go round (to Hutton’s) and remove her laptops, any device in fact that she could use to continue with her malice basically.

One manager in her wisdom (?) appealed to Hutton to stop feeding the bastards. Not quite the same thing as appealing to Hutton to stop abusing others?

But then this very same manager states, and in response to those members who called for Hutton’s nonsense not to be published on their forum, that she is in agreement, that negative comments should not be published but that she would allow the latest by Hutton/Cristobel to stand as it was a good thing that Hutton had posted she was now feeling better.

Laughed my ass off at that one.

Hutton was feeling better, hadn’t made anything close to an apology to members on her forum, had posted on her own blog a shed load of shit and the manager ‘Freedom’ in her wisdom thought that was a good thing?

Freedom’s response, and you sensible people out there will laugh as heartily as I did, when you read it:

I certainly think that the negative messages shouldn't be highlighted but the one I've just copied is a positive one to let people know that Ros is feeling better now.

So Hutton (Ros) has for the past week spread shit everywhere about just about everyone, and now she is feeling better (for having done so, for being abusive, and lying, for having wreaked her revenge?) one and all have to be silenced say no more about it.

Meanwhile Hutton has the poison pen out once more and is firing out nasty blogs.

Yes Freedom, Hutton, she is feeling much better, so much better that she is back in the business of abusing others. And Yip as predicted there would be a speedy follow up to ‘I Apologise!’

I tell you, school kids, kids at kindergarten don’t act out the way Hutton and some of these people do!

Yeah that bowl of wholesome soup, for starters, the shed load of shit for the main, and a nose dive into a cream meringue, made Hutton feel better, gave her the strength to start afresh – to produce more malice!

I guess there are still some out there who just aren’t prepared yet to 'pass on fruitcake ' still happy to have seconds, no matter how bad for them it is!

If there is ONE GOOD THING that came of the nasty article by the nice man at the Sun, it is that it has shown Hutton for what she is. It has given some the courage to speak out against this vile individual a courage they previously seemed not to have.

And Hutton did it all to herself, provided the material for the article and then followed up by posting some of the craziest and most abusive stuff that is out there online.

She’ll keep doing it, she has no stop button. She only has self- destruct!

One might say she is more to be pitied, but not so, when she continues to cause so much harm to others, continues to spread lies!

I was talking with a friend a couple nights ago about the malice and evil that is Hutton. ‘She’ll burn herself out’ – my friend said of her.

Let’s hope she does!


“I’m interested in the study of human behaviour and what it is that makes some people truly evil. I think Kate and Gerry will be the stuff of textbooks for many years to come.”

Such irony, on more counts than one!

I think if Kate and Gerry McCann were to read that they would be saying –
right back at yah Hutton!

For sure there is plenty evidence out there, of the evil doings of both parties McCann and Hutton–and by their very nature it will just keep coming!

The 'stories' will become more fantastic for sure. The paranoia greater, the accusations against others more bizarre. In the crazy world of Cristobell, she accuses persons of all sorts.

According to Hutton, anyone who speaks out against her must either be Bennett or a supporter. Never does it cross this ridiculous drama queen's mind that people speak against her vile conduct, her lies, not because they are related to Bennett or are supportive of Bennett (though they may indeed support this man) or be in support of anyone else she lies about, it is because they
support truth, honesty and justice, and abhor the bitter hatred, the evil and violence that Hutton thrives on, clearly stands for.

Some of us just tell it like it is. Don't like to see bullies like Hutton act out!

Hutton left that forum, and since, she has written more hate filled blogs about this man than any other subject.

I guess she knows such hate filled pieces will be 'crowd pleasers' for the type of audience she attracts?

Always an easy option for her to write a nasty piece about Bennett when she herself is feeling the heat, he's an easy target.

Hutton may have a way with words but she uses this, to do harm, not good.

Little or nothing separates her from McCann, neither party prepared to own their own shit!

Both parties put themselves, their stories before that of missing Madeleine.

There is no disputing the despicable conduct of Hutton, her words and lies reproduced here, but if any of us hope that she will refrain in future from doing much hope of that, as Kate McCann wishing Dr Amaral well. Each of these females have set out to do harm, and that is what they will continue to do.

This business by Hutton against Bennett, is nothing to do with persons disagreeing on a forum, differences of opinion, she left the forum this is about the evil that is Hutton. A woman obsessed with bringing serious harm to another a woman consumed with hate.

When she left she could have, should have, moved on.

But that would have been a lot less fun for her to do some research about the case, her pleasure in life she gets from harming others from hounding this man Bennett for no other reason than she can!

Hutton's menu won't ever change - more soup, more lies, more malice! No Madeleine! Just a whole lot of bullying, and bashing of Bennett! And an extra helping of Me, Me, and Me!
8th February 2015


Dr Martin Roberts: "The evidence is that these are the pjyamas Madeleine wore on holiday in Praia da Luz. They were photographed and the photo handed to a press agency, who released it on 8 May, as the search for Madeleine continued. The McCanns held up these same pyjamas at two press conferences on 5 & 7June 2007. How could Madeleine have been abducted?"

Amelie McCann (aged 2): "Maddie's jammies!".  

Tony Bennett
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Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article Empty Re: Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article

Post by G-Unit 09.02.15 10:28

I can understand how annoying it must be, and that there is a history to all of it which I am not party to, but I don't think that other forum is relevant really. 

I just checked on it and they have 224 registered users. This forum has 4,244. At the moment I looked they had 3 registered users online, 0 hidden users and 13 guests. This forum has 268 registered users online; 25 registered, 4 hidden and 239 guests. Says it all for me - here is where the important work is being done and where debate is flourishing.

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Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article Empty Re: Lazzeri on Sonia Poulton and Rosalinda Hutton - The full article

Post by Joss 09.02.15 13:06

Thanks Tony for posting the L-azzeri article. Wow that was a big article to read, but so much truth in that article for sure. I always say if you dish it out you got to be prepared to get it back, but some people don't get that, and RH is one of them. Don't people get sick of reading her diatribe? She is so damn boring. Same shit different day or week, nothing to see there folks.

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