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Thoughts - Winnower Mm11

Thoughts - Winnower Regist10

Thoughts - Winnower

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Thoughts - Winnower Empty Thoughts - Winnower

Post by Guest on 25.10.10 11:43

Yet another very good blog - this time from Winnower, hadn't seen this blog before

Thoughts ...

After acquainting myself with everything I could learn about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, trying to study the files released by the Portuguese PJ, watching video interviews, reading every news article I had time to read, I knew that there was something quite wrong with the story told by Madeleine's parents and their friends. So much has been already said about that, all over the internet there are people, like me, expressing the reasons why - there is no need to go into that here and now.

A long time ago I came to the conclusion that no legal punishment the McCanns could possibly face for their actions after their child "went missing" would be as traumatic as losing the daughter they loved. I believed they loved Madeleine. It is what they have done from May 2007 on that I have thought about and continue to think about every day and why I believe they must be held to account.

The McCanns and others aligned with them apparently determined that the way to exonerate themselves, to avoid the consequences for their actions, was to destroy a Truthteller, a man who would not turn his back on his lifelong commitment to justice, a man who would not cast aside his integrity. As I watched it take place, I even came to the point of wondering if they did love their children, if those happy family photos told the true story. Could they be capable of love and at the same time capable of intentionally ruining other people's lives? People they knew to be telling the truth when they knew they themselves were NOT telling the truth?

More for Dr. Amaral (and others they have attempted to destroy), than for the crimes related to Madeleine (crimes which I believe took place) I have waited, with many others, for justice to be done and for the McCanns and anyone else involved in the cover-up to their crimes be subjected to the strictest punishment possible.

Over the last three and a half years, I've watched it all, as have so many people from countries all around the world.

I saw a Portuguese professional lead an investigation into a little girl's disappearance. I watched him dedicate himself to solving a complicated case - working with a crime scene contaminated by the McCanns and their friends, being subjected to the immediate intervention of the British government, staying silent (as was his duty) when reporters and pundits insulted him, questioned his abilities, mocked his appearance.

Then I watched as, on his birthday, he was removed from the case - a transfer apparently known about by the British Prime Minister before Dr. Amaral himself was even informed of the action (the outrageous injustice, in my opinion).

This dignified professional, with over 20 years serving his countrymen, was not defended by those who led the organisation to which he had given his life. His career, up until that time, had been exemplary, and who stood up for him against the xenophobic British media who labeled him a "Keystone Kop"? Where were his superiors when the British headlines were screaming (inaccurately) that he was "fired"? Who among them stood up to defend him when reporters were calling him a "bumbler", "disgraced" or "inept"?

I saw a man who had conducted himself with quiet dignity and who chose to leave a career he loved, who stepped off the path he'd walked his entire life, because he refused to break the rules of the organisation he served by speaking out about the case - a man forced to leave his profession out of a commitment to the very thing that organisation was supposed to stand for - TRUTH and JUSTICE.

To speak the truth, this man made what had to have been an agonising decision...and yet, after watching him all this time, I believe it was the only decision he could make and remain true to all he had ever been.

So... he wrote the truth of the investigation. The "Truth of the Lie" is not vindictive in tone, it is not cruel or unkind. It is a factual account of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, up until the time Dr. Amaral was removed from the helm of the inquiry.

It is the voice that had remained silent finally finding expression.

I applaud the Lisbon Appeals Court for overturning the decision to silence this man. Specifically, I applaud the Appeals Court judges, Francisco Bruto da Costa, Catarina Arelo Manso and António Valente for upholding the right of this Portuguese citizen, one who has served his country for so many years, with integrity and professionalism, to speak freely and to be heard by those of us all around the world who want to hear him.


To the Amarals, if by some chance you read this blog;

I want to thank you for your courage and the sacrifices you have ALL made. While many are celebrating the decision of the Lisbon court, I find myself filled with a deep sadness over what you have endured. My hope is that you will be fully vindicated and that the days ahead bring you peace and happiness as a family.

To you, Dr. Amaral, a personal note;

This world is full of many injustices, there are many people who suffer unfairly and many things that are impossible to accept without protest. This has been one of those things. I agree with the definition of a hero as being a person who faces adversity by choice, unselfishly, motivated by principles and a commitment to his fellow man. And you are that, Dr. Amaral. It is rarely I've ever been willing to call anyone a hero, but you are that to me. Thank you for helping me believe there is goodness in this world.

Para os Amarais, se por algum acaso você ler este blog;

Quero agradecer a você por sua coragem e os sacrifícios que todos têm feito. Enquanto muitos estão comemorando a decisão do tribunal de Lisboa, sinto-me cheio de uma tristeza profunda sobre o que você tem sofrido. Minha esperança é que você vai ser plenamente justificada e que os próximos dias lhe tragam paz e felicidade como uma família.

Para você, Dr. Amaral, uma nota pessoal;

Este mundo está cheio de muitas injustiças, há muitas pessoas que sofrem injustamente e muitas coisas que são impossíveis de aceitar, sem protestar. Esta foi uma dessas coisas. Concordo com a definição de um herói como sendo uma pessoa que enfrenta a adversidade pela escolha, desinteressadamente, motivados por princípios e um compromisso com seus semelhantes. E você é isso, Dr. Amaral. É raro que eu já estive disposto a chamar alguém um herói, mas você é que para mim. Obrigado por me ajudar a acreditar que existe bondade neste mundo.

Posted by Winnower at 10/24/2010

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Thoughts - Winnower Empty Re: Thoughts - Winnower

Post by listener on 25.10.10 13:52

An excellent post/find Thoughts - Winnower 636506

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