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Bearing False Witness

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Re: Bearing False Witness

Post by Verdi on 29.09.18 21:55

I've moved your post ^^^ here from the  'EXCLUSIVE: Gerry McCann to open up about his mental health struggles in 'honest, personal and sometimes painful' Radio 4 interview' thread.

As can be seen up-page, Susan Moyes was interviewed on BBC radio where she had this to say..

SM: Sure. We went out for a meal about 7 o'clock, down in the town, we walked back about 9 o'clock, round past, errm... the... the church, round past the supermarket, back to the apartment, went out on the balcony about quarter past nine - everywhere was peaceful, everywhere was lovely - we then went to bed.

No indication as to who went out on the balcony, why and for how long.  In various press reports there were different versions of who, why and when.  There is no proof of any of this.  My only question is why Susan Moyes agreed to an interview with BBC RADIO - it served no purpose.  It was however only a matter of days before Pamela Fenn gave her only formal witness statement to the police.

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