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Joana Morais

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Joana Morais

Joana Morais holds a unique position in this prolonged mystery into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann - she hails from Portugal.  

Although less vocal in latter days, Ms Morais is and always has been a forerunner in the campaign for justice, working tirelessly behind the scenes and sharing the benefit of her knowledge with the world. She is a well respected professional in her field of work and valued member of CMoMM, posting under the name 'xklamation'  and thus worthy of her own space on CMoMM, who like so many others over the years, have relied on her perspicacy and her intimate knowledge of the case and of the beautiful land of Portugal.  Something so lacking in the majority of case followers, Madeleine McCann being of British origin.

So, without further ado - let Ms Morais speak for herself..

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Joana Morais :: Comments


Post on 14.05.18 0:31 by Verdi

Panorama BBC, Madeleine McCann 10 Years On, broadcast by BBC, May 3, 2017

A few important points to retain:

1- Clarence Mitchell stated he knew that using private detectives whilst a police investigation is ongoing was illegal but attempted to shift blame on to the Portuguese legislation; unlike what he said it's not a technicality issue, but a legal one. The criminal investigation in Portugal is done by the proper police forces PJ, GNR, PSP, under the tutelage of the Ministry of Justice, acting under the guidance of the Public Ministry. He also attempted to excuse, in a somewhat xenophobic and arrogant manner, the use of Spanish detectives because they had similarities to the Portuguese. Along the years the McCanns hired other detectives and retired cops who were predominantly British, so Mitchell excuse does not hold water.

2 - Bilton, with a sense of colonialist entitlement, spent a good time of this Panorama illegally doorstepping innocent people, including a schizophrenic man that was one of the three suspects of the English investigation. Suspects that were easy targets, which, according to the Portuguese media at the time, the English were so keen to caught they even asked the PJ to get their DNA without the men's knowledge or consent. Bilton can also be seen intimidating another innocent man, a former Ocean club employee, who like many others lost his job at the resort due to cuts in staff following the child's disappearance and ensuing media onslaught, a man that clearly was unable to answer in a fluid English or even understand what the reporter was asking. Absolutely shameful that Bilton brought this Portuguese man to the media attention, possibly endangering his very needed job and right to privacy.

3 - It's alleged by both the journalist and Clarence Micthell that the Portuguese police offered a plea bargain deal to Kate McCann, those deals are not part of the legal context within the Portuguese juridical system. Kate's lawyer at the time, Carlos Pinto de Abreu, categorically denied this fabrication. This plea bargain rumour seems to have its origins in Philomena McCann, Gerry's sister, interview given to Sky News in 2007.

4 - It is also alleged the McCann's fund is a charity, this is a lie and an attempt to manipulate yet again the gullible public, the fund was never recognised by the Charity Commission. Madeleine's Fund - 'Leaving No Stone Unturned' is in fact a limited company that was established on May, 15 2007, that was notably used, at least once, to pay for the McCann's mortgage of their house in Rothley, Leicestershire.

5 - It's alleged Jim Gamble was called in early on the investigation to "help the Portuguese". He was certainly not called by the Portuguese Judiciary Police, there's no reference to his name on the case files. If anything he was called by the parents.

6 - Theresa May, the then Home Office secretary is presented at the Leveson inquiry, affirming the government were about to review the Maddie case anyway, and that her decision was not due to pressures of News international. Whilst Jim Gamble, who seems to have a standing dispute with the now British prime minister since the CEOP debacle in 2010 alleges the reason for the reopening was due to pressures by Murdoch's media group. The story behind the reopening was fully researched by the now extinct Exaro newspaper, a series of investigative reports pointing to how Jim Gamble's report commissioned by Theresa May's predecessor in 2010, which has now resurfaced in Sky News Brunt's documentary (bellow), was possibly used to politically interfere in police matters and force the Metropolitan police to open a review of the Maddie case with a specific remit.

7 - Murat seems to have been targeted on purpose by unknown people in the McCann camp. Bilton makes shocking allegations that should be investigated by the police.

8 - There are, as usual, xenophobic inferences throughout both documentaries, depicting the Portuguese police and its investigation of the Maddie case as inept.

9 - Not sure what to say of the appearance of the Argentinian ufologist, chemtrails debunker and prolific online commentator, who claims to have tipped off the English police about the three 2014 suspects and burglaries. Apparently this information was taken seriously by the English police, as well as by the BBC reporter. Fact is, the video that was filmed by Heriberto himself, starts with the shutters already slightly raised, we have no idea where it was shot, fails to explain why and how would a burglar-turned-abductor be able to enter and leave carrying a child without leaving any traces through a single-sliding window.

Joana Morais: One year ago

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Post on 15.05.18 1:41 by Verdi

The Crime of the Century
by Joana Morais 1 year ago

by André Ventura, University Professor

I will start with the conclusion: I think this was probably crime of the Century in Portugal. On May 3, 2007, in Praia da Luz, Madeleine disappeared to never be seen again. The case shocked the Country and the World, giving the motto for an unyielding conflict between the Portuguese and the English police authorities ...which still remains today!

We all still have these images in our heads: the despair of the family and friends, the odd and imperceptible expression of the mother, Kate McCann, asking for the return of her daughter, the solidarity of the people, the massive police presence. A whole country startled by the sad fate of a girl who could be the daughter of any of us. After ten years of a mystery that has never been solved, there are more doubts than certainties. But the hypothesis that the parents themselves, or one of the friends of the inner circle, are involved in the event, whether in an intentional or negligent way, is increasingly consistent. The investigation’s data, in my opinion, points this way.

Why was it that Kate - and no one suffers as much with the disappearance of a daughter as her own mother - gave evasive answers to the police, sometimes even reacting with contempt for the police's work? Why are the contradictions evident in Kate and Gerry's statements regarding simple facts, if whether they had or not argued the night before or if any of them had slept in the bedroom with the children? Why did the dogs alert to cadaver scent in the car used by the McCanns?

It is possible that we are before the crime of the century, where the disappearance or death of a girl ends without the guilty being known, in a plot where everyone insists on casting aspersions about hidden powers or incompetent police forces.

I'll leave this question: if the much acclaimed effort of the English police to find Maddie fails to produce results, despite the massive amount already invested, wouldn’t it be wise to reopen the investigation in Portugal, placing the homicide hypothesis again on the table?

in Correio da Manhã, May 1, 2017

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Post on 17.05.18 16:22 by Verdi

Madeleine McCann's Investigative Team

by Joana Morais 10 years ago

Investigating Team

The key members of the Policia Judiciaria who are involved in the investigation of Madeleine McCanns' disappearance.

Paulo Rebelo

Paulo Rebelo, an assistant national director of the Policia Judiciária (PJ), was appointed as the head of the Madeleine McCann investigation on 08/10/07, following the removal of Gonçalo Amaral.

Officially his new role is the chief of the PJ criminal investigation department based in Portamão, which covers Praia da Luz.

Rebelo made his career at the Central Directory for the Investigation of Drug Trafficking before being appointed one of four associate directors last year.

He was head of the criminal investigation department in Lisbon which uncovered the notorious 'Casa Pia' paedophile ring in 2002.

Other high profile cases include the 'Mea-Culpa' investigation into the death of 13 people in an arson attack. He headed the 'Freeport case' in which a PJ officer was convicted of leaking details of a corruption investigation on the eve of the last parliamentary elections.

Rebelo is said to be highly regarded. Colleagues say he is nice and a good communicator.

He is close to the PJ’s national director, Alípio Ribeiro, who removed the previous head of the inquiry, Gonçalo Amaral, on 03/10/07.

Mr Rebelo will have to find a new deputy as Tavares Almeida has applied for unpaid leave and says he wants to leave the investigation.

Alípio Ribeiro

Alípio Ribeiro is head of the Policia Judiciaria in Portugal.

On 21/10/07 he was interviewed by El Pais:

Asked about the leaks from the Portugese police:

"There has been, without doubt, but less than it would appear. The imagination of journalists has also worked hard. What is certain is that the police must have serenity to separate history, fantasy, as police. We can not get carried away with emotion, we must keep open all scenarios and walk step by step."

He confirms that the paedophile abduction theory came from the McCanns.

Asked about the McCanns' publicity campaign:

"First, we have never had insufficient means in this case, although it is true that excessive international concern has multiplied alleged sightings of the girl and red herrings to a level that would have been too high for any police of the world. Secondly, we still do not know the truth, so I could not make moral judgments on that campaign. I have no results yet, I do not know what happened that night."

Asked about the British press coverage:

"And it must be understood that the British press works that way. They said unjust things, but we could not react to this day, ping pong game, the Judicial Police against the British press. That game does not interest us."

Gonçalo Amaral

Gonçalo Amaral, the police coordinator leading the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, was removed from his position in a move that was not totally unexpected. The decision was made by the national office of the PJ after he made several controversial statements on the Madeleine case.

Amaral, who had headed the investigation since the early days and who was also the head of the Portimão Office of the Polícia Judiciária (PJ), was relieved of his duties by a direct order from Alípio Ribeiro, the national chief of the PJ.

Questioned by journalists, Ribeiro said: "I ordered the end of Gonçalo Amaral’s service in Portimão and it seems to me that the reason why I gave that order is obvious."

Gonçalo Amaral had said that by following the couple’s tips, the British investigators were continuously “forgetting the fact that they are prime suspects of their daughter’s death," adding that the kidnapping scenario now being explored was nothing more than "another fact worked by the McCanns."

Olegário de Sousa

Chief Inspector, Olegário de Sousa became the most public face of the PJ, during Kate and Gerry's time in Portugal, through his role as official PJ spokesperson.

He was reported, by Martin Brunt from Sky News, to have quit the investigation in disgust, on 15/09/07, at the way Kate and Gerry McCann had been treated.

However, he told Gazeta Digital on 17 September that he denied those accusations: "Mr Martin Brunt's story about my alleged resignation is completely false"

"The last time I talked with Mr. Martin Brunt was on September 11, the day when Mr. Martin Brunt had another utterly false story, about a 100% DNA match being found, by Police, on the McCanns' hired car. On that day, before he put that false story on the air, we talked, around 7.00 pm, and he didn't asked me any question about DNA, that subject wasn't even mentioned."

Carlos Anjos

Carlos Anjos, the president of ASFIC, the national union of the criminal investigators, has previously joined Gonçalo Amaral in making critical comments about the McCann's.

Interviewed by Diário de Notícias, he accused Gerry McCann of "negligence" when he claimed that Madeleine’s abductor was hiding in their holiday apartment.

"If he was suspicious that there was a man in the apartment, and then he calmly went to dinner, then words cannot describe how negligent he is as a father", adding "Since their daughter disappeared, Gerry and Kate have followed a strategy of almost daily announcements of new facts."

In response, Clarence Mitchell, the McCann’s spokesman, said Gerry McCanns' fears came to him only after Madeleine’s abduction and Mr Anjos had "totally misunderstood" what he said. He told the UK’s Daily Telegraph: "This was in the original witness statement. There is nothing that has come out recently that should be of surprise to the officers."

It was Carlos Anjos who said that detectives had advised Kate and Gerry McCann against their media campaign. They had also warned the couple against drawing attention to Madeleine's distinctive right eye, saying that it could have put her life in greater danger.

Alberto Costa

Portugal Justice Minister, Alberto Costa, had to step in publicly to assure all parties that the relationship between the Portuguese and British police forces working on the Madeleine McCann case was still strong and of "beneficial co-operation."

Alberto Costa claimed that "it is important that all teams are focused on the investigation work and not on the comments" and was reacting to comments made by Gonçalo Amaral to a daily newspaper where he criticised British police action. Gonçalo Amaral, who has said he thought his statements were being made "off the record", had accused British police of "working exclusively on the information wanted by the McCanns and that suits them better."

He was commenting on reports in the British media on Monday about an anonymous email sent to the official website of Prince Charles.

The email accused a former employee of the Ocean Club of being responsible for the abduction of Madeleine McCann in a revenge action to destroy the resort’s credibility. But the PJ investigator said this information "had no credibility for the Portuguese police" and therefore "it was completely excluded" from the investigation.

Portuguese investigators arrive in UK 28 November 2007:

(from left) Luis Viriato, Francisco Côrte-Real, Ricardo Paiva and Fernando Viegas.

The four-strong Portuguese team met five experts from the FSS at Leicestershire Police headquarters on 29 November 2007 to review and interpret the DNA results.

The team was led by Francisco Côrte-Real, the vice-president of the National Pathology Institute. With him were Det Insp Ricardo Paiva and police scientists Fernando Viegas and Luís Viriato.

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Post on 18.05.18 14:16 by willowthewisp

Hi Verdi,thanks for the link via Joana Morais,notably the very fact that Four Portuguese PJ Officials flew to the UK on the dates mentioned.

Now either this infers that the Portuguese PJ must have doubted what the FSS had earlier contradicted from 100% result to now "Not a full match of DNA/LCI analysis" confirmed several months later by Official reports from FSS,who then allow the destruction of the DNA/LCI?

Which leads to.

If you had in your possession,the 100% match,then you inform the relevant people in Portugal,verbal 100% percent Match.

Then delay sending the"Official Report" which is then different to earlier confirmation?

That very Senior Police Officials from the UK Police Authorities have telephone conversations between a Former Arquido concerning information into the disappearance of his Daughter and the"New Report analysis" cast doubts on the original confirmation,would you think you just been sold a "Pup"?

Then in between collating the DNA/LCI July 2007 and after analysis,the FSS writes to Portugal,21 Days to comply with storage of DNA/LCI or it is to be "Destroyed" on Health grounds?

Was this vital posting of information delayed in the"Post" so to speak,wherebye,"we have now inadvertently destroyed the collated Evidence" we once held,Gasper statements sent by Pony express!      

So if you need to Cover Up something,you decide to allow evidence to"disappear" or it remains hidden "D-Notice" National Security 100 yrs,which is applied to the Official Madeleine McCann case,which then confirms of all the Top Brass involved in,Madeleine's disappearance?

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Post on 19.05.18 16:22 by Verdi

Is Martin Brunt spinning Another Story? Missing Bag, DNA and Paedophiles

by Joana Morais 10 years ago

For those who are interested, The Madeleine McCann Mystery’ is being shown tonight (Christmas Eve) at 7.30pm (GMT) on Sky Digital Channel 501 and Freeview Channel 82.

The Press Association 24 december: Madeleine: Sex offender 'a suspect'

In the programme, The Madeleine McCann Mystery, Sky News Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt claims all 52 British sex offenders with links to the Portuguese holiday destination have been investigated and only one remains in the frame as the search for the missing four-year-old continues.

The programme features forensic expert Professor David Barclay, who says it is unusual for children of Madeleine's age to be abducted by paedophiles.

He said: "There are two options. She (Madeleine) came to harm at the hands of some member of the family or of friends, or that it was some paedophile who happened to be passing by. Both are really, really unlikely but we know she's gone.

There are only two options for Madeleine’s disappearance – forgetting about the claim of paedophiles for a moment – she either came to harm at the hands of family or friends, or she was abducted. Both options can’t be really, really unlikely. I agree that the abduction is unlikely, after all, (apart from Jane Tanner’s account which can be discounted on the grounds that she is a friend and has changed her description of the apparent abductor several times,) there has not been one single shred of evidence to point towards Madeleine being abducted. If Madeleine was not abducted then there is only one other option left to explain her disappearance.

"Abduction for sexual purposes of children is eight, nine, 10-year-olds. It is really, really unusual to want to take a child of three-and-a-half.

"It would be somebody overcome by the urge at that time. I mean, how often can you do that and get away with it?

"There are no people in Praia da Luz that have got that sort of history. I know people who have got that, they have been looked at but they (the Portuguese police) didn't check up on the other people staying in the apartments."

Mr Brunt also claims a blue tennis bag used by 39-year-old Gerry McCann hours before Madeleine disappeared has gone missing. The claim has been rubbished by the McCanns' family spokesman, Clarence Mitchell. He said: "As far as Kate and Gerry are concerned, there's no missing tennis bag. They came back from holiday with everything except of course, tragically, Madeleine."

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Post on 19.05.18 16:28 by Verdi

Madeleine McCann - The Mystery Sky News 24th December 2007 - presented by Martin Brunt, crime correspondent for Sky News

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Post on 20.05.18 16:44 by Verdi

McCann Detectives hassling Algarve: 'Leave us alone once and for all'

by Joana Morais 7 years ago

McCann Detectives in Lagos

by Marisa Rodrigues

"Leave us alone once and for all", is the request made by a former Ocean Club employee, in praia da Luz, Lagos, who has been "insistently" contacted by a new group of private investigators hired by the McCann couple.

"They've contacted me three times, by letter, by phone and recently they came knocking at my door. They were two women, one Portuguese another English, searching for evidence to reopen the process, but we want to forget what has happened. We will only answer to questions made by the Judiciary Police", vented the woman in frustration. She is one of the witnesses heard during the investigation to Madeleine's disappearance, in May 2007.

This is an action that the former coordinator of the Portuguese Judiciary Police classifies as "illegal". Even suggesting for "those people to be identified and heard by the police because they are committing a crime."

This revelation comes a day after Wikileaks, quoted by Spanish newspaper "El País", disclosure of the contents of a conversation between the United Kingdom and the United States ambassadors, with the first affirming that the police of his own country had gathered evidence incriminating the child's parents.

"That had been already stated by the PJ and figures on the process. It was the conviction of both police forces, however it had never been assumed from the British side. The only novelty is, that, for the first time, there is someone who is not Portuguese, affirming that there were suspicions against the couple, which reinforces the investigation thesis", said Gonçalo Amaral.

For the family spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, it is "a historical note with more than three years old. Kate and Gerry have seen their status as official suspects lifted, with the Portuguese authorities assuming that there was no evidence that implied them in Madeleine's disappearance."

To JN, a source of the Portuguese Public Relations team hired by the McCann couple [Salvador da Cunha's Lift Consulting], confirmed that there is a "private investigation team" lead by a former UK cop, Dave Edgar, trying to gather proofs to reopen the process, archived back in July 2008.

Yesterday, in a declaration, the Portuguese Attorney General, considered that there are no "new, credible and relevant" facts to determine the reopening of the investigation related to Madeleine McCann.

in Jornal de Notícias

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Post on 21.05.18 14:15 by Verdi

Special: McCann connections to British government hamper investigation

by Joana Morais   10 years ago

Finally... The strange connections are not my imagination....

24horas magazine, Nov. 24 2007


PJ Accuses – Political pressures Stall Maddie Case – Investigation at Dead End

The father of the missing little girl was about to be assigned to a position in the team led by Gordon Brown, the British Prime-Minister… additionally, sources from Portuguese authorities reveal to 24horas some “not very normal” facts…


“A lot of political pressures were made in this case and the investigations were seriously harmed”. The statement is made by a judicial official who’s been following the Madeleine McCann case since the first hour, who asked for anonymity for fear of having the same fate as Gonçalo Amaral, the Policia Judiciária (PJ) investigator who was demoted from the position of coordinator of the Criminal Investigation Department of Portimão.

“Nobody is allowed to make any comment about the case. The national director, Alípio Ribeiro, gave express orders to set up the “lei da rolha” [cork cap law, an euphemism for censorship in Portugal under Salazar], under penalty of disciplinary action being taken against anyone that provides information about the course of the investigation. The orders were transmitted by a top official of the Justice Ministry and in the name of minister Alberto Costa,” the same source denounced.

After a source of minister Alberto Costa was contacted, a denial came out immediately: “We don’t interfere with the judicial process. The courts are sovereignty bodies that have nothing to do with the government. It’s crazy to say that we are pressuring justice”.

However, as another PJ official emphasized, the truth is that it’s the Ministry of Justice’s competence to name the national director of that institution: “It’s a political job. The national director must obey the directives of the minister, under penalty of resignation. To say that he’s independent is just rhetorics”.

The pressures upon the Polícia Judiciária in the case of the little girl who disappeared on May 3 reached the point of involving the Prime-Minister itself of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown, a friend of Gerry McCann and of his family. During a sojourn in Portugal, Brown discussed the issue with José Socrates.

Governmental sources assured 24horas that the British leader demanded maximum commitment to the investigations, stressing his conviction in the couple’s innocence. This fact may have forced Alípio Ribeiro to appoint Paulo Rebelo, a national adjoint director, to head the investigations.

“The coordinator Gonçalo Amaral was punished for telling the truth. That is, the British authorities were boycotting the PJ’s work and investigated only what was favourable to the McCanns. But that is still happening, without the Portuguese government or our magistrates denouncing the situation”, accuses a judicial official.

The political influences of Madeleine McCann’s parents went as far as the prime-minister himself, Gordon Brown, dispensing his press assessor, Clarence Mitchell, to be the McCanns’ spokesperson, a fact that caused puzzlement among all the British and Portuguese press. Since he took up the position, Mitchell has been promoting a series of leads that point to the thesis that the child was abducted.


A top Scotland Yard official publicly accused the investigators of not having adequately sealed the Ocean Club apartment where Maddie slept and of having permitted the contamination of the evidence. Also, a British Member of the European Parliament said loudly that the PJ was incompetent, a fact that prompted the indignation of all Portuguese Members of the European Parliament.

The alleged obstructions to the PJ investigation started in the first hour. “When we arrived at the location, it seemed there had been an earthquake in the apartment. Everything was turned upside down, and there were more than ten people there, who had messed with everything. How could the evidence not be contaminated? Of course we isolated the location, but a lot of stuff had already been moved about”, explained a source connected to the investigations.

The priority in the first day was not to collect evidence, as the same police source reveals: “The starting presupposition was that the little girl had disappeared. Only later was the investigation directed towards the occurrence of a homicide or an abduction. The time that was lost was fatal. But the McCanns allowed for the destruction of evidence that would be fundamental to clearing up what happened”.

The lack of the forensics that are still blocked in a Birmingham laboratory, as well as the fact that the records of the phone calls made by the McCanns and the friends they had dinner with in the day of the disappearance of the child were not sent to the PJ, are just two of the examples mentioned by several investigators as “not very normal facts”.

The direct intervention of the British ambassador in the investigatons and the phone calls made from several British ministry offices to the Ministry of Justice and to the Portuguese Prime-Minister are other examples pointed out by the investigators “of the boycott being carried out against the investigations by British political and police authorities”.


in the box:


In our October 20 edition, 24horas reported exclusively about Gerry McCann’s web of power. Maddie’s father is a member of an extremely important state committee of experts on nuclear energy, an industry that is fundamental in the United Kingdom and that has Richard Branson as a big supporter. Curiously, the millionaire was one of the most enthusiastic supporters (mainly with money) of the fund created by the McCanns. Besides, the brother of the British prime-minister works in the nuclear branch. And it was him, John, who introduced the McCanns to Gordon Brown. Too many coincidences only?


page 2

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Post on 21.05.18 14:31 by willowthewisp

Hi Verdi,this article just shows how involved Mr. Gordon(New World Order) Brown was ensconced into Madeleine McCann's disappearance!

Mr Brown may share an affiliation to a certain"Handshake"club,you know the ones being allowed to infiltrate the House of Common's,Parliament to represent a true democratic process in the UK!

Now why wouldn't that surprise anyone.

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Post on 21.05.18 16:04 by Phoebe

I cannot fathom what Gerry McCann's alleged purpose with COMARE can have been. McCann is a cardiologist, latterly a professor of cardiac imaging. Any link between negative impacts on cardiovascular health and  proximity to nuclear power plants is still extremely tenuous, even among those directly affected by exposure during and after the Fukushima accident. There has long been concern over certain cancer clusters near such power plants, so I could have understood the need for a medical specialist with a cancer background being involved but, cardiology!!! I suspect it was just a gravy-train ride thrown Gerry's way by a connected "pal".

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Post on 21.05.18 22:36 by Marco

Phoebe, I think your gravy train theory is the one. Back in 07 this was a bunch of very ambitious young professionals on track to a highly lucrative and esteemed career which gets you these establishment cushy numbers.

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Post on 21.05.18 22:54 by Verdi

I believe Gerry McCanns role was advisor to COMARE, not a member, as no doubt scores of other people in the medical profession were/are.

COMARE = Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment.

It is/was not confined to any specific medical condition, cancer for example.  

That would be the function of COMARE, to determine the medical aspects of radiation in the environment.

No big deal, just another professional feather in the McCann cap.

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Post on 22.05.18 16:53 by willowthewisp

@Verdi wrote:I believe Gerry McCanns role was advisor to COMARE, not a member, as no doubt scores of other people in the medical profession were.

COMARE = Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment.

It is/was not confined to any specific medical condition, cancer for example.  

That would be the function of COMARE, to determine the medical aspects of radiation in the environment.

No big deal, just another professional feather in the McCann cap.

Hi Verdi,The German Government had studies commissioned on Nuclear Radiation and apparently the UK's study had a different outcome to the German study,result.

The Germans dropped further exploration into nuclear Power Developments and used Fossil fuels to supply the markets.

The UK has chosen "New White Elephants,Nuclear Power" with the plebs in society having to pick up the costs,Not the "Privatised Companies" let alone any "harmful effects of Radiation" to the society you live in?

The German's were ahead of every Nation during the Second World War on "Doodle Bug Jets" built for One mission,let alone Nuclear elements,where certain German science personel were relocated to Argentina by American Soldiers?

Storing used "Nuclear Fuels" for over One hundred years is a costly business,never mind the plebs from society can afford it,we'll just shove the costs up to them,via standing charges,then if that doesn't work,we will force the cost per units up,we'er the government,we can do what we like!

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Post on 22.05.18 16:55 by Verdi

Furious McCanns & Clarence 'spinner' Mitchell Threat Gonçalo Amaral .... Again

by Joana Morais 10 years ago

Gerry McCann buried Madeleine's body on the beach, Portuguese detective says

The Portuguese detective who was sacked [not sacked, but retired] as head of the team investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has accused her father of burying her body on the beach near their holiday apartment the same night that she was reported missing.

Kate and Gerry McCann said the Portugese detective's claims were "grossly defamatory and utterly without foundation"

In the latest of a series of extraordinary claims about the case, Goncalo Amaral, says he believes that Maddy died accidently in the McCann's rented flat as the result of a fall and that her father disposed of the body.

The disgraced detective - who has sold 120,000 copies of a book he has just published a book about the case - says an Irishman had claimed that he had seen Mr McCann with a child in his arms walking towards the beach on the night that Maddy reportedly disappeared.

The McCanns dismissed the claims, made in an interview with a Spanish newspaper, as "ridiculous".

Clarence Mitchell, the family's spokesman, said: "As Kate has said today Mr Amaral is a complete disgrace.

"His comments are grossly defamatory and utterly without foundation."

Mr Amaral, who has now retired from Portugal's Judicial Police investigation force, says in the El Mundo newspaper: "The Portuguese police, like the British [police], and also the prosecutor, who has now changed his opinion, thought the same. We are talking of a death involving third parties, not of homicide.

"In the bedroom blood and the smell of a body were found just below a window where there was a sofa. The father was there for a short time just outside this window having a conversation with a friend.

"The parents said the girl did not have a bad dream. Maybe the girl heard the father and climbed onto the sofa under the window. But the parents had pulled it away from the wall. so that the girl would not get out, and Madeleine could have fallen."

The former policeman talks about the Irish witness seeing Mr Cann carrying a child towards the beach and about sniffer dogs finding traces of blood and the scent of a body on the wall of the apartment and in the boot of a car the couple hired 23 days after Maddy disappeared.

This prompts the interviewer to ask: "Gerry McCann buried his daughter on the beach and then disinterred her and put her in the boot 23 days later?"

Amaral replies: "We don't know. The Irish witness I have spoken about saw on television Gerry with a child in his arms arriving in the United Kingdom and declared it was the same image that he had seen in May in Portugal. This man went two days without sleeping when he realised what he had discovered."

The interviewer says that Amaral's claim implies that the Tapas Nine - the McCanns and their friends who dined together on the night of Maddy's disappearance - had all ageed to lie.

Amaral says: "All of them. Because, in case you don't know, British legislation covering negligence in caring for children is very hard...In the United Kingdom, if you leave a child alone for half an hour you will lose custody. After the death of Madeleine, if it had been made public that it was an accident, all of them would have lost custody [of their children]."

The former detective describes how on one occasion during a meeting Kate McCann had lowered her head and seemed to be totally distracted for several seconds before coming back to being her usual self. "It appeared that she had escaped from the role that she was interpreting," he says.

Asked how she reacted when she was asked if Maddy had been killed by falling from the sofa he replies: "She didn't say anything, she just lowered her head for a moment as if she was on the point of fainting. She had an emotional crack that lasted for just a moment."

Amaral adds: "For me, Gerry hid the body of Madeleine on the beach. And after some days he transfered it to his car. We were working in this direction.

"We lacked establishing the date, some details, but we were on the way. The Irishman was on the point of coming to Portugal, but it took too long, and there were external pressures. In the end he didn't make a statement to the [Judicial] Police."

A friends of the McCanns dismissed Amaral's claims as "nonsense and legally extremely dangerous", and said that Kate and Gerry would sue Amaral if he published his book in the UK.

Mr Mitchell said: "Mr Amaral needs to be very careful in repeating those allegations. Kate and Gerry's lawyers are watching his words very carefully.

"He is also completely at odds with with his own Attorney-General who, in lifting Kate and Gerry's "arguido" - official suspect - status, made it clear that there is no evidence to suggest they are guilty of any crime whatsoever."- No, no, no what was said was that there is insufficient evidences to prove conclusively that the McCanns are guilty!

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Post on 24.05.18 1:46 by Verdi

Kate McCann Forced Political Pressure on the Investigation

by Joana Morais 10 years ago

Revelations –Maddie’s mother’s notes prove Gonçalo Amaral right

Kate McCann forces political pressure

The English prime minister called the couple directly and the British diplomacy took care of the travelling

“To increase the political pressure”. The phrase, by Kate McCann, written among the notes that were found in her house and which the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) had apprehended, is clear about the manner in which Maddie’s parents intended to manage their daughter’s disappearance, bringing it into the press’ first pages and turning it into a case with political outlines.

On the morning of the 23rd of May 2007 (twenty days after Maddie’s disappearance), before they left for the Sanctuary of Fátima, Kate and Gerry left Gordon Brown a message. Maddie’s mother describes it as a form of “raising the political pressure” and reveals that the present prime-minister – at that date, he was not in functions but had already been confirmed as Tony Blair’s successor – answered her only three hours later. He spoke with Gerry, was “very sympathetic and gave strength”, tells Kate, who describes the visit to the catholic sanctuary as overwhelming, potent and emotional.

On the same day in the afternoon, Gordon Brown called Maddie’s parents again. Kate’s notebooks do not report the conversation but one is able to understand that the purpose was to create political pressure, forcing the PJ to act swiftly.

Today, at more than a year’s distance from the child’s disappearance and after the case has been archived, Kate’s notes expose the pressures that were reported by the former coordinator of the case, Gonçalo Amaral, who from the moment when he was removed from the investigation, realized that the process would not produce an accusation.

With an investigation that was initially inclined towards the abduction theory, partly forced by the McCanns, the evidence of the pressures by the couple also explains the British press’ posture in the coverage of the case, mainly from the moment when Madeleine’s parents went from victims to suspects and arguidos. With the British prime minister himself supporting the McCanns, through direct and frequent phone calls that are revealed by Kate, it became almost impossible for the English government to help an investigation that had indicated the parents as guilty.

Apart from the contacts with Gordon Brown, Kate’s notebooks reveal other important allies. From the hiring of Clarence Mitchell, who at that point in time worked for the government, as an assistant, until the conversations with the wife of Tony Blair, the former British prime minister.

Mitchell actually had a pivotal role in the propaganda machine that was built by the McCanns within a few days, and which counted on the great help from the British diplomacy in all the trips that were carried out by Kate and Gerry.

The first and most media-exposed [trip] – to Rome, to be received by Pope Benedict XVI – was suggested by the assistant, on the 27th of May, after speaking to Francis Campbell, the British ambassador at the Vatican. “Rome is already preparing itself”, Kate wrote, anticipating that visit as what would become the “main” news on that day. One day later, the visit and the audience with the Pope were already confirmed, with a program that was prepared in a detailed manner.

On the 30th of May, after leaving the British consulate in Rome, Kate and Gerry, accompanied by the ambassador, made a strategic stop “for the photographers to catch an image looking at the Basilica”, and continued towards the Vatican, where they spent a few minutes with Benedict XVI. A moment that was described as very emotional, positive and important, and that summoned “loads of” journalists and photographers, which is definitely a concern that is always present with the couple.

After Rome, Madrid, Berlin and Morocco followed, trips with the purpose of publicizing Madeleine’s face and which always relied on passages through consulates or receptions by British ambassadors and political representatives of the corresponding countries.

According to Kate’s notes, the days started or ended with meetings, phone calls and emails. Cherie Blair, the wife of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown’s predecessor, was one of Kate’s contacts, as demonstrated by the reports of the 17th of July. Before Kate gives Sky News an interview, she speaks with Cherie, who agrees to make a 20 second videoclip about Maddie for the English channel. On that same day, Blair himself pledges assistance and makes himself available for whatever is needed.

Kate’s notes:

“Left a message for Gordon Brown to call us in order to increase the political pressure” – Kate McCann, 23rd of May

“Gordon Brown called and spoke with Gerry – very sympathetic and gave strength. Somewhat emotive feeling afterwards” – Kate McCann, 23rd of May

“Clarence spoke to us about a possible visit to the Vatican. Rome is already preparing itself. Francis Campbell was spoken to” – Kate McCann, 27th of May

The ambassador’s solidarity

On the 4th [of May], only hours after the alert of Madeleine’s disappearance was given, Kate wrote in her notes that the English ambassador, John Buck, had been in the apartment offering them his solidarity. She also noted the presence of two employees from the consulate and stressed the strong presence of the media on location. “There is news appearing in the United Kingdom”, Maddie’s mother remembered, also noting the “worrying” and “boring” presence of Yvone, the English social security technician who tried to understand whether there was anything in the family’s life that might explain the child’s absence.

It should be referred that on that very same day, the ambassador met with senior officials from the PJ to understand the outlines of the case.

The news

Abduction theory – On the first days after Maddie’s disappearance, on the 3rd of May 2007, the abduction theory was the only one that was mentioned in the news. “Give back our Madeleine”, the parents appealed, not admitting any other possibility.

Visit to Fátima – Twenty days after Maddie’s disappearance, the McCann couple went to pray at the Sanctuary of Fátima. But before that, they called Gordon Brown in order to increase the political pressure.

Brown’s pressure – Only five days after the McCanns’ contact with the British prime minister, Gordon Brown’s pressures on Portugal because of the Maddie case were already known.

McCanns at the Vatican - The trip to the Vatican and the audience with Pope Benedict XVI were suggested by advisor Clarence Mitchell, who mobilized the British diplomacy in order to take the McCanns to Rome.

“Former PJ director pulls the rug from under his successor’s feet”

The former President of the Republic, Jorge Sampaio, said to SIC yesterday that it is “truly unheard of, from the point of view of institutions and of the prestige that we must defend before foreign countries, that the former director of the PJ, a joint prosecutor [Alípio Ribeiro], came out to criticize the archiving [of the process of the disappearance of Maddie] when it was him who managed that process, and I also presume that the constitution of arguidos [of Kate and Gerry McCann] was not entirely unknown to him. I think this is an amazing thing in terms of pulling the rug from under the feet of colleagues that succeeded him in his post. There is no democracy that justifies this”, according to Sampaio.

Concerning Gonçalo Amaral, the former President considers that “if he has factual data that is important for the reopening of this instruction, then he should present them”.

Book | Complaint advances – The McCanns say that a lawsuit for defamation against Gonçalo Amaral is “likely”, because of the book, but also against Portuguese newspapers for reproducing its contents.

Amaral | Everything in the process – The McCanns’ spokesman says that “from the Attorney General’s statements, they are innocent before the law”, but Amaral recalls that his statements are in the process.

Portimão | Presentation – Gonçalo Amaral launches his book in Portimão today. The session is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Municipal Museum. Porto and Braga are his next destinations.

Book | Reserve your copy – “The Truth of the Lie”, Gonçalo Amaral’s book, will be distributed again next week, on a date that is yet to be scheduled by CM. Reserve a copy at your kiosk.

Malinka | Receives 250 thousand euros – Apart from Robert Murat, also the Russian Sergey Malinka and his [Murat's] girlfriend at that time, Michaela Walczuch, will receive approximately 250 thousand euros in compensations from the British press.

Tomorrow – The management of news in the British press

Source: Correio da Manhã

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Post on 24.05.18 15:45 by willowthewisp

Hi Verdi,So Kate informs ambassador John buck about the"worrying,Boring Yvonne,Social Services" about stories back in the UK,about Madeleine's family life,that would help to explain the child's absence!

Doctor David Payne, recognised by Yvonne Martin,with a possible "Tainted past" known to Social Services within the UK!

The Portugal PJ realise the missing child could No longer be alive,after the Martin Grime crime trained dogs,Eddie,Keela indicate what they are trained to find in the apartment and the Renault Scenic.

Yet seemingly,the UK Police authorities, Leicestershire Police,Operation Grange remain extremely tight lipped and refuse to comment on what the dogs,Eddie,Keela may have indicated to!

They in fact assist Mr McCann to speak to various Senior Police Commanders about the FSS results,where call me Stu,is of utmost importance,as can be seen by the Phone records from the PJ files?

We are here to"Assist the McCann's" their words,spoken by very senior Police Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service on Operation Grange,after five very Senior ranked Police Officers quietly descend into the distance of "Cognitive Dissonance" applicable to specially trained  UK Police Officers?

So with over 40-50 top flight personel from previous Prime Ministers to ambassadors and millions of pounds on "Special Crime Watch" programmes,they still cannot solve the disappearance of Madeleine McCann,now in its Eleventh year,do they really want solve the case or archive it as unsolved,D-Notice on National SecurityBingo?

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Post on 29.05.18 21:53 by Verdi

McCanns day in the House of Commons

by Joana Morais 10 years ago

House of Commons debates

16 May 2007

John Prescott (Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister)

I have been asked to reply. As the House will be aware, my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister is in Washington today for discussions with President Bush ahead of the G8 summit in June. Later today, the right hon. Member for Charnwood (Mr. Dorrell), my hon. Friend the Member for Glasgow, Central (Mr. Sarwar) and I will meet members of the family of Madeleine McCann, at their request. I am sure that the thoughts of the whole House will be with them at this terrible time.

William Hague (Richmond (Yorks), Conservative)

May I begin by echoing what the Deputy Prime Minister said about Madeleine McCann, her family and their terrible worries at this time? In all parts of the House, and throughout the nation, people will be praying for the safe return of that little girl.

Vincent Cable (Twickenham, Liberal Democrat)

May I express my colleagues' support for the McCann family?

Stephen Dorrell (Charnwood, Conservative)

I thank the Deputy Prime Minister for his expressions of sympathy and support for my constituents Kate and Gerry McCann, who are in Portugal, and their family. Does the Deputy Prime Minister agree that what has happened to the McCann family is every parent's worst nightmare? Will he join me in expressing the thanks of the House and of this country for the support of the authorities and people of Portugal in their efforts to find Madeleine, and will he express the hope that their efforts will be rewarded by success as quickly as possible?

John Prescott (Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister)

The whole House will agree with everything that the right hon. Gentleman has said. It is indeed every parent's nightmare, and like everyone in the country, we hope and pray for the safe return of Madeleine. We are doing everything that we can to support the McCanns in Portugal. The Foreign Office has been actively involved, the Leicester police are involved and we are doing everything that we possibly can to assist Madeleine's parents in this most difficult situation. The investigation is of course the responsibility of the Portuguese police, but our people are assisting where they feel that that is necessary. The right hon. Gentleman, my hon. Friend the Member for Glasgow, Central (Mr. Sarwar) and I will meet Madeleine's relatives at about 1.15 pm, and I will express what I know is the full feeling of this House in these difficult circumstances.

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Jim 'Button' Gamble to stand before Home Affairs Committee

by Joana Morais - 8 years ago

Home Affairs Committee

Work of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre
Tuesday 12 October 2010 at 12.30 p.m.
Committee Room 15, House of Commons

Purpose of session

This is one of the Committee’s topical evidence sessions. It is an opportunity to discuss the work of CEOP with its Chief Executive, Jim Gamble, and in particular to explore the concerns about the future of this agency that have led Mr Gamble to resign from his post.

Rt. Hon Keith Vaz MP, Chair of the Committee, said:

“We have long been aware of the magnificent specialised work done by CEOP in protecting children from sexual exploitation, making the internet a safer environment for children, combating child trafficking, and tracking down missing paedophiles. We are alarmed that Mr Gamble considers that the proposed merger of CEOP into the National Crime Agency would place this work in jeopardy, and we are therefore taking an early opportunity to explore with him the nature of his concerns.”

Gamble's CEOP, Mark Williams-Thomas, Dacre's & Murdoch's Paedo Panic Hype - A Marketorial Strategy

Daily Mail lies about Facebook (updated x7)
by David Steven, on March 10, 2010

[Important updates below - Facebook says the Daily Mail knew its story was untrue, but printed it anyway. Legal action is promised. The BBC has now picked up on Global Dashboard's story. has a piece as well. Guardian has followed our lead too. Mashable. Belle de Jour chips in.]

In the early hours of this morning, the Daily Mail published an astonishing attack on Facebook under the title “I posed as a 14-year-old girl on Facebook. What followed will sicken you.”

Here’s the opener:

   Even after 15 years in child protection, I was shocked by what I encountered when I spent just five minutes on Facebook posing as a 14-year-old girl. Within 90 seconds, a middle-aged man wanted to perform a sex act in front of me.
   I was deluged by strangers asking stomach-churning questions about my sexual experience. I was pressured to meet men with whom I’d never before communicated.
   So I wasn’t surprised that a vulnerable teenager, Ashleigh Hall, was groomed on Facebook before being brutally raped and killed.

The article is written by Mark Williams-Thomas. Here’s his biog:

   Mark is a former police detective who has far-reaching experience of working at the centre of high profile investigations. During Mark’s police service, he specialised in child protection and major crime and he is renowned throughout the UK’s police forces as well as the national media for his expertise in these areas.

It’s an odd story. Facebook isn’t really a chat site – and it’s certainly not Chatroulette, where there are plenty of men ready and waiting to jack off in front of you (sfw). Presumably Williams-Thomas set his privacy settings to zero and befriended loads of strangers. But how did those strangers find him (her) so quickly?

Fast forward twelve hours and the online version of Williams-Thomas’s article has undergone some editing. New title: I posed as a girl of 14 online. What followed will sicken you. And new text, with Facebook replaced with an unnamed ‘social networking site’.

   Even after 15 years in child protection, I was shocked by what I encountered when I spent just five minutes on a social networking site posing as a 14-year-old girl. Within 90 seconds, a middle-aged man wanted to perform a sex act in front of me.

The url, though, has not been changed: I-posed-girl-14-Facebook-What-followed-sicken-you.html [This url was subsequently set to redirect to a new one - 12/03/2010]

So what gives? If it was Facebook that Williams-Thomas was using, then why turn so coy? And if it wasn’t, how on earth could the Mail have pretended it was?

Update: Via Twitter, I asked Williams-Thomas for clarification.

Here’s his reply:

So why was Facebook named in the first place?

Update 2: Apparently the story – with Facebook named – was a front page splash in the print edition, and then a double page spread inside.

Update 3: Just had a call from Facebook – they’re incandescent and say that:

   Williams-Thomas claims that he was 100% clear that his social network experiment had not involved Facebook.
   When the Mail sent him a first draft of the story with Facebook named, he asked for them to make a correction.
   Even so, they went ahead and published a story their own expert had warned them was untrue.

When Facebook protested, the Mail corrected the online story, but not the printed version, which had already hit the news stands. Their online retraction failed to include any apology or explanation of their mistake.

Facebook says that legal action against the Mail is pending. What an extraordinary piece of negligence and/or malice from the paper!

Update 4: The Mail appended a fairly mealy mouthed correction last night:

   In an earlier version of this article, we wrongly stated that the criminologist had conducted an experiment into social networking sites by posing as a 14-year-old girl on Facebook with the result that he quickly attracted sexually motivated messages. In fact he had used a different social networking site for this exercise. We are happy to set the record straight.

Will they be happy to pay damages to Facebook too? Another version here, which begins: “In an article by a criminologist yesterday, we wrongly stated…” – half-maintaining the fiction that Williams-Thomas actually wrote the piece…

Update 5: From last year, another great Daily Mail headline: “How using Facebook could raise your risk of cancer.”

Update 6: Instead of retreating to lick her wounds, Mail journo, Laura Topham has doubled down with another article on Internet safety – again using the Facebook killer as a hook and with the same oddly prurient image from yesterday’s story.

Before her Facebook howler, Topham’s main claim to fame was dating 100 men and writing about it, outing Belle de Jour [or not - see Belle's comment], and running up huge amounts of debt because the government inveigled her into taking out a student loan.

Her big break in journalism came in 2005 when she shafted David Blunkett.

Update 7: PC Pro quotes Facebook’s spokeswoman as challenging the Daily Mail to name the social networking platform that is really to blame. I was given exactly the same message. Facebook think it knows which service Williams-Thomas used and is desperate for one of its competitors to get shafted.

A representative of Williams-Thomas justifies anonymity thus: “The reason he does not want to [name the service] is because he does not want there to be another opening for paedophiles to head straight for.”
Hmm. Maybe.

   Searches on google [more examples here]

   Facebook perv panic buttons | The Sun |News
   12 Jul 2010 ... We pay £££ Call: 0207 782 4100 - Email: ... for the move following a series of internet paedophile scandals. ...

   Hollie Steel is being targeted by paedophiles | The Sun |News
   3 Apr 2010 ... We pay £££ Call: 0207 782 4100 - Email: ... Hollie Steel is being targeted by paedophiles using her Facebook page, ...

   Parents face arrest for warning of paedo on Facebook | The Sun |News
   8 May 2010 ... PARENTS who kept tabs on a sex fiend on Facebook have been told THEY face

   Paedophile nursery woman told: Name your victims | The Sun |News
   2 Oct 2009 ... We pay £££ Call: 0207 782 4100 - Email: ... the wicked paedophile ring after making contact through the Facebook ...

   Facebook paedophile suspect has had her ninth child | The Sun |News
   2 Dec 2009 ... Tracy Lyons, held over her alleged part in the Facebook paedophile ring, has had her ninth child, The Sun can reveal.

   Facebook freezes out paedo hunter | The Sun |News
   4 May 2010 ... We pay £££ Call: 0207 782 4100 - Email: ... who has named thousands of sex offenders and paedophiles on Facebook has ...

   Paedophiles | Facebook | Myspace | Peados banned from social ...
   PAEDOPHILES will be banned from social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook. ... We pay £££ Call: 0207 782 4100 - Email: ...

   Twitter is an unpoliced playground for paedophiles experts say ...
   23 Oct 2009 ... It highlights how easy it is for a paedophile to prey on children through Twitter." ... The other is Facebook. ...

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Post on 29.05.18 22:13 by Verdi

This is one of the Committee’s topical evidence sessions. It is an opportunity to discuss the work of CEOP with its Chief Executive, Jim Gamble, and in particular to explore the concerns about the future of this agency that have led Mr Gamble to resign from his post.

Gatekeeper turned fugitive?

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Post on 30.05.18 22:19 by Verdi

McCann Case: Freedom of Information Act on John Buck former Ambassador

by Joana Morais 9 years ago

It was Tony Blair and Gordon Brown who were behind the instructions given to the UK ambassador, John Buck, and to the British consul, Bill Henderson (the two senior UK diplomats in Portugal at the time she disappeared), to make sure Gerry and Kate McCann were given all possible assistance.

A few minutes after the return to Faro of the team of experts that the PJ had sent to Leicester, Her Majesty's British Ambassador, John Buck, to the Portuguese Republic was already visiting their premises. The presence of the diplomat, that has been confirmed by several journalist, is in direct relation with the Madeleine McCann case and was not asked by the Portuguese Authorities. The ambassador has stayed half an hour with the police.

John Buck - British Ambassador in Portugal in May 2006 - resigns his post on 10/09/07 - shortly after the McCanns are made suspects. John is replaced by Alexander Ellis. Leaves the Diplomatic Services entirely.


Daily Express: Madeleine: British Diplomat had doubts about McCanns
3 December 2007 (no longer on-line)

A British diplomat warned the Foreign Office of concerns regarding Mad­eleine McCann’s parents, it emerged last night. Doubts about Kate and Gerry McCann were raised almost immediately by an official sent to Praia da Luz due to what he considered to be “inconsistencies” in the couple’s testimonies about the night the four-year-old vanished. The warning was contained in a classified document sent from the Algarve to the Foreign Office days after Madeleine’s disappearance. Details of the letter have been leaked through the British diplomatic mission in Brussels to the respected Belgian newspaper Derniere Heure.

The unnamed diplomat voices his concern about the “confused declarations” as to the whereabouts of Kate and Gerry McCann and their friends in the final hours before Madeleine’s disappearance. He also mentions the couple’s “lack of co-operation” with the Portuguese police in the light of instructions from London suggesting consular staff “overstretch their authority and put pressure on the Portuguese authorities”. The document also asks for confirmation of orders sent by the Foreign Office in London the day before, commanding embassy staff to give “all possible assistance to the McCann couple”.

Diplomats on the Algarve were told the McCanns had to be “accompanied at all times during any contact with the Portuguese police” by a member of consular staff or by British police officers sent out from the UK. The letter, sent just days after Madeleine disappeared, warns of the risks of siding with the McCanns so completely. Excerpts published in a report by La Derniere Heure quote the diplomat as saying: “With the greatest respect, I would like to make you aware of the risks and implications to our relationship with the Portuguese authorities, if you consider the possible involvement of the couple. “Please confirm to me, in the light of these concerns, that we want to continue to be closely involved in the case as was requested in your previous ­message.”

A huge team of diplomats have been involved in the case since Gerry McCann asked the Foreign Office for help. In an unprecedented move, the then Prime Minister Tony Blair despatched special envoy Sheree Dodd, a former Fleet Street journalist, to Portugal to act as a “med­ia liaison officer” for the McCann family. Direct government communications with the McCanns came to an abrupt halt, however, when the couple were made official suspects in the case in September.

Portuguese detectives believe it is possible Madeleine died as the result of an accident on May 3 in the family’s holiday apartment and that her parents hid and later disposed of her body with the help of their friends. The couple have always said they had nothing to do with their daughter’s disappearance. The Belgian report says it is highly significant that almost all of the diplomats involved at the outset have now been taken off the case.

Special envoy Sheree Dodd has since resigned from the Foreign Office, the British consul in the Algarve Bill Henderson has retired and the British ambassador to Portugal John Buck is no longer in Portugal. Last night the Foreign Office refused to comment on the report.

Extracts from the FOI released by ICO - Information Commissioner's Office

Freedom of Information Act 2000 (Section 50) Decision Notice 3 March 2009 Public Authority: Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Reference: FS50188322

In October 2007 the complainant asked the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for information concerning communications between the then Ambassador to Portugal John Buck and the Portuguese police on the subject of the disappearance of the child Madeleine McCann. However, some further information continued to be withheld; it was this refusal to provide information that the Commissioner investigated.

FCO added that, at the time of the internal review (December 2007), the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann had been ongoing and that, for legal reasons, it had not been possible to disclose further information then.

FCO told the Commissioner that, although the Portuguese authorities had released many documents about the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, sensitivities remained and FCO believed that the section 27(1)(a)* exemption still applied. If FCO were to disclose all the details about HM Ambassador’s contact with the Portuguese police they would risk damaging the relationship on which good inter-governmental co-operation was based.

FCO recognised the public interest in knowing the extent of UK government involvement in the investigation but believed that the reasons for exemption outweighed those that favoured release.

The Full Freedom of Information Act on John Buck, The British Ambassador in 2007 at the time of Madeleine McCann disappearance.

*The exemption under section 27 exists to protect the United Kingdom's international relations, its interests abroad and the United Kingdom's ability to protect and promote those interests. [full PDF here]

Section 27 consists of two different kinds of exemption:

Section 27(1) focuses on the effects of disclosure rather than on the type of information. Information is exempt if its disclosure would or would be likely to prejudice any of the matters mentioned in section 27(1)(a) - (d):

a) relations between the UK and any other state

b) relations between the UK and any international organisation or international court

c) the interests of the UK abroad

d)the promotions or protection by the UK of its interests abroad

Section 27(2) protects confidential information obtained from a foreign state, an international organisation, or an international court. Section 27(2) describes information by reference to its origins and the circumstances in which it was obtained.

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Post on 10.06.18 2:06 by Verdi

The McCann's Stockholm Interview

by Guest Author 6 years ago

“Well obviously they were very young, but they have re-counted things that happened prior to May 2007, which has kind of thrown me a little bit.”

by A.Miller

The interview in Stockholm has perhaps provided us with the most polished and proficient performance by the McCann couple to date, polished in both their appearance and almost off pat delivery of their tale of abduction.

A McCann ‘outing’ would never be complete though, without a dash of damage-limitation always included for good measure, not solely to serve the purpose of diminishing their part in whatever became of Madeleine - though that too, but rather another desperate attempt, an exercise in painting a pretty picture portraying themselves as not only the injured party but of being whiter than white. Sad faced Kate -I’m damned if I smile, damned if I don’t- McCann, a keen dramatist, coupled with the discomfiting smirk of Gerry -where is the child- McCann never fail their audience, their self-centred conduct always makes for cringe worthy viewing.

An interview with the McCann’s coupled without the main ingredient - the now customary sprinkle of ‘put downs’ directed at the Portuguese Police and anyone else in fact, who may disagree with their abduction theory – is something too that we have come to expect.

The upside is perhaps that each time Kate McCann makes an appearance, deliberately or otherwise there are disclosures.

The McCann twins, Kate tells us, understand the reason behind their parents visit to Sweden – And no, it’s not “All about the Money” it is to ask the good people of Sweden for their help in finding their missing daughter...

She tells us too, that the twins are able to re-collect events prior to May 2007 which she states has “thrown her”. In what way one might wonder? Does Kate McCann hope that they may recall the night of 3rd May 2007 and be able to throw some light as to who removed Madeleine from Apt 5A? Does it worry her that they might remember something crucial, or, was she simply thwarting an unwelcome question by the interviewer when he made the point that the twins may be too young to actually remember Madeleine?

When asked what her thoughts, now almost five years on, as to what happened to Madeleine, Kate McCann replies:

“Well my view hasn’t changed you know since 4th May really, and that is, that a man took Madeleine. And that man was the person who our friend Jane Tanner saw carrying a child away from the area of the apartment. And sadly I don’t really know anything else since.”

No prizes for spotting the deliberate mistake... But what possible reason could Kate McCann have for stating 4th May and not 3rd? Another red herring, she is rather fond of fish! Time will no doubt tell, but one thing we can be sure of - this was not a faux pas.

She does not “really know anything else since” she declares. Extraordinary that she should say this, as since the sighting by her good friend Jane Tanner there was another sighting by the Smith family, which sadly from Kate’s statement, seems to have escaped her memory.

Patio Door/Curtains

The question of the patio door being left open/closed by Kate after entering 5A on her check is as always a puzzle! In the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Kate states she looked behind her to see if she had left it open. She said she had not. In ‘Madeleine Was Here’ the McCann documentary, the ‘episode’ as to whether she closed the door behind her on entry, is not included at all in their portrayal of events. One wonders why – two different versions?

Now in the interview in Sweden, it re-surfaces.

Kate McCann said in this interview in Stockholm, that when the children’s bedroom door slammed shut, she checked the door behind her (patio door) to see if on entry to 5A she had left it open? She stated she had not. She, therefore based on this, knew that the bedroom door slamming shut was not caused by airflow from patio entrance. Yet, surprisingly, she did not then investigate what had caused the bedroom door to slam closed, where this gust had come from? To most, the obvious answer the bedroom window, but Kate does not check this out, she continued to close over the bedroom door in preparation of leaving 5A without investigating further... then she notices Madeleine is missing.

Not dissimilar to Gerry McCann. Looking in on his children, the open bedroom door once again being the ‘alert’ that something was not right. Yet on discovering his children were asleep had not been out of bed, he too fails to investigate further, he returns to the Tapas.

Quite extraordinary behaviour from both parents each stating the door caused them, if not concern, made them curious, yet each not bothering to discover why the door was open.

In a televised interview a few months back the McCann couple stated that Madeleine could not have exited 5a through unlocked patio door as Kate said “It’s just not possible” as Madeleine would not have:

a) Opened the long curtains, then closed them behind her;
b) Opened the patio door then closed it behind her;
c) Opened the child gate at top of stairs then closed it behind her;

If the child could not get past the first obstacle, the curtains, then stands to reason she would not have needed to attempt the other obstacles (the shutters). What it tells us though, is that when the McCann couple left the apartment by whichever door – the curtains framing the patio door were drawn closed, meeting in the centre.

If the McCann’s left by the patio door, and depending on whether the patio door from the inside opened right to left or vice versa, did they on leaving draw back the curtains at the central point where both curtains met so as to exit, in so doing, disturbing them, then returning them to original position? Or did they slip through the curtains at whichever side the door opening would be?

If they were able to do so, slip through without opening the curtains there is no reason to suggest that a child, just days shy of her 4th birthday would not be able to do likewise, that she could not slip behind curtains, and with much greater ease than her parents and their friends.

Process files - Volume I, Page 19 - Police photographic reportage of the Crime Scene

Also it appears that the patio door not only had heavier style curtains but also net curtains, of a flimsier material. So, two sets of curtains for the parents, those checking to deal with?

Which then begs the question, when Kate McCann entered 5A did she draw open these curtains to one side to gain entry, or did she simply flap around until she found an opening to get through?

What did Matt Oldfield do on his check? Did he return curtains to original position on leaving? And Gerry McCann, how about him? He claims to have left by this route also?

If Kate did not open the curtains on entry, when she then “looked behind her” to check if she had left the patio door open, her view would have been obscured. How could she have been sure it was closed without going over to the door and taking a closer look?

We therefore have to assume the curtains were open at that point, whether opened by Kate on entry, or that they were never closed at any time that night. In which case, Madeleine would not have had any “problem” with curtains as suggested in their interview.

Not one of them has ever mentioned curtains, having to negotiate them on entry/exiting by the patio door!

In police photos the curtains are open. Would that be how they were found to be on their arrival? Did the McCann couple/their friends draw them open and pin them back before police arrived?

Kate McCann always said, “if they had had to think about their decision to leave the children it would not have happened.” They have said many times that they, due to Madeleine telling them she was awake and crying the previous night, that they talked it over and decided to make more regular checks than on previous nights. Clearly, then if they were making more regular checks on the 3rd then they did not check as often as half hourly on the other nights.

Kate said, interestingly that it felt like a really “natural” thing to do, to go eat at the tapas restaurant on the complex. Not a mention, that it felt unnatural to leave three babies under 4 years of age alone while they did so. It is the most bizarre of statements, yet no one but no one questions them on this, not in any robust way? We have Gerry declaring how overprotective Kate was with the children. This is absolutely not demonstrated by their actions on any night during that holiday- their “collective mistake.” But how could the collective mistake have been allowed to continue when on the morning of 3rd Madeleine alerted them to their mistake. There it should have ended. On the night of 3rd there should not have been a repeat of this “collective mistake.” Some may consider, accept that it was a mistake up until that point, but most definitely not thereafter can it be described as such. It then became, without question, child neglect. They knew the risks, they knew their children had been awake and crying, they knew by leaving them they were placing them in a vulnerable position, a state of fear. They made a conscious decision to do so.

Gerry describes the alleged abductor as having taken a risky opportunity, Gerry and Kate McCann simply took avoidable risks with their children's lives.

More important might be that all of the above contradicts the rogatory statement given by Fiona Payne, when she declared that Kate McCann told her she left the patio door unlocked for Madeleine to be able to exit the apartment in her parent’s absence.

And I must point out also, in the McCann documentary, ‘Madeleine Was Here’ the film footage depicts the children’s bedroom as having net curtain, it is seen blowing in the breeze. (I do appreciate this was filmed in Rothley) Did the children’s bedroom window at 5A have netting? If so, another obstacle for any intruder - again two sets of curtains – that's troublesome!

Gerry's little dig that their children will read the horrible material on the internet which is written about them. It cannot be denied there is some nasty material out there. But more than this, they should be worried that the children read the police files, watch the interviews given by their parents, the ducking and diving, the money making which could easily be described as “scams”. But who knows, before that happens perhaps the culprits, those responsible for the crimes committed against Madeleine, will be behind bars.

1485 “But you said that Kate told you about Madeleine waking up?”

Reply “Yeah”.

1485 “And you couldn’t remember, you didn’t, you weren’t sure whether it was the night before?”

Reply “Yeah”.

1485 “Or, you know, the night before that?”

Reply “Yeah”.

1485 “What were the circumstances regarding her telling you that?”

Reply “She did, she brought it up and that she, I mean, this is awful in retrospect as well, she asked what my opinion was on, erm, tut, on whether they were okay leaving the, the doors unlocked, because she was saying ‘Is it better that if Madeleine wakes up she can get out and find us or’, erm, ‘or locking it and, you know, finding that we’re not there and the door’s locked if she woke up’, because Madeleine had woken up, what I thought was the night before. Erm, tut, and it was in that context really, just asking, you know, what I thought. So it was obviously something that was on her mind a bit, huh”.

1485 “So she asked you what your thoughts were regarding locking?”

Reply “Yeah”.

1485 “Did she say whether she had locked or?”

Reply “No, that was the point, I think they said they’d left it, well she’d said she’d left it unlocked”.

1485 “Left the patio?”

Reply “And she felt a bit nervous about it but Gerry, Gerry had sort of said ‘Oh it will be fine’, you know. But she was obviously, because it wasn’t something she was quite easy with, that’s the way it came across, you know, but, but Gerry said, you know, ‘It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine’.

Fiona Payne statement to the Leicestershire police, April 2008


Fredrik Skavlan [Host]: Kate and Gerry McCann welcome to Stockholm.

Kate and Gerry: Thank you.

Host: It’s been almost five years eh since, since eh Madeleine disappeared and now you Kate are reliving the whole thing by writing a book about what happened. Why are you doing that?

Kate: Well I actually started to keep a diary back in May 2007 I was advised to do it actually, and at the time I felt it would be important for Madeleine really, so that when we found her we’d be able to fill in the gaps in her life, and then I also thought it would be good for Sean and Amelie as well, so that they would have an account of the truth of everything that happened.

Host: Your twins?

Kate: That’s right.

Host: If we could start by going back eh to May 3rd 2007, what’s your strongest memories of Madeleine from that day?

Gerry: I think the strongest memory I have is, of really, the photograph it was the last photograph we have of her and eh ye know, we’d had a lovely holiday. Madeleine was having a great time and just after lunch we went over to the pool area and eh she was sitting there paddling in the pool and I was sitting next to her and she turned round and she’s just beaming. And then the last time I saw her which was probably minutes before she was taken when she was lying asleep. It’s terrible, I’ve said this a few times but I had one of those poignant moments as a parent where I went into the room the door was open, I just paused for a second and I looked and she was sound asleep, and I thought how beautiful she was. The twins were asleep in the... their cots and I thought how lucky we were. And within ye know, minutes that was shattered!

Host: What happened is that you went to eat with the other parents that you were on vacation with?

Kate: That’s right.

Host: This was not far from the apartment?

Distance from Tapas bar to Apartment is actually close to 100 meters

Kate: It’s about 50 metres as the crow flies but that’s about 70 metres on foot.

Host: Yes, and as you sat there in this restaurant you went back and forth on shift to check on the children is that right? And what happened when the last time you went to check?

Kate: Well it was 10 o’clock when I went to check on Madeleine and em I walked into the sitting room of the apartment and I noticed that the children’s bedroom door was open further than we’d left it. We always use... close it quite far over but just enough so some light gets in and it was quite open. And it was our friend Matt who had checked on the children at half past nine when he was checking on his daughter next door, and I thought to myself well maybe, maybe Matt‘s left the door open when he checked on them. So, I walked over the bedroom door and I was about to close it to again, and as I did that, it kind of slammed shut, and I thought oh there must be a draught and I checked the door behind me and I hadn’t left that open.

And then I opened the door again of the children’s bedroom just to leave it open a little bit and that’s when I really looked in. And I couldn’t quite make out Madeleine in her bed and I just looked and looked and erm it was obviously quite dark, it must be a parental thing when you don’t switch a light on in case you’re worried about waking them but then I realised she wasn’t actually there and then I thought she must have wandered through to our bedroom and maybe that would have explained why door was open. So I went into our bedroom and she wasn’t there and that was the first time really that the panic hit and I just ran back into her bedroom, and literally at that point the curtains which were closed just kind of flew open and that’s when I noticed that the window was open as far as it could go and the shutters outside had been raised all the way up. And I just knew straight away that someone had taken her.

Host: So, this was your first thought?

Kate: Yeah, absolutely, there’s no way a young child could have got out.

Host: This decision of not eating in the apartment it has been lot of discussion about that not staying in the apartment, to go to eat with the other parents as you did every night.

Gerry: We felt incredibly safe and we were in a very quiet holiday resort. We were with a group of friends we hardly saw anyone of an evening and it was so close that it didn’t feel very different to eating outside in your garden, with the kids upstairs in the bedroom, and literally we were only going back erm to check that no one had woken up and of course at the time someone stealing your child was the furthest thing from our minds...and erm...

Host: This was really not something you thought twice about?

Gerry: Yeah, no, it was it just felt em...

Kate: I think if we’d had to think about it or, even say to each other ‘do you think that’s okay?’ it wouldn’t have happened. But it just felt like a really natural thing that we’ll eat at the restaurant on the complex.

Gerry: I think the hardest thing with this is, ye know with hindsight we made a mistake erm it was a collective mistake but unfortunately we can’t change that, and erm whatever anyone may think about our decision making that night Madeleine’s completely innocent and you know she’s been taken and erm it’s hard for us because ye know no one could feel more guilty than we did to... to... to, think that your behaviour gave someone an opportunity, a risky opportunity , but one that they took, and ye know we persecuted ourselves for that, but you’ve got to look forward you can’t go back we can’t change that unfortunately, and erm what we’ve tried to do is, is always to look forward.

Tapas bar view of the McCanns apartment

Host: Were you the worrying kind of parents, I mean..?

Gerry: I’ll answer that! I would say - I wasn’t but Kate was! I would have said that Kate was a bit over protective. Whereas I grew up in a big family the youngest of five and you feel, oh you know, indestructible but Kate was much as an only child maybe I don’t know, but definitely much more protective of the children than me.

Host: There you, you came in contact very, very quickly with the Portuguese Police...

Gerry: Sure...

Host: Eh how was that experience?

Gerry: We were expecting a Metropolitan type response and I remember saying to the officers “where’s the helicopters? I want helicopters with heat seeking equipment.” And ye know the officer kind of laughed at us and said “you know this isn’t you know we don’t have a Royal Navy” and this thing... and you just... and I’m sure every single parent can understand this because everyone has lost a child momentarily and the terror and how frightening it is, be it in a supermarket or a playground or a park, and you just want everything done and you want... you want the world to stop, and, and scream, and the response ye know was slow. And that’s been one of the hardest things for us, because ye know, Madeleine could have been moved very easily and the Spanish border is only about 90 minutes away and obviously you are on the Mediterranean, and one of the aspects of why we are campaigning internationally is because she could have been taken anywhere.

Host: What happened was that as time went by, you didn’t really trust the Portuguese police and they didn’t trust you?

Gerry: We were there for three/ three and a half months we felt we had been completely eliminated from the enquiry we’d been interviewed...the circumstances, ye know em and then ye know for whatever reason, and possibly pressure, and a desire for this case to go away, it was portrayed in media that there was very strong evidence that Madeleine was dead people have said DNA and other things, and that we were responsible for hiding her body...and..

Host: Was there not DNA in the car, in the car that you hired?

Gerry: And we want to be absolutely clear about these things there are two aspects- We didn’t hire that car for 3 and half weeks until after Madeleine was taken, and the second aspect is there is no DNA match. Eh you know when you see the files there’s a mixed sample of DNA that comes from 5 people and obviously some of it matched Madeleine’s. But of course, all, of our DNA matches Madeleine’s. To be fair, ye know it was incredibly frustrating from the time we were arguido, through to the file being closed the following July but the Prosecutors final report was very clear, actually unequivocal, there was no evidence Madeleine was dead. And there was no evidence that we were involved but certain people have chosen to ignore that information.

Host: Which one of these media speculations was most shocking, was most hurtful?

Investigation: Traces of blood and smell of the death in the vehicle

Kate: I mean there were loads, but I guess the worst thing is if they say she is dead, and there is no evidence because if she is dead there is no search.

Gerry: I think the other thing just to go back to that Frederik is that - We had an interview with the police which Kate details in her book, an unofficial interview, and basically two of the senior officers were saying to us em “Tell us what happened, we know what happened.” And I was in tears, saying “Do you have evidence that Madeleine is dead because if you do, as her parents we need to know.” And they were saying “it’s coming, it’s coming”. And that ye know, the pressure that was put on us to confess to a crime of hiding your own daughter’s body and to say that you were going to pursue us for murder. And it’s not unique to Portugal, this happens with police the world over, it’s happened to many different people it’s happened to other parents in similar situations to us.

Host: How is your daily life, it’s been five years, how is your daily life affected by this...or do you have a daily life?

Kate: Yeah we’ve reached a new normality I guess. You know our life will never be what it was ye know it’s never gonna be truly normal again after what’s happened but we’ve got to a place where we are obviously functioning and Gerry works full time. I haven’t returned to medical practice but I’ve worked on the campaign and investigation. Six months of my life was spent going through the Portuguese police files, nine months was spent writing a book, and of course we’ve got two other children. We’ve got Sean and Amelie, and it’s ye know, it’s actually quite a luxury, but a nice luxury to be able to take them to school and be there for them when they come home, so...

The Process archival written by two Portuguese Public Ministry prosecutors, called by Gerry McCann mistakenly as the 'final report', actually states something different.

Gerry: It’s probably important to emphasise ye know, we do spend obviously a lot of our spare time focused on it. The last year we’ve slept a lot better knowing the review is taking place. But if you had a casual observer looking at us as a family they would see a family of four. They’d see a happy family of four, and they wouldn’t really see they wouldn’t suspect that we’ve been erm ye know suffered a great trauma... em but for Kate and I... Sean and Amelie are as happy as any 7 year olds that we know and for Kate and I, we get enjoyment from life and we do, we do, do that, but until Madeleine is back with us there’s always going to be a void and there’s a limit, whereas before you could be, you could have unbridled joy, anything now, there is always a tinge its often the family things because Madeleine is not there with us.

Host: How has it affected your relationship?

Kate: Well we’re very lucky in that our relationship was very good very strong before this happened and I’m not sure we’d have survived if that wasn’t the case I mean I don’t think there could be anything more traumatic than what’s happened to us plus all the additional stuff on top of that.

Host: You said you’ve written the book for the twins, how much do they know?

Kate: Probably as much as we do to be honest now.

Gerry: Virtually yeah!

Kate: We did take advice from a child psychologist and he said to be as honest and as open with them but let them take the lead so if they ask you a question you respond as fully as you can and that’s exactly what we’ve done. So we’ve got to the point now where they understand that a man has taken Madeleine. They, they view it like burglary, that she’s been stolen and you shouldn’t take something that doesn’t belong to you but they understand ye know that there are lots of people helping us. They, they, understand why we are in Sweden today, the purpose of that is to ask for more help really...

Host: Can they really remember?

Kate: Well obviously they were very young, but they have re-counted things that happened prior to May 2007, which has kind of thrown me a little bit. Obviously they have been surrounded by Madeleine ever since. There’s pictures all around the house and Madeleine’s bedroom is still there, they’ve obviously seen things on the television and they know that my job really has changed from being a doctor to looking for Madeleine.

Gerry: And I think it’s important to say that they still see Madeleine as a big part of their life, and as parents that’s incredibly comforting and they’ll say things like “We’re going to go on a an aeroplane and we’re going to look for that man, and when we find him we’re going to...”and I’ll say we’ll give him to police, but they even talk about that. But I think if we don’t find Madeleine in the next...period we will face more difficult times as they get older and they are on internet and they start seeing some of the vile material which is there.

Host: In your book you mention that you have been perceived as, as cold in a way?

Kate: Well someone’s always got an opinion and I think we’ve learned how judgemental people can be and I mean I think its maybe part of human nature, we are all quick to judge from a position of ignorance.

Host: Is there a right way of grieving a wrong way of grieving?

Kate: Well exactly, I mean how should a mother or father grieve when their child is abducted and... erm...

Gerry: I think the other thing people probably don’t understand is that when we’ve done media and in particular in the early days you had to really psyche yourself up to go on there and deliver the message, you know we set objectives...

Host: Were you advised on how to behave?

Gerry: We...I mean the very initial things we weren’t, but when we did the first sort of direct appeal to the abductor, em Kate... we were... and I was told that Kate should speak as the mother, female voice and that she should not show any emotion in case that gave the abductor some sort of kick so that particular appeal, but I think as much as anything ye know Kate had probably cried 16 hours a day for 4 days, by time we did that, and we were just drained, you cannot physically cry 24 hours a day, I mean it’s impossible.

Kate: The day we did the appeal to the abductor which was on the Monday and I spoke to Alan the councillor and I said, I feel really numb and I felt really bad that I felt numb I just... and he said “Kate you can’t cry for 24 hours a day, you know this is, this is natural” but..(lets out sigh) it’s hard I mean if you laugh people will say how can they laugh when their child has been abducted if you don’t laugh you’ll either get called cold or you’re on the edge of a nervous breakdown or, it’s just hard, you’ve just got to be who you are.

Host: Do you have days that when you can forget, when you can sort of not think about it?

Kate: No I don’t think there is any day when Madeleine is not on my mind you know she is always there but... For 18 months/2 years I never thought I’d enjoy myself again I never thought I’d allow myself to enjoy anything again, and with time you adapt and I realised that actually it is okay to do that and it is important to do that, you need to get rest you need to enjoy life, and you have to be well and happy ye know for each other, for Madeleine when she gets home, for Sean and Amelie, and thankfully ye know, we are in a position now where we get a lot of enjoyment out of things, Sean and Amelie in particular.

Host: Today almost 5 years later what do you believe happened to Madeleine?

Kate: Well my view hasn’t changed you know since 4th May really, and that is, that a man took Madeleine. And that man was the person who our friend Jane Tanner saw carrying a child away from the area of the apartment. And sadly I don’t really know anything else since.

Host: How long can, do you think you can find the strength to continue this search?

Kate: As long as it takes. I don’t think any parent would ever be able to give up on their child and even the weeks where we are absolutely shattered erm or there’s another injustice that comes your way, you get up the next morning and think ‘right let’s go again’ because Madeleine is part of our family we all need her back and she needs to be with us...just need to keep going.

Gerry: I mean There are times when you just think - I cannot do this, any more, em its too much - and particularly the attention that’s comes through the media, but as Kate says that bond with us, and with Madeleine and for Sean and Amelie, and even if you wanted to I don’t think we could stop.

Host: Please know that our thoughts are with you thank you so much for coming here to Stockholm and telling us, reminding us about Madeleine is still missing.

Broadcast by STV, Skavlan Talk Sow, March 23, 2012

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Maddie Case: Gonçalo Amaral returns to Praia da Luz

by Joana Morais 6 years ago


From 0:00 to 2:10 – Extracts from “Até à Verdade”[To the Truth] show where two Canadians psychics share their experiences regarding Madeleine McCann case with Rita Ferro Rodrigues (English).

2:10 – Extract from that same show with Criminologist Francisco Moita Flores [FMF] comment: “It is surprising for someone to discover the golf course and a cliff, a cliff with a steep downslide… I don’t know, I believe the cliff is important. I would look at it again.

Rita Ferro Rodrigues [RFR]: Francisco, if you were the investigator you would look at it again?

FMF: It’s always good to have a look again, regardless of the provenance of the information, where one has searched before.

2:40 – Cut to Júlia Pinheiro’s morning talk show.

Júlia Pinheiro [JP]: Those were the mediums of “Até à Verdade” on the Madeleine McCann case. Hello, Hernâni.

Hernâni Carvalho [HC]: Good afternoon, dear Júlia.

JP: Good afternoon, dear Hernâni. Would you like to make a comment on the information that we just watched?

HC: They are very interesting… In Portugal there is a certain scepticism regarding this kind of people. I do not have to hold an opinion on that at least that is not the important issue, in my opinion. And it is not important, because, either the institutions are useful with all the methods that they use or they are not, that is, there were at certain moments people who wanted to request the help of the FBI to assist the investigation. Well, we should start by saying that the FBI does seek advice from psychics in difficult cases. So, either…

03:30: [Lower Third] Maddie disappeared almost five years ago…

JP: In the Anglo-Saxon culture, namely in England, that also happens.

HC: Exactly.

JP: Specifically these same mediums.

HC: Precisely. In England, and in Canada, as you said, in the Anglo-Saxon culture this is also used.

JP: These gentlemen are Canadian.

HC: It should be said that Scotland Yard also works with people that allege that they feel those things, and in Canada the authorities that make criminal investigations also consult that kind of people. In the European continent it is uncommon; however, it is known that some police forces have used mediums, in a more or less overtly manner. The Judiciary Police itself did listen to things, texts, opinions of people who say that they have, let us say, this sensations…

JP: We have Gonçalo Amaral sitting next to you.

04:40 – [Lower Third] To follow: Gonçalo Amaral returns to Praia da Luz.

HC: Exactly, this was just until he arrived.

JP: Who coordinated the entire investigation. This was just a warm up until he arrived. [Laughs]

HC: So, without wishing to give my opinion relatively to what psychics may feel or not, since we now have here the responsible for the investigation, the first question that I will make him is…

JP: Good afternoon.

Gonçalo Amaral [GA]: Good afternoon.

HC: And the first question is, Gonçalo, did you receive or not information from these people who have a special “phone” to the other side and if you did, did you take that into account or not?

GA: In cases like this one, it is very common for messages to appear, several information, some of which were staggering for the… – for example, a drawing that I remember, an image, it was a figure of a person who resembles someone who would appear in the case. Later on, I am able to say who it was. Nevertheless, we the investigators are men of facts. We rely on facts, in indicia, and we are to some extent sceptic regarding these situations.

HC: So you received that kind of information?

GA: Lots and lots of information, just like the family, who also received, who pondered about a few and even delivered emails and other things to the Judiciary Police, saying where the body could be or where it could have been placed - the Madeleine McCann family. There was something initially, you’ve spoken about the FBI early on, when we considered requesting the FBI assistance, the FBI was always… - the FBI which is an US agency for criminal investigations - …was always willing to help. There was a set back by the National Directorate of the Judiciary Police, due to a possible clash with the English police that was working with us and the arrival of the FBI, but the first thing the FBI wanted to do initially was to send us a, let us call it, a clairvoyant, a medium that works with them. Which was…

JP: That was the FBI first procedural step?

GA: Immediately, in the first days. However, I believe the National Directorate…

JP: It was SIC who brought them; six years later SIC took care of that. [Laughs]

GA: But it was not those gentlemen [reference to the Canadian mediums who appeared in “Até à Verdade” show].

JP: No, it wasn’t them, it was a woman. They collaborate with investigations in the US and in Canada, which is where they live and where they are university professors in a university where these lines of investigations are seen as pertinent. Whilst in reality, in our southern European culture is not [seen as relevant]. But let’s move to the facts, Gonçalo Amaral spoke about facts. In May it will be the 5th anniversary of Madeleine McCann's disappearance, fact. Gonçalo Amaral and Hernâni Carvalho returned to Praia da Luz and to the cliff, the one mentioned by the mediums in the “Até à Verdade” show. Let’s watch it.

07:14: Cut to Hernâni Carvalho at the top of the cliff, in Praia da Luz. [Lower Third] “Maddie Case”: Gonçalo Amaral returns to Praia da Luz!

HC: Some of the key points mentioned in the TV program broadcast by SIC a few days ago were precisely the beach and this cliff, and also a golf course and all that makes sense with a thesis emerged in May 2007, that said that the little girl could have been carried inside a sports bag or in a golf bag, brought trough the golf course to this cliff and then thrown here. Moita Flores said, in that show, that in doubt he would also come back here. Gonçalo Amaral, what did the police do here in Praia da Luz?

GA: In the first night, searches were made using sniffer dogs, with the help of the public, and all of this area was searched, here…

HC: But also the rocks down here?

GA: Yes, in the rocks down here, at the base of this cliff, probe rods1 were used to search in the sand and in the soil in the cliff’s base, in order to release eventual odours of cadaver, and nothing was detected. Aerial searches were conducted in the first days as well as at the planning, the planning was preceded by an assessment, let us call it, an overview of the entire area by a helicopter that was ceded by the civil protection of Faro, and nothing was detected. As to that hypothesis, of throwing a body - and I recall that the little girl’s weight would be about 30 kilos – from here to the sea, I would say that is impossible. Notice that the sea is not immediately beneath here, the cliff does not have a vertical steep, there is a vertical grade and the sea is still far away. A great strength or almost a gigantic person would be needed for the body to fall in the sea, and in the deep sea. There are photos, taken in the rocks down bellow in the water, were we can see searching, certainly he was not searching for his live daughter…

HC: Are you referring to Maddie’s father?

GA: To Gerald McCann. Maddie’s father.

HC: He was walking around here, in the rocks bellow?

GA: Yes, there are pictures of that.

Gerry McCann & his wife's cousin Michael Wright, May 9, 2007

HC: But in that case, he would have to have the firm belief that the girl was dead.

GA: I do not believe that he was looking for crabs nor searching for a live daughter. According to Moita Flores, it would be important to return to this area, I believe so, even because there are people who continue to say today that the body might be around here, and continue to give information about places. It should be looked, the police should make searches, they should reopen the process and resume the investigations. There is much to be done still.

09:44 Cut to Studio

JP: Hernâni, I hand over to you the first comments.

HC: The question is, following that thesis regarding the hypothesis that the girl was carried in a bag…

JP: In a golf bag.

HC: In a golf bag or in a sports bag, the question is...

JP: Let me just show the picture. [Behind HC and GA there is a flat TV screen, Gerald McCann carrying a Golf bag is shown] Here it is, Gerry McCann with the golf bag, I have to stress that this picture was taken by a British photojournalist, Brian Bould.

HC: Without prejudice, I am not saying that it was Mr. McCann, it's different. What I am saying is, in the hypothesis - which was one of the theses at that time - that the girl was taken from the bedroom, carried inside a golf bag, or inside a sports bag, by whomever made her leave the bedroom, and then carried her through the golf field to the cliff... We already know, and it is not difficult to understand, that is not possible to throw a 30 kilos2 body from that point, because the body would never fall inside water, never. With a small rock, a rock with the size of a hand, it is impossible to toss it into the ocean. So, the question is, would it be possible for the girl to have been kept hidden at the cliff area and then be taken from there?

GA: It is possible; indeed that is the thesis, the conclusions that are reached by the police until September of 2007. That the child’s body was kept somewhere. In the first night, the body was taken from the apartment and placed somewhere, and it was not detected. The searches made that night were to find a living child not a dead one. Then later, we know, because of the indicia, we get that information from the indicia that was found in the car rented 20 days later, that probably a body, a cadaver was placed there and it was likely Madeleine McCann. The FSS handled the information…

HC: We will speak about the FSS later on.

GA: I am talking about the information, we only had the information. I’m not talking about what can be proved or not. The information that the police had and was working with. We were at six months from the beginning of the investigation, we should have followed that line, to understand where that body – if there was a body – was placed…

HC: But the question is, how is it possible to keep a body in that cliff without cadaver deterioration?

Crime Scene Photo showing Blue bag inside bedroom's closet,
in Maddie McCann Process, Volume X, page 2563

GA: In that place the body would always decay. The issue with the bag is the following, Gerald McCann said at one point in time that he did not have any sports bag. Mark Harrison, an English expert, who did the planning of the searches that were carried out with the CSI dogs, of the cadaver odour and blood, at the ends of July, early August, puts forward that serious hypothesis - that the body was taken inside a sports bag3, he speaks of a golf bag, of a sports bag – and indeed a sports bag existed. There are photographs taken inside the apartment [rented by the McCanns/5A] immediately after the disappearance, an hour later, and the sports bag is there, inside the closet and is of a darkish blue colour. Thus, those photographs exist, contrary to what anyone can say that they did not own a sports bag – the sports bag was there. A sports bag, even though there wasn't any brand like “Adidas” in the bag, but it was a bag of that kind. So, what happened to that bag, what took place next, other situations ensued relatively to another bag, something that it’s not worth mentioning now here, there are people who also talk about a bag... That cliff area is an important zone, several people talked about it, there were many important events that took place there, events that people saw and suspected, in the golf course area, in the path to the geodesic mark, all in that area. Therefore, it is an area where it is worthwhile to make a search again. But to be searched in the scope of an investigation that is reopened.

HC: Curiously, the whole area was thoroughly examined, that should be said.

GA: As well, yes.

HC: The whole area was examined, the whole area was acquired, the whole area was divided…

GA: There is an important detail…

HC: You do not have access to that area, because today you can see that certain parts are private, curiously, almost in the path that goes to the cliff’s escarpment.

GA: There is an important aspect and that is the diary of Mrs Kate McCann. There are some who have the opinion the diary was written to be read. At a certain point in time, following the dates given there just a few days after the disappearance, Mrs. Kate McCann says that she is running, doing her jogging – the daughter is missing and she is doing her training – and in there, in that plateau that we are seeing right now, she said that she was climbing it when she saw a number of journalists, of people and that she begun suspecting that the body of her daughter had been found. That is in her diary. She points to that area. When they have hired…

HC: But pointing to that place, is using as basis that the child has lost her life?!

GA: Exactly, it was always like that, since the beginning the parents, at least Kate McCann, have always spoken about the death of the child. Those emails that they delivered [to the PJ] of a clairvoyant that explained where the body could be, beneath the church area, inside a sewer collector.

HC: I cannot agree with that… I believe it was Gerry. Gerry said, “If you think the girl is dead then show me her body”.

GA: Well, perhaps he knows that there is no body. That is another question; I do not know why he says that there must be a body. In order to prove that the child is dead it is not necessary to have a body. Actually, in this case, if we could abstract ourselves of the name of the child that disappeared, of the child’s parents and just look at the facts, in an objective manner and move forward with the investigation, facts would speak for themselves! There is no point in saying that the child is dead, or that the child is alive, what we need is to work the investigation and carry it out to the end, something that was not done. Let us forget for a few moments who is Madeleine McCann, who are Madeleine McCann’s parents, and let us look at the facts objectively. At facts that are in a process, that some have already tried to dismiss as being historical, as if the process had no importance. We will only know the truth – and that is what matters - and in that truth we will know if the child is alive or dead, and where she can be, what happened to her; if we proceed based on those facts.

HC: But it is the parent’s conviction, or at least is the conviction that is best known, that the child is missing and the parents have reiterated that they believe the child is alive.

GA: I don’t think so…

JP: That she is alive…

GA: I don’t think so, and I’ll tell you why. I will give you an example, Hernâni. There was a certain lawyer, who went to dams searching for a body. Método 3, an investigation agency that worked for the couple, hired that lawyer, to link two cases, the Joana Cipriano case and the Madeleine case. He was searching for a body. Today, defending him, in a libel suit that I have moved against him is the McCann’s lawyer [Isabel Duarte]. So if he says the child is dead 4, why are the McCanns’ defending him? Why are the McCanns in court [against me]? This is the kind of contradictions that no one understands…

JP: Indeed no one understands that. Let us watch now…

HC: Let us go to the apartment.

JP: Let us go to the apartment. Let us tackle the facts, the facts mentioned by Gonçalo Amaral.

HC: Facts.

JP: Fact: May, five years since Madeleine McCann disappeared. After we saw the considerations made by the mediums in the TV program “Até à Verdade”, we are going to ask someone who was involved in the process, Gonçalo Amaral and Hernâni Carvalho our man on the field. They have returned to Praia da Luz to the very place, to the bedroom door, from where the child disappeared.

HC: Madeleine McCann disappeared on the 3rd of May of 2007 from this apartment in Praia da Luz. From the apartment 5A of the Ocean Club. Moita Flores, for example, does not believe the child could have been taken through this window. In fact, the window is right next to the door [HC points to the door right next to him, turns to Gonçalo Amaral and asks him] Objectively, I would ask you if, in your perception, would it be possible for the little girl to have disappeared through this window?

GA: It is our conviction, and from the indicia that were collected during those initial months, that it would be materially impossible for this window to be the means of entry or exit, particularly since there are no traces of a break-in. What we have instead are vestiges of a simulation inside - namely a simulation5 where the window is opened. There are fingerprints of Kate McCann opening the window towards her left hand-side, whereas she says the window has always been closed, with the shutters always down and therefore all these... There are no footprints or anything similar. Undeniably, this window, as I have said before, is a window ‘facing the world’ and it is where the solution of the case lies.

HC: As the investigators put it, no one enters through a door and then exits through a window!

GA: It is a fact and if you watch closely, the door it is less exposed than the window. It would be much more spectacular to exit through the window rather than the door, which is rather more hidden, more receded than the window. Therefore, this door would be a more obvious away to exit.

18: 46 The scene then changes with both HC and GA walking past the Ocean Club’s information board at the streets intersection. As they pass underneath another of the apartment’s windows, the living room window, GA draws HC’s attention to it and comments:

GA: That is the other window where inside is that sofa where blood vestiges were found, which the FSS said that it could belong to Madeleine McCann…

HC: Behind that window?

GA: Yes, on the inside.

HC: Where the blood vestiges were found by the floor?

GA Yes, by the floor and where there was also cadaver odour, besides the blood.

19:11 Camera pans briefly at the rear of Apartment’s 5A [garden corner where cadaver odour was also detected] before focusing in the rear access staircase to the same living room area GA was just referring to. Immediately afterwards GA and HC enter the small gate that opens directly to a public road and climb the stairs.

HC: So, this was usually the service entrance; the street access of apartment 5A, right?

GA: Exactly, the apartments, or rather the manner in which that group of tourists entered their apartments was from the rear; both the McCann couple as well as the others, which were on the ground-floor, on the other side. This raises questions such as… The path that is there [pointing towards the alleyway] was the one used by the other members. When Jane Tanner said that she goes up the street, and walks around in order to go home, that to us rings hollow because this was the usual pathway. Gerald McCann himself goes as far as to say that when he came to see his daughter at about 9pm, that he does not enter through here [sliding doors]; even though he was in a hurry to reach the bathroom. Yet he chooses to walk the longest path [round gesture with extended arm], to open the door [main entrance] with the key. There is a report from Control Risks6, the first private detective agency which was brought to the case [by the McCanns] in the very first days, where they state, after speaking with Gerald McCann and other witnesses in that group [Tapas 9], that the key that Mr. Gerald McCann alleges to have used had in fact been left in the kitchen, in the kitchen’s counter. Right away, the lies started. Moreover, in order to have an abductor he would have had to enter through here [sliding doors]. Apart from the fact that there are no traces of a break-in, there aren't any fingerprints, he could have used gloves for example, in any case the entry would have to be done through here. There are no signs of a forced entry anywhere; not in the door nor in the window. There is a simulation, as if someone wishes to make others believe that the bedroom window was the passage point of the child, which, in our firm belief, could not have taken place.

HC: The parents have said that they were able to keep an eye on the apartment from the restaurant [Tapas] but that is hard to see how, particularly bearing in mind that it was night. Gonçalo Amaral, Dr. Moita Flores, said a few days ago, publicly, that it is his profound belief that Maddie likely died in this apartment, what is your conclusion?

GA: My conviction is identical, based on the evidence. [small cut/edit at 21:09] So, exactly what happened? There are the blood vestiges, the cadaver odour that appeared precisely in the place where the blood was, that appeared in the couple’s bedroom, that appeared here [pointing to the apartment’s backyard] in the shrubs that were there, at the back. Add to that the contradictions and the inconsistencies of all the testimonies, and then there is something that should have been made, the reconstruction of the events, which was refused by the witnesses, by the [McCann] friends; the couple never came back for it and until today that remains to be done. That would be enlightening.

GA: The investigation process should not have ended, in October [2007], in the way that it did. From then on, it was six months up to the archival, and today continues to be archived. The answer for the case is in that investigation, that is there, gaining dust, stored in a court archive until it’s ‘dead’. Or maybe, until someone is brave enough to order the reopening of the process, and continue the investigation.

22:19 Cut back to studio

JP: Hernâni, You have spoken a while ago about something public, that I myself don’t understand how it’s related to this: hairs?

HC: Yes. I don’t know if you remember this, of the times that we worked together on this case… In other times.

JP: At another place [referring to when her morning talk show was broadcast by TVI]

HC: Suddenly, Madeleine’s hairs where all over the place! Hairs were sent to the FSS, hairs were sent to the Lab, hairs were sent to the police, hairs everywhere.

GA: Too many hairs.

HC: Please explain, how is it possible for a child who disappeared to have so much hair?

GA: I don’t know, but it is a fact that there were several hairs, that were sent, and the conclusion is that they likely belonged to the child. Even the hairs that appeared in the boot of the car rented 20 days later [by the McCanns], they were sent to the FSS [Forensic Science Service]. Hairs that…

HC: Is it possible for me to have a hair and than say ‘this hair belongs to Mr. José António” [figure of speech]?

GA: I was about to explain that. The FSS stated that due to the hair tone, they belonged to Madeleine McCann, but that they couldn’t extract the DNA because the hairs did not have any roots. Nowadays, labs in Europe can actually extract DNA without the roots, and arrive to a conclusion, if the DNA belongs to that person or not. Furthermore, those hairs can help us understand if the child - like her grandfather said, some journalists also said that at the time - did take an antihistaminic in order to sleep at night. And then consider the influence that it could have produced. Those hairs, if they still exist and if they do belong to Madeleine, and if she was indeed – her siblings never woke up in that night – given, like her grandfather said in the English television; if the McCanns gave the children Calpol7 at night in order for them, or for the little girl to sleep… From that point on, we might be able to arrive to a conclusion regarding what happened. When they write in a book that the girl’s sleeping disorders had ended years ago, that is a lie, since the problems that concern that child, existed to the last day, to the day of her disappearance. And there is evidence that establishes that.

HC: Gonçalo, I have to tell you this, and you know that this is public. Since the beginning, I have always thought that it was very strange that Madeleine disappeared; but there were several conclusions that one could formulate particularly due to the other two children that did not disappear. However, there is a question – and we are already without time to continue – there is a question that I must ask: Who decided that the FSS should be the one, instead of any other forensic lab, to make all those analysis?

GA: The Police Directorate, we wanted to ‘trust’ in the English police…

HC: That is all that I wanted to know! Okay!

JP: [Laughs]

HC: It was just that. There are several excellent laboratories, famous all over the world in Switzerland, in…

GA: We didn’t want…

HC: …it had to be in England!

GA: It is similar to the non-arrival of the FBI, we didn’t want to create friction, a “diplomatic incident”.

JP: It was due to a diplomatic settlement that everything turned out the way it did.

GA: It is due to diplomacy that we are now here.

HC: Thank you, Gonçalo.

JC: I thank Gonçalo Amaral - who was truly committed to this case - for coming here today, for clarifying and for providing us with information regarding some aspects of this case.

Ends at 25: 39

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Post on 16.06.18 22:14 by Verdi

Continued ^^^..

Reference Notes

1 «The search process used personnel to physically, intrusively and invasively explore all areas of disturbance, voids and concealment within the areas searched. The search utilised dogs trained to locate human remains and human blood, ground penetrating radar to detect sub surface disturbance and concealment, clearance teams to remove concealing vegetation, endoscopes to search drains and voids and metal probes to search the ground. These teams were supported by experts in Forensic Anthropology for human bone identification and a professor in geophysics.» in Mark Harrison MBE, National Search Adviser, National Policing Improvement Agency [NPIA] report in the Process, Volumes IX and XI

2 It should be said that Madeleine McCann was probably lighter than 30 Kilos, her height was shorter than average for a 4 year old child with about 90 cm [35.4" roughly], with probably less than 15 kilos[33 pounds] of weight. Regardless of the probable miscalculation of Madeleine’s weight, the point being made does not depend on the accuracy of the child’s weight.

3 «It is revealed that police want to trace a blue tennis bag allegedly taken from Kate and Gerry McCann's apartment on the night Madeleine went missing. Detectives think the hold-all could have been used to carry Madeleine as she was taken away, or even to transport the three-year-old's body. It belonged to the girl's father but has not been seen since the night of May 3, according to a Sky News documentary due to be broadcast on Christmas Eve. Expert Tony Rogers, who reviews unsolved cases for British police and worked on the Soham investigation, said: “If it's a bag of a size that could be used to take a child away from the flat, that would be of great interest to the investigating officer.” But McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell flatly denied that Mr McCann had lost a bag during the family's holiday. He said: “As far as Kate and Gerry are concerned, there is no missing tennis bag. They came back from holiday with everything except of course, tragically, Madeleine.” Mr McCann told friends yesterday that he did not take any tennis equipment to Praia da Luz, and did not own a blue tennis bag. But Sky News stood by its story, which it said came from sources who had travelled to the resort after Madeleine's disappearance.» in Daily Mail, 25 December 2007, archived at McCannFiles

3a Martin Brunt's report for Sky News: “The Mystery of Madeleine McCann” - Broadcast December 24 2007 - Part1, Part 2 & Part 3

4 «How did that premonition of yours about the Maddie case happen?
On the 5th of May, upon returning from a spiritualist meeting in Madeira, right after going to bed, but before falling asleep, at around midnight, an extraordinary thing happened to me for the first time in my life: I saw the image of a little girl that must have been around 4 years of age, with blond, shoulder-length straight hair, blue eyes, very disturbed, visibly unable to understand what was happening to her, accompanied by a female being of great beauty and great spiritual standing… Then, other images appeared, related to what had happened to her: I saw a strongly built man, blue eyes, somewhat balding and with blondish hair, brutally raping that girl and then strangling her with his hands, throwing the cadaver into a lake. I perceived by a map that was shown to me, that this happened in the Algarve, but I couldn’t read the name of the village. I stress that I hadn’t seen any photo of Maddie before, I only knew, from what I’d heard on the radio, that she was 3 years old.» in ‘Spanish detectives asked me to arrange for evidence against Gonçalo Amaral’, O Crime, 4 December 2008

4a «Método 3, the Spanish detective agency hired by the McCanns, tried to convince Leonor Cipriano's Lawyer to change the course of defense. The agency operational wanted to make of Gonçalo Amaral - the former coordinator of the PJ of Portimão, responsible for the investigation to the disappearance of Madeleine and Joana, the main target, through the intersection of the two cases.» in 'Detectives Hired by the McCanns want to Frame Gonçalo Amaral - A puzzle with crossed stories', SIC, 13 February 2009

5 «Mr McCann, a consultant cardiologist at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, told his sister, Trish Cameron, that his wife had found the front door to their ground-floor apartment open and that the louvred shutters had been "jemmied" open. “[Gerry rang last night and told me] 'Madeleine's been abducted, she's been abducted',” Ms Cameron said. “Nothing had been touched in the apartment, no valuables taken, no passports. They think someone must have come in the window and gone out the door with her.”(...) Police notified border police, Spanish police and airports and deployed sniffer dogs. But with each hour that passes, hopes that Madeleine merely wandered off are fading.There were conflicting reports yesterday of how effective the Portuguese police operation has been. A family friend, Jill Renwick, told GMTV that police activity ground to a halt at 3am. But Mr Hill said this was not true, and that police had been searching with dogs overnight and continued to search today.» in The Independent, 5 May 2007

6«Kate and Gerry McCann could face criminal charges for using a private security company to investigate the disappearance of their daughter, a senior Portuguese judge has said. The couple have been secretly receiving advice for more than four months from Control Risks Group, which employs former members of the British intelligence services and special forces. News of the investigators' role has led to deep concern amongst the authorities in Portugal, where it is illegal for private detectives to become involved in criminal cases. A source close to the McCann's legal team has confirmed the involvement of Control Risks Group but insisted it is simply providing advice on the hunt for Madeleine rather than becoming actively involved in searches in Portugal.(...) The judge said that Mr and Mrs McCann, both 39, from Rothley, Leicestershire, could be charged with "obstruction of justice" if prosecutors find evidence of a parallel investigation. The couple are already official suspects in the disappearance of their daughter from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz 145 days ago. A high-ranking officer in the Polícia Judiciária, which is investigating the disappearance of Madeleine shortly before her fourth birthday, said that the investigators could be arrested if they are found operating in Portugal. “If they come here they will be running a serious risk of being arrested,” he said. Carlos Anjos, President of the Judicial Police Inspector's Union, accused to Mr and Mrs McCann of using “diversion tactics”. Mr McCann had previously said that they had decided not to use private detectives. “This is just another McCann strategy who today say one thing and tomorrow something completely contrary,” said Mr Anjos “This can only be another diversion tactic from the McCanns."» in The Times, 25 September 2007

6a «Brian Kennedy commissioned private detectives to conduct an investigation parallel to the one run by the Portuguese police. But his choice showed how dangerous it is when powerful and wealthy businessmen try to play detective. In September 2007, he hired Metodo 3, an agency based in Barcelona, on a six-month contract and paid it an estimated £50,000 a month. Metodo 3 was hired because of Spain’s ‘language and cultural connection’ with Portugal. “If we’d had big-booted Brits or, heaven forbid, Americans, we would have had doors slammed in our faces” said Clarence Mitchell, spokesperson for the McCann’s at the time. “And it’s quite likely that we could have been charged with hindering the investigation as technically it’s illegal in Portugal to undertake a secondary investigation”.» in 'Mark Hollingsworth Investigates The McCann Files', ES Magazine, 28 August 2009

6b«Fired abruptly by the Find Madeline Fund which has sought to find Madeline McCann, Red Defence International also wrangled in the past with Trafigura. An affiliate of Red Defence International, a firm headed by Britain’s Kevin Halligen, the investigative concern Oakley International Group was hired in March, 2008 to help find Madeline McCann, the three-year-old British child who vanished in May, 2007 from a hotel on the Portuguese coast. In late August, the Find Madeline Fund, which bankrolls the search for the child, suddenly cut all links with Oakley International, officially for “inadequate results”.» in 'Red Defence in Red Zone', Intelligence Online, October 9 2008

7 Mr. Brian Healy, Madeleine's grandfather interview on Calpol in Sky News, September 7, 2007

7a «Calpol guidelines changed over dosing worries (...)Now, it says only those aged four or over should be given the maximum dose of two teaspoons a time. (...)However, paediatricians have recently begun to raise concerns over the potential long-term health impacts of regularly dosing up children on paracetamol. (...) And in May a study of Scottish children found a quarter of paracetamol prescriptions for one to three-year-olds were for "excessive" dosages, that academics warned could put them at risk of liver damage(...)The updated guidance follows an MHRA warning in 2009 that more than 60 cough and cold remedies should not be given to under sixes, due to evidence they could be harmful and did not work.» in The Telegraph, November 20 2011

7b CALPOL®️ Night contained a sedating antihistamine called diphenhydramine hydrochloride as one of the two active ingredients, the other being paracetemol. It was discontinued in the UK in March 2009. Similar products with the same active ingredients are advised to not be used in children under 6 years of age. in, March 2009

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Very interesting - I'd never heard before the claim that Trisha Cameron was told by Kate McCann that the front door was open as well as the window.

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