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Alan Vinnicombe (Armchair Detective) Paul Grover - REX FEATURES

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Alan Vinnicombe (Armchair Detective) Paul Grover - REX FEATURES

Alan Vinnicombe - 31st January 2017  [facebook]

Who took the make up picture?

It was a still picture included in this very strange 2-minute video produced by Madeleine’s godfather, Jon Corner, and released on 1 May 2010

Was it claimed taken by Paul Grover from REX FEATURES, it was credited to him by "Britain's leading independent photographic press agency and picture library, supplying a daily service of news, celebrity, features, and stock photos to all national newspapers, magazines, TV, web and other media in the UK and in more than 30 countries worldwide"? and he is forever photographing Royalty, politicians etc for newspapers and magazines.

No-one would argue that in these photographs the child is wearing make-up and is in odd postures.

WHY would the McCanns use an expensive London photographer for these professional pictures? And why no sign of Amelie and Sean in any of them? I don't believe they did.

I'm 100% sure he took none of the pics if you look at his work below there a much simpler explanation.

It looks like Mr Grover was dispatched by his editor to cover the Madeleine story and was given these photos from the Grandmothers album to help him. So the photos even though not shot by Mr Grover were part of his narrative and thus appear alongside his name.

That's how they got in Rex futures portfolio the pics were taken I should imagine like everyone's by the family, proof they were from grannys album, the one of the children is a studio one, but was still credited to Grover, proving they were handed over in a group.

All in all I can say he didn't take any pics at all.

What I will say is the makeup wasn't put on by a child, and she looks, not to be playing but very unhappy!

Here is a post ive copied is it gunuine ? seems to be

Re: Paul Grover - photographer to the stars

Post by Willo [ affraid ] on Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:46 am

I also emailed Mr Grover through his business website last night asking why, where and for whom these photos were taken and were they photoshopped and this morning had five replies from an I phone

1/ To answer your questions I Did not photograph Madeleine I copies the photos from her grandmothers album when she went missing
2/ Also the the pics are not Lolita pics they are family pics taken by members of the family if you think they are Lolita pics your problem
3/ And no they are not altered in photo shop
4/ I kind of get fed up with people thinking that I take pics of young girls there was nothing sinister they are not my pictures! So let that be the end of it
5/ Hello Willo, Not sure what you are implying but I did not have ever photographed Madeleine McCann I copied her grandmothers photo album I am not sure why people (you are not the first) think they are "Lolita" style pics I never thought that when I saw them if you have a problem with the style of the photos have a word with the family because THEY ARE NOT MINE!

extracts fromThe Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™️  celebrate

pictures below and one by Grover I hope you can see the difference

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