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The Armchair Detective Videos

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The Armchair Detective Videos

Post by Verdi on 01.01.19 21:16

Just how many times have you heard the droning words over and over again - people are afraid to speak out against the McCann fiasco, the McCanns are so litigious they instill fear in both mainstream media and individual folk.

Just how many times have you heard that only an audacious few have dared to speak out against the McCanns within mainstream media and individual folk.  I will not name names but you know who I talk of.


When you take into consideration all the adverse publicity the case of missing Madeleine McCann has generated, it's ridiculous to suggest that the McCanns are able to silence the world by threats of legal action.   Their track record bears witness to this simple fact, a couple of newspapers  and but two individuals, who also shall remain nameless - but you know who!  They are in no position to be litigious, they haven't right on their side.  Begone such nonsense!

So down to the nitty-gritty.  The crusaders with dubious motive who claim to be the only voice of truth, the dastardly daring who publicly speak out against all odds and vapid threats of legal action - begone you feigned seekers of self interest - posers with little or nothing to offer but conceit.

The new mainstream media is social media, it has as much if not more clout than the daily tabloids and broadsheets.  Social media is the future, for good or for bad, just as the draconian mainstream media followed the town crier - an evolutionary process imposed on our daily lives and to be embraced for what it's worth.

CMoMM has now been in existence for nine, going on ten years.  Joana Morais was out there spreading the truth as was any number of genuine folk working in quest of justice for little Madeleine McCann minus the trumpet voluntary.  One might say working behind the scenes without the fanfare of self indulgence which can be witnessed in latter days - no names mentioned.

You may not agree with everything presented by specific individuals but their worth is nonetheless notable, way and beyond the poser who only has self interest at heart - no names mentioned.  Begone poser, social media is the new information source - it's  been bubbling away for years so don't presume to think you are the brave daring myth busters of the 21st century.  Many out there have been shouting the injustices of the Madeleine McCann Mystery for years - you posers are not the voice of justice, you are the voice of your own conceit.

A rather lengthy introduction to the Alan 'Armchair Detective' Vinnicombe's videos for which I make no apology.  The Armchair Detective is out there on social media, speaking out against the McCann deception - speaking for Madeleine, without the need for self glorification. Reflect on that all you posers who like to think you are the only ones who dare to confront the deception and I ask that you try to recognize true commitment as opposed to your own self serving propensities..

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx

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