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The Last Throw of the Dice

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The Last Throw of the Dice

Post by Jill Havern on 26.08.17 12:50

Courtesy of PeterMac (Exasperated Retired Police Officer),

Does the Metropolitan police really follow the result of the “Last throw of the Dice” ?
Or is this, as we believe, YET another mendacious statement by Mitchell on behalf of the mendacious TM
It seems at first sight a strange way of doing an investigation, but they let us remember that the McCanns involved themselves in charlatans, pretend and clearly fraudulent detective agencies  and “mystics” and even were said to have paid attention to the various ludicrous things they said.  
Even though the mcCann's training is along conventional western scientific lines they still apparently believed the lunatic who argued that:  “A single human hair can give a GPS reading . . “
whilst clearly NOT believing the scientifically proven abilities of highly trained and experienced dogs, nor of the extensive literature relating to statement analysis and body language.

So what do we make of this phrase “Last roll of the dice “
Is this how the Met. Homicide and Serious Crime Command and other police forces conduct enquiries ?
We might think that was a ludicrous proposition, but consider these

Double 6 = Man crushed in a cement mixer which started up by itself at 1 am.
Double 5 = Man fell into swimming pool and drowned with mortal self inflicted internal injuries
Double 4 = Group of random Irishmen (this will do for any scenario !)
Double 3 = Serbian Separatists, or a random bloke of low intelligence who had nothing to do with anything
Double 2 = Victim too young to be believed OR suspect too famous or of certain race
Double 1 = Invisible weightless Flatman, carrying bottle of Human cadaverine . . . .

And if we don’t throw a double we get another turn.

6 & 4 =  Anyone,  ideally of low intelligence and illiterate, who nevertheless writes a coherent Voluntary Statement admitting the crime in every detail, using current Police jargon
5 & 3 =  The victim herself

And more recently
6 & 5, 6 & 4, 6 & 3, . 6 & 2, 6 & 1,  and most other throws of the dice = Lone wolf with mental health issues, radicalised on line.

Others may have played this game.
Would love to hear your solutions.
Jill Havern

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Last Throw of the Dice

Post by willowthewisp on 26.08.17 14:11

HI GGG,Fancy a game of Crap,because that is what Clarence Mitchell and his cohorts have dealt to the UK public who are now maybe growing weary of the Madeleine stories,after Ten years?
People in the UK are awakening to the fact,that with all this amount of"Assistance"given to a certain family by at least Three Prime Ministers alongside numerous Police forces and MI5/6 of a roll they have played amounts to a"Cover Up",but what has not come to the fore,is the reason for the Cover Up and who they are protecting,Why?
The UK Government can throw as much resources they can afford to,to hide the Truth,but there is one certainty,that if Madeleine McCann has come to Harm and they know,they are on a"Sticky Wicket"wafting about certain events,as the"Intelligence Leads us to"a certain Two Year old boy,who was reported missing in Greece,now South Yorkshire Police, 25 yrs later,DCI John Cousins explanation as to "What is most likely to have happened to Ben Needham"but "Not Proven" in a Court of Law,yet?
The Public are often quoted,"when in a big Hole stop digging,as it will collapse in on you with out,without the support mechanism",which leads us back to,the UK Government,who have offered to assist,since they where asked for on 4th May 2007,stop supporting them and let us see what happens,eh Clarence?
In the Jon Corner,version of a Family life,people doubt about Gerry wearing gloves,now when the camera pans to Kate hanging out the proverbial washing,what has kate got on her hands,must have developed a skin alergy to the washing powder?

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Re: The Last Throw of the Dice

Post by Verdi on 26.08.17 21:27

More like Russian Roulette than the last throw of the dice.

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Re: The Last Throw of the Dice

Post by plebgate on 27.08.17 9:06

@willow - a game of craps  indeed.    Roll up roll up fling the dice and invariably lose.   Last roll of the dice, after last roll of the dice hmm.  At the moment the taxpayer hasn't had a winning roll for sure imo.

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