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Daily Star: Katie Price blasted for 'sexing up' daughter, 9

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Daily Star: Katie Price blasted for 'sexing up' daughter, 9

Post by Columbo on 31.03.17 1:22

The front page of today's Daily Star (31 March) leads with the headline in the title. The subtitle is: "Jordan posts shocking holiday snaps"

The front page of the paper shows her nine-year-old daughter wearing make-up. Funny how the parents of a three-year-old child have never been castigated this way for publishing a picture of their child wearing make-up - even if she was supposed to have raided mum's make-up bag and applied it herself.

Ironically, on the same front page is another Maddie story: "Spanish Maddie 'kidnap'" illustrated with one of the usual library pictures of Madeleine.

The BBC has a copy of the Daily Star's front page in its "today's papers" section. Maybe someone more techie than me can upload a pic of it.

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