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The 'Madeleine McCann of Israel'

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The 'Madeleine McCann of Israel'

Post by Get'emGonçalo on Tue Aug 09, 2016 6:07 pm

Dreadful though it is - and it dates from 2011 . . .
the linking of a murder of a child by its own relatives, and concealment of the body for a long time, and then a long term of imprisonment
with Madeleine's case
has a certain Schadenfreude ring to it.


The grandfather and mother of a four-year-old girl whose dismembered body was found dumped in a river have been jailed for life over her murder.

Pisam, right, and Ron have been sentenced to life in prison for murdering the toddler (Getty)

Ronny Ron, who was having an affair with his daughter-in-law, Marie-Charlotte Renault-Pizem, found his grandchild, Rose, difficult to handle and killed her in a fit of rage, a court heard.

He dumped her remains in a suitcase in Tel Aviv's Yarkon river, not far from his home in the coastal resort of Netanya in May 2008.

Rose'€™s disappearance sparked a nationwide hunt and she was often referred to as the€˜ Madeleine McCann of Israel€™ as the case bore similarities to that of the missing British three-year-old.

Police divers found her body last September and the lovers were arrested€“ triggering a debate on child welfare. Renault-Pizem, 26, who was convicted of plotting her daughter's murder last month, had moved to Israel from France with her husband, Benjamin, in 2004 to be nearer his family.

However, the couple divorced the following year after Mr Pizem discovered his wife was having an affair with his 48-year-old father.

Mr Pizem took Rose back to France but after a custody row she was returned to Israel in 2007

Details of sex-lives √    -  see also Cipriano √
child difficult to handle  √
case bore similarities (?) √
remains in a suitcase  √
triggered debate on child-welfare √
disappearance sparked national hunt √

Jerusalem Post
After three years of court hearings, the judges’ verdict made it clear that they did not believe a single statement that the defendants uttered – and while the precise nature of the young girl’s death may never be fully known, the judges had no doubt that Ron had murdered her, and did so at Pizem’s urging.

“Watching the video depicting Pizem’s first police interrogation on the day of her arrest cannot leave the viewer indifferent, in light of the complete lack of natural maternal emotion of Pizem towards Rose. The accused described Rose in a humiliating, ugly, fashion – mimicking her and expressing feelings of hate and loathing towards her,” read the verdict.

“She said that Rose was indeed her biological daughter, but that she wasn’t really her daughter, ‘not in her heart’ – that she felt nothing towards her, and that as far as she was concerned, she only had two daughters. Every time it was suggested that something had happened to Rose, she either denied the possibility or ignored the question, and only asked to see Ron, whom she loves, and her daughters who were crying down the hall.”

Did not believe a single word √   (See Portugal 'libel' trial)
Felt nothing toward her
lack of maternal emotion

I'm not saying Gerry McCann is obsessed with what comes out in the media but Kim Jong-un thinks he needs to lighten up a bit.


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Re: The 'Madeleine McCann of Israel'

Post by sallypelt on Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:46 pm

A photograph of little Rose and Ronny Ron.


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Re: The 'Madeleine McCann of Israel'

Post by worriedmum on Tue Aug 09, 2016 8:07 pm

Poor child.

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Rose Pizem.

Post by willowthewisp on Wed Aug 10, 2016 2:20 pm

In memorial to Rose Pizem May your soul Rest in Ever lasting Peace,safe now in loving arms of your redeemer,whatever your Faith.


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Re: The 'Madeleine McCann of Israel'

Post by Verdi on Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:44 pm

Kidnapper's relatives tussle with family of 'South Africa's Madeleine McCann' after the woman who snatched her as a baby 18 years ago is jailed for ten years 

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