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A heartfelt letter to Sir Bernard Hogan-howe from Kathleen Bell

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A heartfelt letter to Sir Bernard Hogan-howe from Kathleen Bell

Post by Google.Gaspar.Statements on 24.02.16 7:38

Letter written by Kathy Bell and posted on Facebook

Here is the text of the email, I sent to Hogan-Howe, I'll split it into a few posts to make it easier to read.

'Dear Mr Hogan-Howe, to say I am disgusted at the way Operation Grange have investigated the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, is an understatement. Everyone who was cleared by the PJ, has been investigated, by Operation Grange. The two people who haven't been cleared, the McCanns have been declared innocent by Andy Redwood, when he was leading the investigation.

I'm no police officer, but I've followed this case, from the minute I heard little Madeleine had disappeared. I'd like to point out some facts, that Operation Grange seem to have ignored. First of all, when Kate McCann raised the alarm that Madeleine had been abducted, the GNR were not notified and we later learned from Kate McCann, in a televised interview with Jane Hill from the BBC, that they never searched for Madeleine. The reason Kate McCann gave for not searching for Madeleine, was because they were almost non functioning. Also the one who did notify the GNR of Madeleine's disappearance, was a member of staff from the Ocean Club, whenm they realised 40 inutes after Madeleine was discovered missing by Kate McCann, that the GNR had not been notified of Madeleine's disappearance.

The people the McCanns did notify were, Alistair Clark a member of the British Government and Jon Corner, the McCanns high profile media friend. These two people were notified instead of the GNR, at a time at least one of the McCanns should have been out looking for Madeleine and in my opinion, would have been out looking for Madeleine, if she had disappeared without the McCanns knowledge.

In a televised interview with Oprah Winfrey, Kate McCann told her that sthey were praying for daylight so they could get out and search for Madeleine. It wasn't too dark for your Portuguese colleagues to search for Madeleine and it wasn't too dark for the volunteers who helped your Portuguese colleagues to search for Madeleine. Some of these volunteers stayed off work for more than a week to search for Madeleine. This fact was pointed out to Kate McCann, by Jane Hill. Jane asked Kate McCann, if she had wanted to join the volunteers and that is when she said they wanted to, but as Jane could imagine, they were almost non functioning. The McCanns were functioning very well, when they made phone calls from 22:00hrs until around 10:00hrs the next morning.

The McCanns never questioned the PJ File that had damning evidence about them, which was sent to the Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation. Yet they tried to sue Goncalo Amaral, for raising that point in his book. Mr Amaral, never wanted to write that book, but he had no choice, because he was booted off the investigation, on a trumped up charge of insulting the UK police. It was ok for your UK colleagues to insult Mr Amaral, with no comeback.

I'd just like to point out one more fact about this case and it is regarding the evidence that was found in the McCanns apartment. When this evidence was found, the McCanns along with Kate McCann's mother, denied the evidence existed. Kate McCann's mother, who you know very well, accused the PJ of planting this evidence. 

Once again, I am no police officer, but if I can see the next point I am about to raise, then so can you. If the McCanns were innocent, they would not have denied the evidence existed and Kate McCann's mother, would not have accused the PJ of planting the evidence. If the McCanns were innocent, they would have been horrified and distressed at this news, because if would have meant the abductor had harmed Madeleine, inside their apartment, which would have caused her great suffering, before she was removed.

By the way, I'm sure you have evidence of the lies the McCanns told the GNR, when they arrived at their apartment. One of ther lies was regarding a shutter, that the McCanns said was jemmied by the abductor. He supposedly entered the apartment, then exited the apartment with Madeleine. This is just one of the lies the McCanns told, in order to save their own skins. Whilst not giving a damn about saving Madeleine's skin.

Then there is the fund that was talked about by Gerry McCann's siblings Philomena and John McCann, less than 4 days after Madeleine disappeared. These two people, said the money from the fund, would be used to search for Madeleine. I'm sure you know as well as I do, that the Portuguese taxpayers, were funding the searches and investigation int Madeleine's disappearance. Exactly two weeks after Madeleine disappeared, Kate McCann's uncle gave a televised interview. He told people how they could donate to the fund, then he explained how the money would be spent. He said the money would be used for all sorts of reasons, but mainly for paying for the McCanns legal expenses.

Kate McCann and Clarence Mitchell, both gave seperate interviews. They both stated that every penny donated, would be used to search for Madeleine. However in a televised interview, Clarence Mitchell said supporters of the McCanns, wouldn't mind the McCanns and their wider family, using the money to assist them.

Mr Hogan-Howe, from what I've seen of this case, support for the McCanns has been more important than the fate of little Madeleine. Everyone from members of the British Government, to senior members of the police force, has championed the McCanns cause, which was to save their skins. Madeleine has not received justice and it doesn't look like she ever will, unless the McCanns are brought to justice. Whichever way Madeleine disappeared, the McCanns are responsible, for this happening.

The next two people to suffer, will be Madeleine's two siblings, Sean and Amelie. At this moment in time, Sean and Amelie, have no choice but believe the lies their parents have told them. However once they are able to access a computer, without their parents looking over their shoulders, they will begin to look for information about the disappearance of their big sister Madeleine. When they find out that the facts of the case, are completely different to the lies the parents have told them, I can only imagine how they will feel.

There children will have suffered at the hands of their parents, while their parents are still being supported, by those who have the means to bring them to justice, or help the PJ to bring them to justice. 

Yours sincerely, Mrs Kathleen Bell.

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A personnel letter to Sir Bernard Hogan Howe-Re;Madeleine McCann

Post by willowthewisp on 25.02.16 13:30

Googlgasper statements. Thank you for the post of the letter from Miss K Bell.
Mr Hogan Howe will not be able to reply to this letter as the case is still active and no resolution has been taken as to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann on the 3 May 2007,Ocean Club apartment 5a?

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