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Exaro news 7 July 2015

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Exaro news 7 July 2015

Post by willowthewisp on 13.07.15 12:08

A rather interesting post in Exaro article, that Dame Janet Smith, investigating Jimmy Saville's abuses at the BBC has been told to withhold any conclusions of what they found by Scotland Yard pending future prosecutions with their investigations on Jimmy Saville?

Revelation reveals that Jimmy Saville acted in defence of a cameraman approaching young females and the NotW were about to release the story concerning the possible abuse nearly Forty years ago, apparently senior BBC boss's thanked Jimmy for his defence of the cameraman.
Could it have been that Jimmy Saville may have been using the cameraman as a conduit as a first point of contact and when the cameraman was about to be exposed for any inappropriate suggestive comments, Saville had to come to his defence to save himself from being exposed, his MO?

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Re: Exaro news 7 July 2015

Post by whodunit on 13.07.15 13:23

Establishment pedos aren't in it just just to enjoy themselves, you know. Pedo 'rings' are networks that are most concerned with profits, ie child p%#n, a multi-billion $ a year industry.  Networks need cameramen. edit: but yeah, the 'outer layer' of the ring must be protected because if a prosecution pulls on the loose strings the whole thing can come unraveled.

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