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Post by kinell on 29.05.15 12:22

W.j. Thornton


One only has to look at some of the trustees and founders of the charity Missing People to understand that it is no more than a cynical and quite dreadful ploy to get the public to feel Kate and Gerry McCann have no case to answer.
That the McCann's DO have a case to answer is obvious and the cynical attempts by the charity Missing People to give the parents of Maddie some semblance of legitimacy is worthy of investigation.
Carl Agard for example having served with the cabinet office, given what is transpiring within government circles,
Doug D'Arcy ex managing director at Chrysalis records in the seventies.
Two industries well known for being very involved in missing people !
No proof of any wrong doing against them but the general pointers are for the circles they move or moved in, bit flimsy i agree, but wait what's this ?
Lisa White ex founder member of the board of the office of children's commissioner for England, she also held senior communications roles within the government which included having to deal with Clarence Mitchell !
Still not enough ? Kate & Gerry still not linked strongly enough for you before the cynical ambassador project ?
Ok how about Chris Rollings vice chairman of Missing People ? Never heard of him ?
Let me enlighten you, former Chief Superintendent for Leicestershire police in charge of the unit for missing children and still in charge in 2007 !
Chris, a keen runner , who would have thought it ? competed in many runs that also saw whom running as well, oh yes..Kate and Gerry !
Any alarm bells yet ? Has the fog begun to clear for any doubters that this is nothing more than a dreadful attempt to promote a cold blooded ruthless seeker of fame and fortune as a saint ?
Jane Harwood then ? Formerly of Surrey police working in corporate communications and with the Met Police, yes them that's in charge of the investigation into Maddie's demise, it's a fair cop guv !
Oh did she really run in the same London Marathon as Kate ? wow... yeah but i am sure its just many coincidences eh ?
How about them patrons including a close member of the royal family , Lorraine Kelly and of course, Sir Cliff Richard !
If all explained here does not give you pause for thought i will be round to slap you with a wet fish but not seabass as it contains Cadaverine .



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Post by aquila on 29.05.15 12:33

If someone can be bothered to look up past sporting events undertaken by those in senior positions within Missing People you will find a few years ago they were all donating to each other. Large donations to boot - not fivers or tenners.

You will also see that there are two people called Youle. There is also Jo Youle's husband/partner (not called Youle) who is involved with production in the Rock Choir. Jo Youle was a sort of one-hit wonder popstar and worked for Crysalis - not at the same time as the other supporter who founded Crysalis records.

Phew, I'm doing this off the top of my head.

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