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Hippocratic Oath

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Hippocratic Oath Empty Hippocratic Oath

Post by PeterMac on 06.10.14 17:53

The ancient Hippocratic Oath was brought up to date some time ago by the GMC, and is now in the form of professional Guidance.
Duties of a doctor
The duties of a doctor registered with the General Medical Council

Patients must be able to trust doctors with their lives and health. She was not my patient
To justify that trust you must show respect for human life and make sure your practice meets the standards expected of you in four domains.

Knowledge, skills and performance
Make the care of your patient your first concern.  She was not my patient
Provide a good standard of practice and care.   We checked every hour or so, most nights.
Keep your professional knowledge and skills up to date.   That is why I was reading the classified CEOPS manual about concealing bodies
Recognise and work within the limits of your competence.   I am a recognised expert on Police dogs !

Safety and quality
Take prompt action if you think that patient safety, dignity or comfort is being compromised.  She was not my patient
Protect and promote the health of patients and the public.  She was not my patient

Communication, partnership and teamwork
Treat patients as individuals and respect their dignity.   She was not my patient
Treat patients politely and considerately.  She was not my patient
Respect patients' right to confidentiality. She was not my patient
Work in partnership with patients.She was not my patient
Listen to, and respond to, their concerns and preferences.She was not my patient

Give patients the information they want or need in a way they can understand.    She was not my patient
Respect patients' right to reach decisions with you about their treatment and care.    She was not my patient
Support patients in caring for themselves to improve and maintain their health.   She was not my patient
Work with colleagues in the ways that best serve patients' interests.   She was not my patient

Maintaining trust
Be honest and open and act with integrity.   Even if I go to prison ?
Never discriminate unfairly against patients or colleagues. She was not my patient

Never abuse your patients' trust in you or the public's trust in the profession.  She was not my patient
You are personally accountable for your professional practice and must always be prepared to justify your decisions and actions.  
Unless I am being interviewed under Caution

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