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More and more Maddie abductors

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More and more Maddie abductors

Post by ufercoffy on 29.03.10 17:21

Posted by thentherewere4 on his blog

Clarence Mitchell the McCanns spokesman was interviewed by RTE in early October 2007 just as the six month anniversary of the disappearence of Madeleine McCann was fast approaching. In the interview Clarence Mitchell was challenged by the reporter about the McCann's version of events with regards the window being used as an entry or escape route at apartment G5A.

The question was provoked as it was now apparent to all through photographic evidence the blinds to the window of the McCanns apartment had not 'smashed' 'jemmied' or 'broken into' in any way as had earlier been described. Jill Renwick, a family friend along with Philomena McCann and Jon Corner and Norah Paul had all publicly insisted that the blinds had been forced and used as an entry or exit point to the McCanns apartment.

Mitchell's response to the question, with a characteristic upward roll of the eyes was :

"There was no evidence of a breakin... but I am not going to go into the detail. I can tell you off camera, but I am not going to go into the detail on camera."

"But essential to say that Kate and Gerry firmly of the view that somebody got into the apartment and took Madeleine out of the window, as their means of escape, and to do that they did not neccessarily have to tamper with anything."

"They got out of the window ...fairly easily."

Mitchell says he knows the blinds were down and that it was an impossibility for the abductor to have used the window as was described, and now Mitchell insists there was more than one abductor and they had used the window in the children's bedroom as their means of escape. How this all occurred Mitchell would not divulge on camera.

A team of abductors, how does Mitchell know all this. Mitchell refuses to explain on camera the simplest of contradictions in the McCanns stories and now he and he alone announces for the first time there was a team of abductors who took Maddie and that they somehow did esacpe through the closed blinds, and easily too, into the night.

To now say there was more than one abductor that night is intriguing. Why was Mitchell now saying this when everyone else was insisting there was only one abductor. Did Mitchell witness events that night in G5A one now wonders. Mitchell's inside knowledge and attention to detail is startling and if true at the same time is more than a little worrying.
On October the 24th 2007 now just within days of the 6 month Maddie rememberance service Kate McCann was forced to speak on the matter of the supposed abductor and or abductors and his/their escape route. Mitchell's earlier peculiar and non sensical reply had done nothing to quell the public's anxiety about the existence or not of the McCann's abductor or abductors and their escape route from the McCanns apartment.

"I am Madeleine's Mummy. I know she was taken from that apartment, anshe's out there, anIwanher back. I mean that that is all. I mean everything else I'm sorry is rubbish."

Finally there we have it. Kate McCann says it's all rubbish and as Maddie's Mummy she is the one that really knows best. Or she say's it's all the truth. As ever with the McCanns we are all free to decide which version of the truth we would rather believe.

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