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Celebrities' anger at David Cameron of phone hacking 'betrayal'

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Celebrities' anger at David Cameron of phone hacking 'betrayal'

Post by Guest on 06.10.12 21:36

This is good, so after spending time and money on Leveson inquiry the Government aren't going to listen

Celebrities' anger at David Cameron over phone hacking 'betrayal'

Letter urges prime minister to heed Leveson recommendations and expresses alarm over Tory ministers' remarks

[snipped from article]

Sources close to the prime minister have been quoted as saying he "is likely to reject statutory intervention in regulation of the press, even if it is recommended by Lord Justice Leveson".

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Re: Celebrities' anger at David Cameron of phone hacking 'betrayal'

Post by PeterMac on 06.10.12 23:14

It is a fascinating argument. A real dilemma.
I subscribe to Private Eye and find their ability to take on "the great and the good" on a regular basis, refreshing.
Hislop has been threatened with imprisonment more than once, (but by Eady, not Tugendhat) but he continues to print the truth, or as near as he can find to the truth.
They are effusive with public apologies if they get it wrong.
I am unclear how a statutory provision might be worded.
It might simply limit the amount of damages payable in proven libel cases.
It might give some limited - or unlimited recompense for invasion of privacy.
But how is it going to defend the Right of people to tell the truth.
Watergate, Sonia Sutcliffe, Aitken, Archer, . . . there is a VERY long list of people who have hidden behind libel laws and libel lawyers, Carter-Ruck to the fore, who have been proven to have been liars. Defended by scoundrels, who knew at every stage of the operation that they were defending the indefensible. But did it for MONEY



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Re: Celebrities' anger at David Cameron of phone hacking 'betrayal'

Post by aiyoyo on 07.10.12 5:01

No mention of mccann's name amongst the celebrity signatories.
Could it be possible journalist overlooked it?

They were *highlights* of Leveson Inquiry.
They gatecrashed and hijacked it and then they dont want anything done against the Press, HA!

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