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Mitchell Reported to IPCC and Police

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Mitchell Reported to IPCC and Police

Post by jd on 04.05.12 20:53

Clarence Mitchell Has Been Reported To The IPCC And The Police.
The country as we all know is a cesspit of corruption but I cannot let this blatant lie pass without trying to be heard. I intend to follow this lead to the very end.

"I don't have a lot to say, but what I have to say, I can state with certainty. On the 3rd of May at 8.10pm, the evening of Madeleine's disappearance, three men, a woman and a little girl entered my taxi. Sitting beside me was seated a man who resembled Robert Murat and whom I recognised later in the press. There was also a little girl in pink pyjamas with that distinctive mark in her eye and her mother, of that there is no doubt."

Clarence Mitchell has broken the law ,changed Antonio Castela's statement and had the media publish a blatant lie!

Breakthrough? Antonio Castela, 72, claims he is sure that a girl in pink pyjamas who he picked up along with four adults the night after Maddie went missing was her

Daily Mail appear to have pulled Taxi Driver story. The Independent still carry it.

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Re: Mitchell Reported to IPCC and Police

Post by friedtomatoes on 04.05.12 21:14

lol! lol!

is he going to claim alzheimers?

or is going to lay into mr castela cardoso for the same

hope the liar gets his commupance!


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Re: Mitchell Reported to IPCC and Police

Post by Pershing36 on 04.05.12 23:01

I am gob smacked bigshock

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Re: Mitchell Reported to IPCC and Police

Post by tuom on 04.05.12 23:15

@Pershing36 wrote:I am gob smacked

My gob is smacked also ............ waiting

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Re: Mitchell Reported to IPCC and Police

Post by Shibboleth on 04.05.12 23:43

I do not understand, Clarence Mitchell is reported to the IPCC? Is this not an ombudsman for complaints about Policemen? Should it be the PCC, complaints about the press?

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