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SY have NOT requested reopening of the case Mm11

SY have NOT requested reopening of the case Regist10

SY have NOT requested reopening of the case

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SY have NOT requested reopening of the case Empty SY have NOT requested reopening of the case

Post by Ribisl on 01.05.12 6:54

Seeing the tide of anti Portuguese sentiments fatuously whipped up by the British media through their selective reporting, I think at least we should set the record straight in this forum.

Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro, the Portuguese Attorney General, was reported to have said on Thursday that they had received no official request (from the SY) to reopen the case. He then went on to say that there were no facts that would justify reopening of the case. Only when there are new and credible facts emerge they would be able to resume the process. Hypotheses are not enough.

Source: Publico 26.04.2012 - 12:45 by Paula Torres de Carvalho

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SY have NOT requested reopening of the case Empty Re: SY have NOT requested reopening of the case

Post by Guest on 01.05.12 7:56

And, of course, Kate and Gerry McCann can request the reopening of the process at any time simply by writing to the Portuguese Prosecutor. All they have to do is go back and do the reconstruction which they refused to do and answer the questions they refused to answer which would have helped the police find their daughter.

DCI Redwood have told the McCanns and the whole world that he believes Maddie is alive so why are the McCanns not writing to the Portuguese Prosecutor to request the reopening of the process after they asked Prime Minister David Cameron to intervene which has, so far, cost the British taxpayer more than £2million when all it would have cost Kate and Gerry McCann is the stamp on the letter to the Portuguese Prosecutor.

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SY have NOT requested reopening of the case Empty Re: SY have NOT requested reopening of the case

Post by nomendelta on 01.05.12 8:30

Let's look at this logically. Redwood has said alternately that they are working on her being alive or dead in equal measure then on other interviews has stated he believes she is alive. He has also stated they are only 25% thru the evidence but they have 195 "lead" (whatever leads means).

Surely, if they were serious about finding this girl then there would be no hesitation in highlighting the "leads" to the PJ and getting the case reopened. Yeah, the "leads" may not count specifically as new evidence but if they are serious active leads for SY then I am quite sure the PJ could be persuaded to reopen.

The fact that this hasn't happened leads me to the following conclusions.

1. Maddie is not alive and more especially SY don't think she is really. Otherwise why the hesitation in getting the case reopened? Surely, with all the added publicity if she IS alive and living happily with a previously childless couple that couple would now be panicking and moving on?

2. SY do not want the case reopened by the PJ and the only reason I can derive from this is that SY want to control the direction of the "review". This would indicate to me that finding the girl or at least finding the truth of what happened to her would not seem to be the priority for SY.

3. This leaves the door open for the McCanns to be laughing all the way to the bank yet again.

The above is mere speculation and purely opinion which I feel entitled to express and I see in no way that it harms the "search" for Madeleine. How could my comments possibly get in the way of 37 poilice officers following 195 leads?

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