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Gonçalo Amaral defends reopening of the Maddie Case

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Gonçalo Amaral defends reopening of the Maddie Case

Post by ufercoffy on 19.05.11 8:41


Transcript/Translation thanks to anonymous @37 (See Joana Morais Blog for original)

“Information that Scotland Yard will be reviewing all the information the Maddie case caught Gonçalo Amaral halfway between Spain and Portugal. Upon his return to the Algarve, the former investigation coordinator, who was removed from the case in October 2007 by the heads of the PJ, says that the involvement of the Metropolitan Police is good news because although the process was shelved, there is still a lot to be investigated.”

“They (SY) should read the report, all the reports, by the private detectives working for the McCanns, for many reasons – to discover what clues they contain, and what type of information, and to find out what they have been doing because they have been using up a fund of millions of pounds for four years [ didn't quite understand, not sure if he says the word “defrauded” ] from taxpayers and many of the people who believed in this fund”

“Gonçalo Amaral hopes that the British authorities won’t be restricted to just analysing the sightings which are in the file, but that they will also concentrate on, for example, what happened to Maddie’s blanket, and that they formally and finally open a case in the UK, since up until now all they have done is to collaborate with the Portuguese investigation”

“This case is registered in England, namely by the British authorities, as a mere disappearance, not as a child abduction, and the issue here is that we are looking at either a false allegation of abduction or an actual abduction, that’s the big question and that’s what needs to be clarified, via an in-depth review of what has been done and by doing what hasn’t yet been done, namely … and using all the information, whether it’s from the private detectives or all the sightings which later occurred, but based on the process.”

“Amaral says that if the help of Scotland Yard serves to reopen the case in Portugal, the first thing which should be done is the reconstruction of the night of the disappearance, to which Kate and Gerry never agreed. The British authorities’ desire to once again focus on the case came from the British PM himself, and happened the day after Kate launched a book in which she doesn’t hold back from criticising the Portuguese investigation. The book will shortly have another one vying for attention. Gonçalo Amaral has already finished writing his second book about the case.”

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