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Lazzerie-lies-in-the-sun: Twenty Suspects

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Post by Verdi 22.10.22 13:24

Another corker from the wit and wisdom of the Lazzerie.  These references to 'suspects' puts everything back into perspective.  Whilst the general public are swept along by the latest press/media blitz at any one time, it's good to take the minds back to the beginning - the official Portuguese investigation.

Suspects come and suspects go but the core of the case remains consistent, that core doesn't allow for any errant criminal past or present to be involved in any way with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann - to the contrary!

It's nothing but a distraction to lead away from truth, it's how the system of deception works - and it works every time.  To sum up in one single word .... propaganda!.  Keep the eye on the ball.



Martin Brunt, Hamish and the Twenty Suspects

Martin Brunt -

"Scotland Yard has said it has identified 'more than a handful' of suspects for the murder of Madeleine McCann in its review of the Portuguese case."

In all of the reports in reference to what the Metropolitan police did or did not say, what comes across most is that there is no clarity as to whether these persons are suspects/potential suspects/or simply as Julian Druker said as he was told by the Met, and that the Met stressed – simply persons the police would like to have a chat with.  

If however we go on the above statement by Martin Brunt, then it would appear they are not only potential suspects, but potential murder suspects.  Perhaps Martin got confused, as we are still hearing Madeleine has come to no harm.  Last I heard, 'murder' was pretty harmful business.

None of those reporting are ‘in tune’ with one another regarding ‘numbers’.

The numbers vary greatly – We have heard:

A handful
A number of
Twenty (as the Sky newsreader announced)
Perhaps a dozen or so (said Martin Brunt)

Martin I have to say has also said in one of his reports - 'a handful.'

So which is it?  What number did Hamish Head of Homicide/the Metropolitan Police give to reporters-

One? Two? Ten? Perhaps a dozen? A handful? Several? Twenty?

Hamish would like the Portuguese police to speak with this handful of people he claims to have identified.

A suggested response by Portugal:-

Right back at ya Hamish – We've got NINE we'd like you to talk to, that trumps your handful!

But no matter the numbers, up to twenty?  -  That’s an awful lot of people to be suspected of harming Madeleine.   That would suggest that in this quiet village in Portugal, crime was rife, criminals running amok!

Yet, all who were interviewed, the McCanns and their party also, claimed that there was no one around of an evening, that they never at any time on their checks of the children saw anyone, anyone at all.  And according to them they were almost bumping into each other as they busied up and down back and forth from the tapas bar to the apartment block.

Yet it is the belief of Hamish that twenty people (or perhaps a dozen as Brunt reported) in this quiet village, are potential child killers?

I say ‘child killers’ as Hamish is Head of Homicide, and the little matter of murder was mentioned by Martin, albeit one of those not so harmful murders!  
Brunt continued by stating not only were there at least a dozen, but they are in the main, NOT British but foreigners!

By ‘foreigners,’ does Brunt mean Portuguese or other nationalities who reside in PDL?  Should he be referring to   Portuguese people as foreigners, surely not, as they are not foreigners in their own country – it is the British who are the foreigners, it is Martin Brunt, standing on Portuguese soil who is the foreigner!  

Or, is Martin suggesting that these people are foreigners to Portugal, not Portuguese citizens, but that they either reside there, or were holidaying there, passing through for whatever reason, and that they may not now be there?

On one hand Brunt tells us that Scotland Yard cannot interview in Portugal, on the other he tells us that Scotland Yard have been doing exactly that, albeit going around PDL with Portuguese Police – interviewing!

So have they unofficially interviewed these twenty/perhaps a dozen persons of interest, potential child killers?  Would seem odd that they haven’t if they have been interviewing others!

Would seem more odd if the Metropolitan police have identified 20 persons who are potential child killers/abductors, that the Portuguese police would not have taken steps to re-open the case so as to interview them formally.

Is perhaps Brunt’s wording ‘not re-opened as yet’ a clue?

Perhaps the Portuguese consider they have indeed thoroughly investigated the persons named on Hamish's list!

Perhaps the Portuguese will re-interview the persons named.

Perhaps the Portuguese police have a list of their own of persons they would like to re-interview?  

In fact they do!

They would like to re-interview the McCann party with a view to a reconstruction of the night the child disappeared!  But the McCann party they say NO!   They don't want to talk to police!
They don't want to help the investigation.  They don't see the point they declared.

Why then on that basis do they expect that others should? Others might not see the point!

But not everyone is like the McCann party!  Honest decent law abiding people, are more than willing to help in any way they can, and if that means speaking with police - they do it!

The people of Portugal did.  Why cannot the McCanns and their holiday buddies?

Brunt further states that it has ‘always been said’ that there is no evidence that Madeleine came to any harm.

It has indeed Martin, but not by the police – by the McCanns!

Something tells me that Martin will never hear these words uttered by Hamish Head of Homicide!  Homicide definitely being the clue here.  Homicide detectives don't generally deal in persons who have come to no harm!

As to the comments, made by Jaqui Hames former Scotland Yard detective?

To compare the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, 3 years old when reported as missing,  a child who had been left alone in an unlocked holiday apartment with her baby brother and sister, the door left for unlocked for her to exit and go search for her parents should she wake in their absence, to that of the teenagers kidnapped on the streets of Ohio? - Well yes, while anything is possible it still remains that the circumstances and evidence surrounding individual cases must be taken into account.

It is wrong not to do so.

The circumstances in the case of Madeleine are not remotely like those of the kidnapped teenagers, who suffered many years of torture and suffering at the hands of their captors.

And how unsurprising that the McCanns, Hames and Hamish all used the same case that of Ohio by way of comparison.

Whilst parents without question when their child is missing will cling to hope, I find it particularly disturbing that the McCanns will attach themselves to any sad and tragic case, such as what happened to these now young women, in Ohio.

But what is Brunt up to, out in Praia da Luz?  Who knows!

What we do know is that if Scotland Yard detectives together with Portuguese police have been doing the rounds, speaking to people in Portugal who were previously interviewed albeit on an informal basis, over the period of the last few weeks, then this announcement by Hamish Campbell was not, for some, unexpected.   Kate McCann’s visit to Portugal, perhaps not to mourn her missing child!

It is interesting though that if any of these persons are seriously being considered suspects due to the Metropolitan police having sufficient evidence/information to prove this, then extraordinary that no steps have been taken to make them accountable - no arrests made?

The visibility of Scotland Yard detectives in PDL also would surely have alerted whoever may be the guilty among the twenty suspects, if suspects are what they are.  If any of them are guilty of any of the crimes committed against Madeleine as more than one crime was committed against the child, one of the crimes committed against her being child abandonment, then they have been alerted to police interest in him/her/them.  They might make a hasty departure from Praia da Luz as the McCanns did when they were made suspects!  

I guess for me the biggest stumbling block is, that for Hamish Head of Homicide to declare perhaps a dozen or perhaps twenty people as suspects in Madeleine’s disappearance, her possible death, that not only would this be quite  extraordinary the possibility of up to twenty people in a quiet Portuguese village being capable of killing a child/abducting a child – it would mean that these twenty people – if we are to believe Madeleine was removed from apartment 5A when the McCann party claim she was, and in the time frame they claim, the small window of opportunity of 3 minutes – were all these suspects in the vicinity of apartment 5A at this time!  How else could Hamish suspect at least 2o persons if he does not have evidence, or information to suggest that these twenty people were sufficiently close to apartment 5A to carry out a crime against this child?  And simply knowing  that twenty people in the files were close by, holidaying in apartments, locals in their homes or whatever, isn't enough to suspect them.  He would need to have so much more than that to go on.   So quite extraordinary that the claim is for so many to be suspects.

Martin Brunt said it is unusual for Hamish to make such statements.  Then perhaps Hamish should explain why he did so. But then, Hamish like most in this case who still have questions to answer - has now 'fled the scene' so to speak.  

But the Metropolitan police as we know are not free from making errors, and neither is Hamish, once described in the press as stupid, a bungling detective - Jill Dando case!

Where though would they all of these suspects have been, each of them as independents?  

If Hamish suspected one or twenty people, he would have to have one or twenty locations in mind as to where he knew these people to be on that night - presumably then, he knows that they all, the twenty, were at independent and separate locations from where they could each, working separately and independently have easily accessed apartment 5A which further allowed them to remove Madeleine from under her father's nose!

No one saw anyone on the streets that night.   Gerry McCann met with an acquaintance, Jez Wilkins, other than this he saw no one. Jez Wilkins saw no one on his travels round the area as he pushed his baby son in his pram, but for a lady, who could possibly have been Jane Tanner standing at the top of the road, but not at the time whilst he was speaking to Gerry McCann, earlier that evening.

And of course Jane Tanner who claims to have seen the alleged abductor.

Which raises another question – Is Hamish Head of Homicide saying that any or all of these twenty people match the description of the man seen by Jane Tanner?  Are all the suspects long haired swarthy males?

Is he saying that it is his belief that Jane Tanner saw the alleged abductor?  Or, is he dismissing her sighting altogether in favour of one of these twenty he claims to have identified?

If so, then Hamish will need to explain why the shutter of the McCann bedroom window was not open at this time, yet open, Kate McCann claims when she arrived at the apartment.

That shutter sure has been troublesome, and will continue to be so!

He will further have to account for the blood detected at the scene, especially so if it is his belief as Brunt suggests, that Madeleine was murdered!  No Martin, we're not going to let your 'twit message' go!

The finding of that blood never held any curiosity for the McCann parents.  They just dismissed it.  Always thought that odd.  If ones' child disappeared from whatever location, and blood was found there, parents would desperately want to know how it got there, more importantly, would want to know if it was the blood of their child.  Not Kate and Gerry McCann!

Hamish cannot just make statements regarding possible suspects with nothing to back them up.  He has to have a theory as to how the crime was carried out.  And then, as McCann himself said, a theory without evidence...

And clearly Hamish has no evidence else one of the twenty would have been arrested in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Not sure yet what is going on here with this latest, apart from making sensational headlines which involved the creation of an outrageous tale of 20 suspects, but I am pretty darn sure there cannot be (or were not at the time)  as many as twenty people residing in the quiet village of Praia da Luz capable of killing/abducting a child, and certainly not within a 3 minute time frame, and with Gerry McCann standing outside the door of the apartment chatting to an acquaintance!

Homicide Hamish must know this too, so why such a ridiculous number would be released to the press has to be questioned.  

For him to state that even one person falls within the category of 'person of interest' he has to have one good reason for doing so, something solid.

To say up to as many as twenty persons are potentially Madeleine's killer/abductor requires that he present TWENTY good reasons!

Don't think I have heard of any abduction/murder where police anywhere in the world have been so fortunate to uncover up to TWENTY potential perps!  If they suspect one, two, even perhaps three people at a stretch (as in persons working independently as Hamish is suggesting) of being the killer, the abductor, that would be quite amazing.  

TWENTY, and in a tiny village?  

Good grief Hamish, talk about going out with a bang!

I asked earlier if we could have faith in the Metropolitan review of this case.  I hoped that we could.  I gave the benefit of the doubt.

Sadly it seems from the Brunt report I have twenty reasons for now believing my faith has been misplaced -  That we are being asked to believe that there were/are up to twenty people in Praia da Luz this tiny quiet village, who should be considered as potential child killers/abductors is beyond the realms of sanity.

What a howler from Hamish!

Beginning to see now why he was labelled - stupid, bungling!

And not a single mention of how or why the tapas group are not included in the list, yet they have lied, the proof of this in their police witness statements for all the world to see!

How can that be?

I still like to believe that the individual officers on this Operation Grange Team are persons of integrity, their only aim to discover what became of Madeleine.

Not one for conspiracy theories, prefer cold hard facts/logic, like the evidence in the police files that clearly demonstrates the tapas group lied - but it is certainly looking like someone is pulling strings, that someone other than these Met detectives is calling the shots!

The UK press describe the Portuguese investigation as bungled.  They could not be more wrong.

And what do we have now?  - Homicide Hamish hitting the road, leaving in his wake a complete hash of a review!

Or perhaps I am being too generous in saying a hash of a review.  When someone makes a hash of things it is generally through lack of skill, not being competent, but not a deliberate act.   Not so in the case of Hamish, it is honesty that is quite evidently lacking here.  

He said we only have to look at what happened in Ohio - his reason for believing Madeleine may be alive - we don't Hamish - £m's of UK taxpayers money says that YOU/the Metropolitan Police have to look at what is in the police files to determine whether this child is alive or dead, come up with something concrete if you believe in abduction!   A list of names taken from the files for £4.5 m?    Hamish having his last laugh before he hit the road?

Whether the Metropolitan Police could not find anything other than to come up with this list of names of persons already interviewed by the Portuguese authorities, then it stands to reason, that unless they can demonstrate that the findings of the Portuguese Police Investigation are wrong - which the Metropolitan Police have failed to do,  then logic tells us, the findings of the Portuguese Investigation must be considered in law to be correct!

During the Portuguese Police Investigation they found that the statements given by the McCanns and their party to be untruthful. Anyone in the world who has read them online can see this too.

£4.5 m UK taxpayers money says Metropolitan police should SUPPORT the Portuguese police in questioning the McCanns and their holiday buddies to discover why their police witness statements are full of holes.  Why they have lied.  Not that the Met don't already know why!

Lies are for a reason Hamish - to cover something up.  And, if as Clarence Mitchell says, the McCanns have an innocent explanation for anything the police may find - then £4.5 m of taxpayers money says the taxpayer should be hearing what their explanation is!

Two years of trawling the Portuguese files and all the Met have come up with - A list of  up to twenty possible child killers/abductors - all in the quiet village of Praia da Luz on the night Madeleine was reported as missing.   It's an out and out nonsense!

The decent officers of Operation Grange must be cringing at this. Or rather be outraged that they are being associated with such nonsense, that they are being disgraced in such a way.

He said the police sometimes 'pass by' during investigation, the culprits, despite the fact they sit on the police systems!

Indeed they do Hamish, indeed they do, and you have most definitely passed them by.

Only one question - Why after two years, when you know they are there, have you failed to identify them, allowed them to pass you by?

Could it be that whilst they were sitting on your computer system, you were sitting on your hands?

There is not a police officer in the world who could not identify in the police witness statements the lies told by the tapas group.  

Not a police officer in the world who would not have wanted to know their reason for lying in the case of a missing child...or so I thought, until Hamish!

Leicestershire police in the UK could easily identify the lies, why not the mighty Met?

Madeleine McCann does not deserve this cover up, and a cover up is exactly what appears to be going on here!   What else can it be, when the lies of those in the McCann party are seemingly ignored.

Seems nothing has been learned from all that has come to light in recent times - Jimmy Savile and all of the other child abusers.

Abuse of children takes many forms, but what kind of society are we when we allow those who abuse to be protected, and children are thrown to the wolves, not listened to, as is the case with young Madeleine Beth McCann.

Her parents didn't listen to her when she told them she and her brother and sister when alone, were awake afraid and crying.   Their answer to this - to leave them alone yet again in the dark scary holiday apartment, the door unlocked for Madeleine should she wake and find them gone, to exit to go and find them.  That is the police witness statement given by Kate McCanns closest friend, Fiona Payne - that Kate and Gerry McCann deliberately left the patio door unlocked for Madeleine should she wake to go out into the night and go look for her parents.

Kate McCann said there is no way her daughter could have left the apartment as she was not able to open the patio door.

Which of them is telling the truth?  Perhaps none of them are!

What if this child did exactly that, and tragedy struck!

The Metropolitan police it would seem have not listened to Madeleine either, have not listened to what the police files are telling them.

God help this child, as no one else in this world with the power to do so is prepared to do so.
May 18th 2013

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