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Eumenides:  Socrates: a review:  Mm11

Eumenides:  Socrates: a review:  Regist10

Eumenides: Socrates: a review:

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Eumenides:  Socrates: a review:  Empty Eumenides: Socrates: a review:

Post by Jill Havern on 11.09.20 18:09

As tigger is closing her blog, she wanted to have a post by Socrates to go on top:

Friday, 11 September 2020

Socrates: a review:

Eumenides is most pleased to post this clear and accurate review by Socrates:

"I have been asked to write a short piece looking back on what this saga has revealed. 

One of the extraordinary things is that after 13 years, the intervention of three nations' police and criminal investigators, the 'assistance' of at least three different Private investigation agencies, the combined might of all the acolytes, sycophants and apologists, the background presence of the most feared firm of Libel Lawyers in the world, and many many others, there is still not a single piece of evidence that an abduction took place.


There is moreover not a single coherent theory suggested which could account for an abduction within the extremely tight parameters of time and place imposed on the scenario by the main protagonists...."

Read more:

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