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MMRG letter sent  in 2010 to Ian Hislop, Private Eye re: Carter-Ruck Mm11

MMRG letter sent  in 2010 to Ian Hislop, Private Eye re: Carter-Ruck Regist10

MMRG letter sent in 2010 to Ian Hislop, Private Eye re: Carter-Ruck

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MMRG letter sent  in 2010 to Ian Hislop, Private Eye re: Carter-Ruck Empty MMRG letter sent in 2010 to Ian Hislop, Private Eye re: Carter-Ruck

Post by Jill Havern on 05.05.19 11:15

2 December 2010


Dear Mr Hislop,

I note from page 18 of edition 1275 that you are once again daring to use the “M” word.

I am not sure if you will have copies of these documents which Mr Bennett was forced to withdraw under threat of financial ruin from Carter-Fuck.
If not, here they are.
If so, here are some more.

The enclosed documents are my own property, purchased long before Mr Bennett agreed to stop distributing them. You will note that they are being sent from (redacted). They do not come from him. They are ... (That’s enough. Ed.)

The ‘Case Files’ book is merely a selection of the statements made by some of the relevant witnesses, all of which were put into the public domain by the Portuguese authorities when they shelved the case for lack of conclusive evidence of the McCann’s guilt, (or because of their total exoneration, as Mitchell would put it and as the press obediently reported.) There is, as you know, massive amounts more on the internet.

I am (information redacted), and I find this whole thing fascinating.
The political intervention by Brown,
Brown’s visit to Leicstershire Police, and to the Forensic Science Labs,
the intervention by Leicester Police officers in a missing person enquiry in Portugal,
the reported intervention of MI6, and of Control Risks Group,
the use of Mitchell and other media manipulation specialists from an early stage,
Crisis Counselling staff from Skipton go to Portugal,
anomalies and clear contradictions in what almost anyone connected with the case has said,
the inappropriate behaviour of the parents,
the parents failure to search for Madeleine that night, or at any other time
the parents’ rush to set up the “Fund”
the parents wiping of their mobile phone memories
evidence of apparent forgery of the crèche signing in sheets,
the extremely strange actions of Senior Officers in the Leicester Police,
the ever more compelling suggestions about a conspiracy to cover up something much more serious that a simple tragic accidental death of a little girl in a cheap holiday resort,
and so on. The list is a very long one.

I think everyone recognises the danger you face from C-R, personally, as well as on behalf of the Eye, but we all look forward to the 16 page exposé at the appropriate time.

Yours sincerely

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