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Super Injunction Letter-Carter Ruck or Ward of Court Mm11

Super Injunction Letter-Carter Ruck or Ward of Court Regist10

Super Injunction Letter-Carter Ruck or Ward of Court

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Super Injunction Letter-Carter Ruck or Ward of Court Empty Super Injunction Letter-Carter Ruck or Ward of Court

Post by willowthewisp on 20.06.18 13:07

In Diane Websters interview April 2008, DCI 4078 makes reference to a "Letter" being in place that puts an emphasis on what can be relayed to an "Officially acting Police Officer" in regard to missing child Madeleine McCann?

That due to this letter,the"Collective Person's" are somehow restricted to give True statements to UK Police Officers in regard to an, "Injunction Letter"?

So does a "super Injunction Letter" then give rise to a claim of,"Perverting the Course of Justice",as if the letter impedes to the Truth,that is exactly what it is doing,preventing the truth to be heard,was this due to the "Ward Of Court" document applying to Madeleine McCann,instigated within eleven days of her disappearance in May 2007?

The granting of a "Ward Of Court" grants that a Court has the jurisdiction to represent Madeleine McCann on legal matters,does this cover, "Super Injunctions" being instigated on their clients behalf,eg Carter Ruck,Kate.Gerry McCann?

It seems some what perverse,that a huge amount of Police Officers having such a cosy working environment,when one of the Arquido's,who knows he isn't supposed to discuss any part of the investigation,has files from the phone records contacting very Senior Wales Police Commander and Call me Stu Prior on FSS results,relating to his missing Daughter Madeleine,Eddie,Keela,videos,or was this just a"coincidence"moment?

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